By Athena West


First of all I know I will have a large amount of trouble trying to adequately describe this movie’s magnificence, so bear with me on that.

Being an Anime fanatic I was thrilled when I accidently came across the trailer to this movie. Just from the short clips of its preview, I instantly fell in love with the artistic style of the movie. When I finally ended up getting my hands on a copy of this film, I curled up into some warm blankets, grabbed my handy popcorn bowl and just sat and watched.

The beginning instantly gripped me. After only a few minutes I could already relate to the beloved and temperamental main character “Chihiro.” I was surprised by the pure talent of the voice actors as well. As the story continued I found myself getting more and more drawn into the characters and the beautifully drawn settings. Half way through the film I had completely forgotten about my popcorn and was intently fixed on the scenes. That movie never left me bored at any point. The plot kept intensifying. Just as one problem was solved another would arise.

This movie had me laughing, crying, gasping and yelling. I was actually surprised. Most animated movies, especially those made by “Disney”, don’t make me react that much. Also those story lines are always similar and boring. But this movie was one hundred and ten percent original! The ending was superb and wonderfully satisfying.

Even though this movie was stellar, there were a couple things that I can complain about. Some things throughout the movie needed a bit more explanation, as they came off as way too mysterious. Those small things often left me confused. Eventually those were cleared up, but I think they could have been explained quicker. Also, I would have liked to learn a bit more about some of the characters and their motives, for example “Yubaba” and Chihiro’s parents. Those are the only minor mistakes I can think of that apply to this movie.

The director of this movie, Hayao Miyazaki has become one of my favorite directors. As I have already mentioned, I love the art style that he produces. I have watched a lot of his other films too, and I haven’t come across one that I don’t like!

On another note, Spirited Away has won an incredible amount of 36 awards! Some of which include The Oscars, The Annie’s, The Awards of the Japanese Academy and The Cambridge Film Festival.

This movie can appeal to people of all ages. The magical feel of the film will attract younger audiences and the complicated plot will attract those who are a little older. My overall view of this film is that is truly a gem in the cinema world, and I would rate it a 500/10.


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