By Darren Chan Keng Leong (Singapore)


Note: Minor Spoilers!

I was pretty skeptical when I saw film title for this movie as since this was supposed to be an action-comedy film, I thought that it would be another B grade movie. However, the film exceeded my expectations as it changed my opinion of the usual cliché spy comedy formula by making it more relatable and funny as well.

The film had a strong cast of familiar actors and actresses that will to provide more punch to the story-line. Familiar faces include Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law, Rose Byrne and Miranda Hart who made this film extremely enjoyable and fun to watch. Melissa McCarthy portrays Susan Cooper in the film who is a desk-bound CIA analyst who wants to do more than just her desk job of surveillance. She comically gets into the thick of the action and proves herself to be worthy of becoming a skillful CIA agent. The film breaks down the stereotypes of body image which Melissa McCarthy’s character Susan Cooper strives to prove that nothing is impossible with sheer determination and tenacity.

This film manages to stand out from the other films as all the characters have equal screen time to make the audience understand about the characters in a short period of time. It was great to finally see Jude Law as agent Bradley Fine in this film as he delivers both class and charisma that adds to the story-line. At first, I thought that Jason Statham who portrays top agent Rick Ford would be the highlight of the film but I was wrong. Rick Ford is the over-confident, cocky comedian in the film which adds extra laughs as the story-line progresses.

Director Paul Feig does a fantastic job of directing and writing the film that it looks set to be a hit with movie-goers looking for the right balance between action and comedy genres. Susan Cooper as the female James Bond does the film justice of breaking the gender stereotype that a spy has to be a male. The film takes a different and fresh approach of showcasing Melissa’s McCarthy’s character as someone who is smart and has the charisma to outwit the villains in this film. The coarse and explicit language use in this film adds a touch of humour to the action which sees the various aspects of Susan Cooper putting on various disguises to get out of tight situations.

Another character that is trying to compete with Susan Cooper would be antagonist Rayna who is portrayed by Rose Byrne who delivers epic one liners with Susan Cooper that is rather enjoyable to watch. Spy has many similarities with Kingsman but it still manages to delivers an unforgettable performance and is a must-watch movie.

This is one of the few films that the writing, acting and character development blends very well into the story-line which keeps everything moving smoothly. This allows the audience to focus their attention on all the characters of the film in each scene where enough screen time is given to all the characters. I do hope that Spy gets a sequel which is truly deserving of such well thought story-line that keeps the audience laughing from start to finish.

Spy proves that with a film that has a strong A-Listed cast and a great story-line which manages to pull off a new start in this new revival of spy movies. This is a film that does not disappoint and I hope that the sequel continues to up its ante in both the action and comedy aspects to deliver greater character development and laughs that it is known through its matured story-line. It is a film that will garner many positive acclaims and with surprise cameos, it is an added incentive to go watch it in cinemas.

Rating: 4/5



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