By Jacob Lee (Racine, WI)


Well considering that the new Spider-Man movies is only days away I figured it only right to take a look back at the past movies. We begin with the very first movie directed by Sam Raimi.

I am a huge Spider-Man fan so 10 years ago I was hyped that it was moving to the big screen, maybe a little too hyped. I may have expected too much from this movie because, though I enjoyed it, there were some points where I was disappointed. Tobey Maguire stars as Peter Parker A.K.A Spider-Man, which was actually a pretty nice fit. Tobey plays the nerdy, nervous, shaky character very well in the way he’s always stuttering to the girl of his dreams and having a quiet timid voice.

He also changes character to being the loud, talkative, jokey Spider-man well. Though his dialogue can be quite unemotional at times, he pulls it off well. Kirsten Dunst plays Mary-Jane Watson, Peter’s love interest and I believe she pulls this character off well, similar to Toby. She’s good at being the damsel in distress always screaming (which can get annoying at times) and in danger. Most of the other actors are very good at playing their characters, especially Jonah Jameson (played by J.K. Simmons) he’s by far the most likeable and funniest character in the movie.

Now the movie. The story holds up OK, it’s not always the best but it’s not awful. There are plot holes here and there but nothing too big. It tries to stay true to the comics as much as possible other than the fact that Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s sweetheart first in the comics. It can be very over the top at times, but I mean, it’s a super hero movie, what do you expect?

Although sometimes Willem Dafoe just gets to me with how over the top he can be playing the Green Goblin, it’s enjoyable, yes, but also overly hilarious. Many times it gets very emotional as you can actually feel the pain and suffering some of the characters are going through. We can all relate to losing a loved one or suffering a heartbreak, so most people can connect to the feelings and emotions of the movie.

All in all I enjoyed the movie, characters, story and its comic book ridiculousness. If you haven’t seen it yet I very much recommend it.

1 movie down 2 to go.


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