Source Code Quotes: Puzzling and Stimulating

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Directed by: Duncan Jones
Written by: Ben Ripley
Jake Gyllenhaal – Colter Stevens
Michelle Monaghan – Christina Warren
Vera Farmiga – Colleen Goodwin
Jeffrey Wright – Dr. Rutledge
Michael Arden – Derek Frost
Cas Anvar – Hazmi
Russell Peters – Max Denoff
Brent Skagford – George Troxel
Craig Thomas – Gold Watch Executive
Gordon Masten – Conductor
Susan Bain – Nurse
Paula Jean Hixson – Coffee Mug Lady
Lincoln Ward – Minister Sudoku
Kyle Gatehouse – College Student
Albert Kwan – Soda Can Guy
Anne Day-Jones – Office Manager
Clarice Byrne – Secretary
James A. Woods – Aviator Glasses Guy
Jasson Finney – M.P.
Scott Bakula – Colter’s Father


Source Code quotes are stimulating, exciting and puzzling. The story itself is best summarized as a science-fiction riddle wrapped in an enigmatic thriller.

Verdict: The movie isn’t perfect and if you think too much about it then the inevitable plot hole questions come into your head, but it keeps the momentum going just long enough to give you plenty of thrills and at the same time provide an entertaining mystery.

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[first lines; Colt wakes up on a train]
Christina Warren: I took your advice. It was good advice. Thank you.
[Colt looks at her not understanding what she’s talking about]
Christina Warren: You look pale. Everything okay?
[Colt hears a noise and looks behind him]
Christina Warren: Sean? Sean?
[a woman walking passed Colt’s seat spills her coffee on his shoe]
Christina Warren: Hey? The only thing I wanted to tell you, the only reason why I canceled…
[her cell phone goes off, she looks to see who it is]
Christina Warren: He’s calling me three times a day. I hear more from him now, than I did when we were together. What is it with guys?
[Colt looks around him on the train]
Christina Warren: I gave notice.
Colter Stevens: Notice?


Christina Warren: Hey? Hey? You’re acting a little strange this morning. You okay?
[Colt doesn’t answer but instead listens to the other passengers talking]


Christina Warren: Sean, did I do something?source-code-2
Colter Stevens: Look, I can see that you think you know me. But I don’t know who you are. My name is Captain Colter Stevens. I fly helicopters for the US army in Afghanistan.
[Christina laughs not believing him]
Christina Warren: Sean, that’s…
Colter Stevens: Sean?
[she looks at him smiling]
Colter Stevens: I feel sick.


[when he notices his own reflection in the train passenger window]
Colter Stevens: Did you see that?
[Christina shakes her head, confused]
Christina Warren: You’re kind of freaking me out right now.


[coming out of the train bathroom after he’s seen himself in the mirror and seen that he’s Sean Fentress’s]
Christina Warren: You all right?
Colter Stevens: I don’t know what’s goin’ on!
Christina Warren: Talk to me, Sean.
Colter Stevens: Look, I don’t know who Sean is and I don’t know who you are!


Christina Warren: Okay, we’ll get off at the next stop. We’ll figure out whatever is going on here. Okay?
Colter Stevens: This doesn’t belong to me!
[holding up Sean Fentres’s wallet he’d found in his suit pocket]
Christina Warren: Look at me. Everything’s going to be okay.
[suddenly the train explodes]


[after the train explosion Colt finds himself strapped to a seat in a dark area]
Colleen Goodwin: Captain Stevens, do you copy?
Colter Stevens: Where am I?
Colleen Goodwin: You are with Beleaguered Castle. Are you functional?
Colter Stevens: I’m dizzy. Did I…did I just a-lock?
Colleen Goodwin: Adjusting your rotation.


Colleen Goodwin: Can you report it this time?
Colter Stevens: What is this? What is this? Where…Who am I talking to?
Colleen Goodwin: Captain, report what you saw.
Colter Stevens: Uh…I don’t understand.
Colleen Goodwin: Where were you before you were talking to me?
Colter Stevens: There was an explosion.
Colleen Goodwin: Coming from where?
Colter Stevens: Colt is too confused to answer
Colleen Goodwin: Some confusion is perfectly normal at this stage, captain.


Colleen Goodwin: Do you have a visual signal?
[he looks around and sees a small monitor turn on showing Goodwin’s face]
Colter Stevens: Who are you?source-code-3
Colleen Goodwin: You already have that information, captain.
Colter Stevens: I do?
Colleen Goodwin: Recall my name.
[she comes close to the monitor camera, Colt closes his eyes trying to remember]


Colleen Goodwin: Try to focus.
Colter Stevens: I…I was on a mission. I was flying and then I woke up on a train. Now I’m here. I need to briefed. Um, what…what unit is this?
Colleen Goodwin: You’re with Beleaguered Castle.
Colter Stevens: Who?


Colter Stevens: What…what…what is Beleaguered Castle?
Colleen Goodwin: The exercises will assist you.


[Goodwin is going through thread one of the exercises]
Colter Stevens: Is this is a red flag exercise?
Colleen Goodwin: End of thread one. Thread two; the following is a recording of a Western Screech Owl.
[Colt hears the screech of an owl]
Colleen Goodwin: End of thread two. End of pattern. Acknowledge.
Colter Stevens: Acknowledge end of pattern.


[after Colt has answered the questions from the pattern exercises]
Colleen Goodwin: Recall my name.
Colter Stevens: Goodwin. You’re name’s Goodwin.
Colleen Goodwin: That is correct. Welcome back, captain.


Colleen Goodwin: Who bombed the train, captain?
Colter Stevens: What?
Colleen Goodwin: Who bombed the train?
Colter Stevens: A woman kept calling me Sean.
Colleen Goodwin: That is incidental. Think, captain. Remember back. Who bombed the train?
Colter Stevens: I don’t know who bombed the God damn train!
Colleen Goodwin: Then go back and try again.
Colter Stevens: Back where?
Colleen Goodwin: You will have eight minutes. Same as last time.
Colter Stevens: No. No. No. No! No more bullshit SIM tests, okay? I need to know where I am. What is the location and condition of my crew? Does anybody know that I’m stateside? You are obligated to give me this information.


Colleen Goodwin: Start with the bomb. Where is it? What does it look like? What kind of explosive? How are the detonated?
Colter Stevens: Right.
Colleen Goodwin: Find the bomb and you will find the bomber.
Colter Stevens: Find the bomb. Wait! No! I…
[suddenly there’s a huge flash of lights and he’s sent back to the train]


[Colt wakes up back on the train]
Christina Warren: I took you advice. It was good advice. Thank you.
Colter Stevens: Okay. That’s good.
Christina Warren: And I signed up for an LSAT course. Next thing you know, I’ll be moving to India to find myself.
Colter Stevens: LSAT.
Christina Warren: Know any good gurus?


Christina Warren: So, what do you think? Am I on the right track?
[he looks at Christina]
Colter Stevens: It’s the same dream, but it’s different!
Christina Warren: Deep. I hope it’s different. I feel the same way.


[looking at his watch]
Colter Stevens: This looks so real!
Christina Warren: You know, I think it’s gonna be good for me to get as far away from him as possible.
[he reaches out and touches the seat next to Christina]
Colter Stevens: Unbelievable detail.


Colter Stevens: They wouldn’t put the doer in front of me.
Christina Warren: The doer?
Colter Stevens: You’re the pretty girl. The distraction.
Christina Warren: Distraction?
Colter Stevens: Every SIM has one.
Christina Warren: Are you talking about Brian?


[Colt grabs hold of the paper the passenger behind him is holding]
Colter Stevens: What are you late for?
Max Denoff: What?
Colter Stevens: You seemed concerned about the time? What are you late for?
Max Denoff: I’m reading about an asshole festival. I hear your headlining.
Colter Stevens: Oh, that’s funny. What are you a comedian?
Christina Warren: Yeah. He is a comedian.
Max Denoff: Sit down. Freak!
[Colt goes back to his seat]
Max Denoff: [to himself] Fans!
[when Colt gets back to his seat]
Christina Warren: That guy. He came in third on America’s Got Talent. I’ve seen it twice.


[as Colt is walking quickly past their row of seats to find the bomb]
Christina Warren: What’s with you?
Colter Stevens: I don’t have time to talk to you right now.
Max Denoff: I got time for you.


[when he finds the bomb on the train]
Colter Stevens: Goodwin, you need to tell me how to disarm this.
[there’s no response]
Colter Stevens: Uh…should I unplug it? Or do you want me to just leave it? Or…
[he gets no response]
Colter Stevens: Okay. Um…I’m just gonna leave it.
[looks up to see if he gets a response]
Colter Stevens: Okay?


[addressing the passengers on the train]
Colter Stevens: Ladies and Gentlemen. Transit Security.
[he quickly waves Sean Fentress’s wallet with his teacher ID card]
Max Denoff: No you’re not!
Colter Stevens: Due to a classified security breach we need all of you to turn off your personal electronic devices till we pull into the station. Okay? That means laptops, cell phones.
[pointing to male passenger talking on his cell]
Colter Stevens: Cell phone, sir? Cell phone, sir. Thank you very much.
[addressing all the passengers]
Colter Stevens: Pagers. Anything electronic. Thank you. It’s just a precautionary measure. Nothing to worry about.
Max Denoff: So which is it? Security breach or precautionary measure?


Colter Stevens: Is there a problem here, sir?
[addressing a male passenger wearing aviator glasses and working on his laptop]
Aviator Glasses Guy: I’m in the middle of a very big deal.
Christina Warren: Sean?
Colter Stevens: I need you to turn that off.
Aviator Glasses Guy: Why don’t you show me that ID again?
Christina Warren: Sean?
Colter Stevens: Turn it off.
[Colter slams the laptop shut]
Colter Stevens: Turn it off!
Aviator Glasses Guy: What is your problem, asshole?
[Colter punches the guy hard in the face]
Christina Warren: Sean! What are you doing?


[Colter points to a female passenger who is about to use her cell phone]
Colter Stevens: Not a good idea, Ma’am! Not a good idea.
[pointing to another male passenger trying to use his cell phone]
Colter Stevens: Woh! That’s not a good idea
Christina Warren: I think you broke his jaw!
Colter Stevens: It’s okay. He’s not any more real than you are.
Christina Warren: I’m not real?! How about next time you drive to work?
Colter Stevens: There’s not going to be a next time.
[suddenly there’s a huge explosion as the bomb goes off]


Colleen Goodwin: Did you find the bomb?
[catching his breath]
Colter Stevens: Yes.
[he looks down and sees liquid on the floor]
Colter Stevens: There’s hydraulic fluid all over the floor!
Colleen Goodwin: Uh…it’s not a concern, captain.
Colter Stevens: What is…
Colleen Goodwin: Tell me about the bomb.
Colter Stevens: Where’s that man? I saw a guy with a crutch on the monitor. He looks like he’s in charge. I wanna talk to him.
Colleen Goodwin: It’s irrelevant, captain.
Colter Stevens: [shouting] I want to talk to your commanding officer!
Colleen Goodwin: You can talk to him upon completion of your mission.


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Total Quotes: 105



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