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Spider-Man: Homecoming directed by John Watts starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., and Michael Keaton is another movie in the superhero genre and the third movie released in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man is a beloved character of the Marvel universe and after two iterations of the character, we are presented with a much younger, more naïve Spider-Man this time around. Personally after watching Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War I could not wait for this movie. I thought the character was funny, likable and had an interesting story to tell, and I’m extremely glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all the movie met my expectations, to say the least.

The story is set after the events of the first Avengers movie. Simply put, a man named Adrian Toomes is put out of business by Tony Stark. Now he decides to illegally make money to support his family and our hero Spider-Man must stop him because that’s what heroes do, they stop the “bad guy”.

Now it might strike you that I’ve placed bad guy in quotes which vaguely highlights the plot of the movie and which is what I really liked about it. The movie sets up a villain who’s only doing what he has to, to support his family. Is this really a bad thing? In my eyes, it’s not but to a little kid who’s only motivation to be a hero is to do what’s right, it is. This theme is excellently brought out by the movie, which I think is where it shines. The character Spider-Man is so well grounded that you never think, even for a second that Peter Parker is something more than an ordinary kid with superpowers. The movie gives you a take on the flip side of being a superhero. It very gracefully depicts the struggles and difficulties a hero has to face be it hiding his identity, or helping people or even learning to control his powers.

The characterizations in this movie, in my opinion, are just fantastic. There is a clear distinction between the characters of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, which subtly explains the motivation behind a normal kid with superhuman abilities helping people out. The supporting characters such as Aunt May, Ned Leeds, Michelle etc. are also unique, entertaining and provide an excellent comic relief. However, the one character that did it for me was the Vulture (aka Adrian Toomes). Probably one of my favorite villains of all times. The Vulture was just an average person who took the low road when life turned on him. His character is so strong that it makes you empathize with him at times. The character’s motivation is clearly depicted and his actions are so well written that he is incredibly grounded and it makes you believe that it is possible for such a character to exist.

The plot is fairly simplistic. Peter Parker tries to manage his problems as a high schooler while trying to do the right thing by thwarting the plans of evildoers. It’s perfect in my opinion. Nothing over the top like world domination or threat to humanity. Again adding a flavor of realism to the mix.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Spider-Man is my favorite live action take on the hero. He has that tonality in his voice that just makes him likable. Apart from that, he is a phenomenal actor. The emotion drama and comedy are all excellently delivered. Nevertheless, just saying Tom Holland made the film great would be doing a great disservice to the veteran actor Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton is an amazing actor. He portrays a character who’s charming yet threatening. He really did justice to the character of Adrian Toomes who in my opinion is generally bland in other adaptations. My favorite scene without giving much away would be the “car scene” so do look out for it during the movie.

The music is above average, to say the least. While I didn’t pay much attention to it, it felt really noticeable and added to the general tone during the “car scene” which I mentioned earlier.

The special effects were top notch but seemed to overpower the cinematography in some places. Let me start with the good. I really loved the vulture’s suit. So much so that I purchased the action figure of it and this is coming from a guy who’s well above the age of someone who should be playing with action figures. The action scenes were greatly embellished with the special effects. Two of the best scenes that capture this is the “Staten Island Ferry Scene” and the “Battle with Shocker Scene”. Now for the bad. Spider-Man’s suit for one seemed to really stick out as unrealistic and cartoonish in several areas. While the color palette chosen for the suit may be more to blame. It still felt like the effects were hand in glove. Secondly the scene I shall, for the sake of no spoilers, dub as the “Plane Fight Scene”, was too CGI’ed and seemed to drastically interfere with the action taking place.

In conclusion Spider-Man: Homecoming is a generally fun movie with a subtle dark element to it and in my opinion one of the best MCU movies till date. The movie kind of dumbs itself down towards the end, which is one of my main issues. However, if I’m not mistaken it is required to tie in with the rest of the cinematic universe.

P.S. – The post credit scene in the film is the best in my opinion so do wait for that.

Rating: 4/5


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