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Welcome back to my Star Wars review saga. We’re almost finished. I know, I know, it’s a shame, we’ve had some good times. Today I’m reviewing the 6th episode of the saga, aka the third to release. This one is definitely the weakest of the trilogy however. There a few missed opportunities and some story telling flaws. Other than that, this is still a really great movie.

The first problem with the movie is the way it’s put together. The first act is just them trying to save Han, which would be fine as an opening to the movie, not a sequence that takes 45 minutes to finish. Also, the second act: there is no second act. After the Han rescue there isn’t much time between the first act and third act. I just feel like there is no build up at all. Despite my problems with the first act, it is a blast. I mean they Luke fights a monster, Han’s a badass (not a surprise), the barge fight is amazing, Jabba is a cool character and it’s got a really good atmosphere. However, Jabba really does look like a rubber puppet to me. It is an impressive puppet but unlike some other puppets I’ve seen in Star Wars this doesn’t hold up. Speaking of holding up, unlike the last two some of the special effects don’t hold up very well. Like the speeder bike chase and when Luke and Han are talking to each other on the sail barge. Still, some of them are freaking amazing. And again, let’s talk about those damn special editions. The dance sequence in Jabba’s Palace are horrific. One of the only changes that really pissed me off. There is another one in this movie which in a bit as well as some of the other changes.

The Ewoks were the first time George Lucas put something in Star Wars just for kids and merchandising. I mean have you seen all the different costumes for each character. They’re obviously just there to make toys. Anyway, the Ewoks themselves aren’t annoying, it’s the way they are put in the story. I really wish it wasn’t a bunch of fluffy teddy bears that decided the fate of the galaxy. The Endor battle would’ve been so much better if they at least had some interesting creatures helping the rebels. One of the missed opportunities to add a little tension in the film is the relationship between Han and Lando. Um, Han, why are you not mad at Lando? Didn’t he like, betray you in the last movie. I guess Lando did rescue him, but thinking about it I don’t think he did all that much. In fact, it’s Han who saves Lando! I know I’m being a bit nitpicky but, it’s my job, I review movies, what do you expect? There is one last nitpick I have and that is on Leia remembering her mother. Wait, didn’t she die just as she was born? Actually I really shouldn’t be taking that scene very seriously as Padme dies from a broken heart.

Okay, so I’ve bitched and moaned quite a bit, so let’s get to what I like about this movie. The Yoda death scene is one of the most emotional scenes in all of the Star Wars series. The sequence is good until you find out Luke kissed his sister (vomits). I do get a little emotional in that scene. The finale is where the movie gets really good. Aside from the Ewoks throwing rocks at Stormtroopers, the finale has some of my favorite Star Wars moments. The spaceship battles look amazing. The bunker raid is a lot of fun. And of course, the final confrontation with Luke, Darth Vader, and The Emperor. This is the strongest the series ever gets, as the characters really are going through some real conflict. Also the emperor is the greatest. Then we come to the finale where Luke is hiding from Darth Vader. He is taunting Luke, and then, tells him that if he won’t turn to the dark side maybe Leia could. Luke goes all ape shit on him and you think: “Oh, my God! He’s going to kill him and join the emperor!” But thanks to some symbolism Luke realizes that raging at his dad isn’t the best way to deal with anger.

The emperor doesn’t like this so he starts toasting Luke. Darth Vader is conflicted. Should I save my son? Or should I join this old guy who looks like he should have died from skin cancer years ago. He goes for the right option and throws the Emperor into some type of generator. This leads me to the worst special edition change and that is when Darth Vader says noooooooo while throwing Crinkles. We didn’t need that! We could tell what was going on in Vader’s head.

So everything is happy now. Luke is on the Light Side, Leia and Han are together, Lando is still around, Han’s alive, none of them are suffering from PTSD, and all is at peace in the galaxy. Until the next one.

While I might seem like I don’t really like this movie, I still love it. Yeah some things kind of suck in it, but overall it’s a good time. I give it a 7.9/10. Thanks for reading.

Rating: 4/5


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