By Elisha Silk (Houston, Texas)


A concise & incredulous review, not super-sized, easy on the popcorn salt: Spectre is not worth the hype. Just like the resurgence of Batman with the Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale franchise, the resurgence of Bond with Daniel Craig started out with a phenomenal product, then steadily went downhill. Craig continues to be a unique and memorable bond, and carries the role flawlessly with charisma and charm and raw power. But underneath the veil of exciting special effects, daring stunts, and international scenery, we get thin and convoluted plot points that surmount to a mediocre movie at best.

Granted, the last Bond film (which I didn’t care for), and this one as well, earned at the box office the equivalent of the gross domestic product of some entire civilized nations, but don’t let the numbers fool you. The hidden villain is readily identified from the start (um, if you’ve seen Sherlock, that is), the plethora of disguised gadgets are in short and lukewarm supply, the female heroine role is forgettable, and several of the escapes are laughable. In other words, you’ll need to drink the purple Kool-Aid and surrender your subconscious to fully enjoy this high-budget Rorschach.

And why, tarry forth with explanation, why, do the antagonists have to be recently popular actors, rather than the choicest harvests for the role? (Survey Says: $$$)

You have to see this movie, because it’s decent on a good day. But save yourself some money and wait for it to hit Netflix or Prime or Redbox.

Sam Mendes, the director of this and the last Bond film (Sky-convolution, um, I mean, -fall), exceeded the realms of authentic film artistry with American Beauty, and then lit a flame of gritty, psychological brilliance on the prohibition-esque gangster era sub-genre with Road to Perdition, needs to throw big budget film profits aside and return to artistic roots.


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