By Adam King (Spokane, Washington, United States)


The Die Another Day of the Daniel Craig Bond era… With that being said hopefully a few can understand what I mean by this. By no means is it a comparison of the two movies, but more of summary of what Spectre is to the James Bond world.

It’s a fun, silly and at times dramatic Bond film. Spectre may have one of the most talented supporting casts for a Bond film with Christoph Waltz (Blofeld), Ralph Fiennes (M), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and Ben Whishaw (Q). Also a casting addition I enjoyed while understandably others may have not is Dave Bautista as the intimidating Mr. Hinx.

Spectre starts off fast with Bond on a quest to fulfill the (spoiler alert) recently deceased M (Judi Dench) dying wish to kill a man. Of course this isn’t an official mission for Bond so it entails him going rogue in a way and butting heads with the newly appointed M. Spectre takes us to some eye opening places with some worthy cinematography. The action scenes are fun but we’ve seen many of them before. One memorable scene that I’ll take away from this movie is the fight on the train. One of the best Bond fist fights in years!

The story could’ve been WAY better with what Sam Mendes had, but it didn’t have me dying of boredom like Quantum of Solace did. With probably the most recognizable and significant Bond villain, it seems as Blofeld villainous screen time was somewhat rushed and cut short with unemotional scenes of Bond and Lèa Seydoux (Madeleine Swann). As good looking as she is, I felt no connection with her as a Bond girl because we’ve seen the “hopeless but strong” Bond girl one too many times. There’s a reason why Eva Green made such a lasting impression in the Craig series.

With many action scenes and beautiful locations, this film sums up to being “a fun Bond film”. I don’t believe in what the majority of people are saying about this film because many were going in wanting another Skyfall or even more. Sadly I was hoping for this to be the best in the Craig series, but it fell short. It’s hard to say why, but being a Bond fan in itself, it definitely had me leaving with hope for more. If this were to be Craig’s last (he’s supposedly signed for one more) it’s a good one to end on.



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