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Colter Stevens: Goodwin, how am I doing? I’m just trying to measure my performance here. Have you…have you ever gone back in? Am I doing any better than you did?
Colleen Goodwin: You know, we are…we’re wasting valuable time here!
[she turns her face away from the monitor, Colter sees the initials CAOC-N on her jacket]
Colleen Goodwin: No. No. I have never been on the other side a Source Code mission. I…I wouldn’t be a viable candidate.
Colter Stevens: Why not?
[whispering to himself]
Colter Stevens: CAOCN, what is that?
Colleen Goodwin: Because the specifications are extremely narrow.
Colter Stevens: What…what are they?
Colleen Goodwin: Captain, you should have found the suspect by now. This tactical advantage. This tremendous tool that we’ve given you. Don’t squander it with thinking. Do!


Colter Stevens: Please contact my father for me?
Colleen Goodwin: This will stop at some point, captain. Soon as you finish the mission. And…and you’re doing really great. And this will end. Whoever planted the bomb had to have uh…an equipment of some kind. Some Gloves, a screw driver to get into the overhead vent, flash lights. Something! Check bags, back packs, briefcases. Anything.
[we see flashing lights as Colter is transported back to the train]


Christina Warren: What are you doing?
Colter Stevens: I’m just um…trying to remember something.
Christina Warren: What is that?
[looking at the napkin Colter used to draw Goodwin’s badge with initial CAOC-N]
Colter Stevens: It’s a military patch.
Christina Warren: Were you in the military?
Colter Stevens: Uh…a friend of mine was. He was in Afghanistan and he disappeared and no one’s heard from him since.


Colter Stevens: Do you have the internet on your phone?
Christina Warren: [sarcastically] No. It’s just connected to the office by a really long piece of string.
Colter Stevens: Do you think you can uh…see what you can find on this guy?
Christina Warren: Sure.
Colter Stevens: He’s just been on my mind a lot lately. His name’s Captain Colter Stevens. He’s in the seventeenth airborne.
Christina Warren: Okay. You owe me.
Colter Stevens: I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.
Christina Warren: Why don’t I get one for you now?
Colter Stevens: Okay.


Colter Stevens: Christina, um…I’ve been having these dreams lately. Really vivid. And you’ve been in them.
Christina Warren: Really?
Colter Stevens: What? Oh! No! Not…not like that. Not…not that I wouldn’t. I just…it’s just um…
[she walks turns and walks off]


Colter Stevens: Cramming?
College Student: Uh…yeah.
Colter Stevens: For what?
College Student: Uh…psych. I got a big test this morning. So I should get back to it.
[to the passenger sitting next to the college student]
Colter Stevens: Can I uh…borrow a pen?
George Troxel: Uh…yeah, sure.
[he unzips his bag to get one but suddenly Colter grabs his bag]
George Troxel: Woh! Hey, that’s no cool, man!


[Colter is frantically searching the man’s bag]
Colter Stevens: You’re bag is a mess.
George Troxel: What are you doing, man?
Colter Stevens: Never find what I’m looking for! Just like my bag. Just like my…
Aviator Glasses Guy: How about you let the guy have his bag back?
Colter Stevens: Finish your deal. Stay out of this tough guy. It doesn’t end well for you.
[referring to the aviator glasses guy]
Colter Stevens: This guy!source-code-4
[as he’s searching the man’s bag]
George Troxel: Don’t do that.
[Colter doesn’t find anything suspicious in the bag]
Colter Stevens: What am I doing?! What am I doing with this?!
[he throws the bag back to the male passenger]
George Troxel: Jesus! Dick!


Colter Stevens: Do you work at Walter Reed?
Nurse: [nervously] Yeah. I used to.
Colter Stevens: Um…I’m in the military. I was just…
Nurse: You’re in the military?
Colter Stevens: Yeah. Yeah, I am. I was wondering…
Nurse: What was going on down there?
Colter Stevens: Oh, you know…uh, we were just having a little bit of an argument actually, about…about this patch.
[he holds up the napkin he’s drawn the patch on]
Nurse: Is that what they train you to do? Assault civilians?
Colter Stevens: Ma’am, please. Do any of these letters, do they look familiar to you? Do you know what the N stands for?
Nurse: It’s air force and…the N stands for Nellis.


Christina Warren: I have to tell you something.
Colter Stevens: I know. I found him.
Christina Warren: Your friend…
Colter Stevens: I got him. Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas.
Christina Warren: No, he’s not. He’s dead, Sean.
Colter Stevens: What?
Christina Warren: I’m sorry. Your friend was killed in action two months ago.
Colter Stevens: No. You must’ve gotten the name wrong.
Christina Warren: Uh…Colter Stevens, seventeenth airborne, helicopter pilot, was on the first site that I tried. His father’s name is Donald, right? This is from last week.
[reading the article from the site she has found]
Christina Warren: Donald Stevens will join host Leonard Wahl, to discuss the death of his son, army captain, Colter Stevens, who died in Afghanistan in February and was honored posthumously with a silver star. Also on the broadcast will be army sergeant Robert Alvarez, whose life was saved by Captain Stevens in a firefight just outside of Kandahar.


[back in the strange looking cockpit]
Colter Stevens: Am I dead?
Colleen Goodwin: Goodwin and Rutledge look at each other
Colter Stevens: A radio listing is saying that I died in a helicopter crash in country and my father received a medal for me.
Colleen Goodwin: Your condition is not the issue here. You need to focus on preventing any subsequent attacks. Everything else is irrelevant.
Colter Stevens: A news report saying that I’m dead is irrelevant?
Colleen Goodwin: Until the person, or persons who blew up that train are in custody; yes.


Colter Stevens: Goodwin, one soldier to another, am I dead?
[Goodwin looks at Rutledge not knowing how to answer him]
Colleen Goodwin: Part of your brain remains activated.
Colter Stevens: What about the rest of me? I can see my hands and my feet. They still move?
Colleen Goodwin: They…they are a manifestation. They’re…they’re…they’re just your way of making sense of all this.
Colter Stevens: So, wha..what are you saying? Are you saying that I’m imagining this? That I’m…imagining that I’m still…alive? That I’m in this capsule?


Colter Stevens: I asked you a question.
Colleen Goodwin: The…the capsule is a…a manifestation as well.
Colter Stevens: Where am I?
Colleen Goodwin: That’s classified.
Colter Stevens: [shouting] Fuck you!


Dr. Rutledge: Captain, I cannot imagine what you must be feeling right now. But if we’re to prevent a second attack, we need to send you back immediately. And captain, you cannot deviate from the mission while inside the Source Code. Even to investigate your…to investigate what happened to you. There’s only one continuum on this end and it cannot be unsettled.
Colter Stevens: Well, you know what? I did unsettle it. I called you from the train. Just before the explosion. Seven forty six this morning, they paged you with a call from me.
Dr. Rutledge: You may have made that call from the train, but I would never receive it here. It’s a different reality, captain. If the call even went through, it would be received by a different me entirely.


Dr. Rutledge: This may be difficult for you to hear, but you are a hand on a clock. Understand? We set you, you move forward. We reset you, you move again. And that represent the entirety of your function here.
Colter Stevens: Well, you know what? Next time I’ll send you a pizza! I’ll see if that makes an impression!
Dr. Rutledge: You cannot halter the continuum of this reality from within the Source Code.
Colter Stevens: This can’t be legal, what you’re doing.
Dr. Rutledge: Of that, your position in this program, as well as the program itself, has been reviewed and sanctioned by military court.


Dr. Rutledge: You know, many soldiers would find this preferable to death. The opportunity to continue serving their country.
Colter Stevens: Have you…have you spent much time in battle, sir? Huh?
Dr. Rutledge: That’s immaterial.
Colter Stevens: Any soldier I’ve ever served with would say that one death is service enough.
Dr. Rutledge: Fine. You can have that in return for completing this mission.
Colter Stevens: Have what?
Dr. Rutledge: I’ll give you what you want. Terminate your service. Let you die.


Dr. Rutledge: I am certain we can find other service men, with wounds similar to yours, who would consider being a part of this program an honor.
Colter Stevens: Well…uh…no, no, no, no, no, no! Wait! What?
[to Goodwin]
Dr. Rutledge: Send him back.


[just before sending Colter back to the train]
Dr. Rutledge: And Captain Stevens, I’d like you to remember that it’s not only about you, but it’s also about two million real world Americans. Now, you may not value your own life. I do, however, ask that you value theirs.


[Colter’s returned to the strange cockpit, out of breath and shaken]
Dr. Rutledge: Calm yourself. You’re back. Did you find the bomber?
Colter Stevens: There are hundreds of people on that train!
Dr. Rutledge: Well, then check them out one by one. Doesn’t matter what you do to them. They’re already dead. Get to that gun and shoot someone if you have to. But get us some usable intel.
Colter Stevens: No wait!
[Rutledge sends back to the train again]


[Colter’s returned again from the train, exhausted and out of breath]
Dr. Rutledge: We have to keep doing this until you find the bomber.
Colter Stevens: Please! I’m trying! I’m trying!
Dr. Rutledge: Who is the bomber?
Colter Stevens: I’m…I’m trying!
Dr. Rutledge: I’m sorry, captain. I know you’re exhausted and we’re all frustrated, but we cannot fail. You can do this.
Colter Stevens: I can’t! I can’t!
Dr. Rutledge: Yes, you can. You’re a born hero, son. Even your father thinks so. Saving people is what you do best.


[Rutledge puts on the recorded radio broadcast of Colter’s father speaking about Colter]
Colter’s Father: It was about his third tour. I didn’t want him to go back. I just started feeling like he didn’t want to come home anymore.
Colter Stevens: Dad? Dad?
Colter’s Father: Saying he couldn’t come home. Then he wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t hear me. Finally, he said he just couldn’t leave his unit out there without him. And that was that. Those guys were his family. I said some things I shouldn’t have. I…I don’t know, I never fully understood him. But I can believe he’s gone.
[to Rutledge]
Colter Stevens: Send me back in.


[after he’s disarmed the bomb, he uses the cell phone on the bomb to contact the bomber]
Colter Stevens: Hello?
[no reply]
Colter Stevens: I know it’s you. I’m gonna find you.
[he goes back into his carriage]
Colter Stevens: Turn around.
[the male passenger, sat just ahead of him, listening to his cell phone turns to face Colter]
Colter Stevens: Hey, there.
George Troxel: Me?
Colter Stevens: Why do you look so surprised.
[the male passenger goes to get up but Colter stops him]
Colter Stevens: Don’t.


Colter Stevens: You’re done. You’re done.
George Troxel: What?
[Colter shoves his gun into the man’s stomach]
Colter Stevens: You can’t kill anybody anymore.
George Troxel: What? I…don’t understand!
Colter Stevens: You’re gonna trigger the bomb with your phone.
George Troxel: What? I want you to…I swear I don’t…I don’t know what you’re talking about! No. Listen, my name is George Troxel. I’m a software engineer. Okay? I was talking to my wife. Try it again. You’re call. Dial it again.
Colter Stevens: Okay. I’m gonna press redial. Your phone is gonna ring. And then I’m gonna shoot you.
[he redials the cell phone, Troxel’s phone doesn’t ring]
Colter Stevens: Shit! I’m sorry! Sorry!


[after Colter has found the bomber’s wallet on the train]
Colter Stevens: Derek Frost.
Derek Frost: Yes?
[Colter shows him the cell phone he found on the bomb]
Colter Stevens: See this?
Derek Frost: Yes.
Colter Stevens: Recognize it?
Derek Frost: No.
[Colter points his gun at Frost]
Derek Frost: Jesus!
Colter Stevens: How about you give me your wallet?
Derek Frost: Okay.
[Frost touch his pant pockets]
Colter Stevens: No?
[Colter holds up Frost’s wallet]
Colter Stevens: You left it on the train deliberately.
Derek Frost: I…must have dropped it.
Colter Stevens: No. You planted it there. So everybody would think you were dead.


Colter Stevens: I know it’s you.
Derek Frost: How do you know so much?source-code-11
[Frost opens his van door to reveal a metal box with the American flag colors on it]
Colter Stevens: What the hell is that thing?
[Frost gets into his van]
Colter Stevens: Woh! Woh! Woh! Woh! Slow down! Slow down!
Derek Frost: Do you wanna see it?
Colter Stevens: Very patriotic.


[Colter looks into the box that Frost has opened to reveal several explosive devices]
Derek Frost: Not many people could build that.
Colter Stevens: All right, where is your next target?
[just then Christina walks up to the van looking for Sean]
Christina Warren: Sean?
[Colter gets distracted and Frost grabs his gun and shoots Colter and Christina]


[takes the wallet in Colter’s jacket and reads the ID card]
Derek Frost: Sean Fentress. Teacher. History. I don’t know you.
[looks at Colter lying on the ground dying]
Derek Frost: I think I killed your girlfriend.


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