By Jacob Lee (Racine, WI)


Going back and watching this movie now was less than I expected. When I was younger I suppose this movie suckered me in just for the hype of it all, but this time around it didn’t quite catch me the same way.

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst still star in this superhero sequel as they still both pull off a good job fitting their roles. The Peter character still shows a nerdy young student, which seems odd considering it’s been nearly 2 years since he’s gotten out of high school. Peter should be more mature now but he still seems to be the exact same. This time around we get Alfred Molina as the villain, playing Doc Ock/Otto Octavius. For the most part he does a great job pulling this role off, except where some points he disagrees with robbery but when it comes to murder it’s fine and dandy.

The other main problem I have with this character is those stupid arms. He creates these arms to harness this great power, which is fine, just create a couple arms that can grab things, there is no need to give it brilliant A.I. protected only by a tiny blue light that isn’t protected what so ever. The arms talk to him hissing and whispering in his head which seems just overly ridiculous, there’s even one scene where they scream with him in agony which is just eye rolling. Yes I understand this is a superhero movie and it’s supposed to be over the top, but there’s a fine line to how far it should go. In this case the Dr. Octopus character over steps that line. Even the citizens step over that line, they all act like no one would in these situations, yelling and screaming like someone on a game show. Most of the pedestrians aren’t even that good at acting, the kids were by far the best actors in that category.

Now the movie it’s self has a rough story with much bigger plot holes than before. The love story between Peter and Mary-Jane is just sickening and repeated. He likes her, she likes him, she finally speaks up and confesses her feelings but he thinks he can’t be with her because Spider-Man has too many enemies. Well for starters all of Peter’s loved ones get captured and held hostage even before anyone finds out who he is in this movie. Mary-Jane gets held captive so many times (maybe even more than Princess Peach) and even his aunt gets captured. Secondly, Spider-Man hasn’t had that many enemies, he’s had what, 2 in 2 years? That’s not bad at all.

Spider-Man’s powers start to go away which is never really explained why it all happened. They give weird hints to it, like how he’s not focused enough on being a hero. Which seems weird that no time between the 2 years he has now been Spider-Man he’s never gotten distracted from being a hero.

This movie was less entertaining than I remember it and more aggravating, the acting was campy and over the top, the story was weak and had several plot holes. I can only hope that the third movie is better…


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