Starring: James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Jim Carrey, Tika Sumpter, Adam Pally, Neal McDonough


Live-action animated adventure directed by Jeff Fowler, based on the video game franchise of the same name published by Sega. The story follows small-town sheriff Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), who teams up with Sonic (Ben Schwartz), an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who can run at incredible speeds, in his battle against Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey).



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Sonic: I got to go fast.


Commander Walters: Twenty minutes ago, an energy surge knocked out power across the entire Pacific Northwest. This needs someone who can figure exactly what we’re dealing with.
Military Personnel: You’re not suggesting who I think you’re suggesting?
Commander Walters: We have no choice.


Dr. Ivo Robotnik: Are you in charge here?
Major Bennington: Yes, I am.
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: No!
Major Bennington: My…
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: Wrong!
Major Bennington: Name…
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: I’m in charge! Allow me to clarify. In a sequentially ranked hierarchy, based on level of critical importance, the disparity between us is too vast to quantify. Agent Stone.
Agent Stone: The doctor thinks you’re basic.
Major Bennington: Listen, pal, I don’t know if you realize…
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: I’m sorry, major, what was your name?
Major Bennington: Bennin…
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: Nobody cares!


[after Tom catches Sonic hiding inside a shed]
Sonic: Uh, meow?
Tom Wachowski: Ahh!!!
Sonic: Ahh!!
[Tom shoots at Sonic with a tranq gun]
Sonic: Ah, come on…
[Sonic passes out]


Tom Wachowski: Okay, pal, I want answers.
Sonic: Basically, it looks like I’m going to have to take your planet.


Sonic: Is that all you got?!
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: No, but thank you for asking.


[to Stone; referring to Sonic]
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: Whatever this creature is, our job is to secure it, neutralize it, see what makes it tick.


Sonic: Look at this. I took nine million steps today.


[Sonic is hiding in his bag]
Tom Wachowski: Stay in there and be quiet.
[as Tom is waiting for the elevator]
Sonic: How much longer? I can’t breathe in here.
Business Woman: Do you have your child in that bag?
Tom Wachowski: No. I mean, yes, it’s a child, but it’s not mine.
Business Man: It’s not your child?
[everyone waiting for the elevator takes a step back from Tom]
Sonic: Smells like body spray and an old ham sandwich.


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