By Anthony Miesel (Wheeling, West Virginia, US)


I was, to a certain degree, disappointed with Star Wars 7 but hopeful that Star Wars 8 could be a good film and redeem its predecessor. Unfortunately, I walked out of the theater once again disappointed. Overall it wasn’t very good. It had a severe lack of intrigue and lacked the level of depth I was hoping for.

My first issue with the film is with the primary antagonist, Snoke. This isn’t because I didn’t like him as a villain, quite the opposite in fact. They revealed little enough about him so that I was curious as to who he was and what his intent was and I was legitimately intimidated of him for the first portion of the movie. In an incredible act of poor writing, they just kill him off. His death was creatively done but anticlimactic and far too soon. So now that my main source of interest in the movie was eliminated, I was left with Kylo Ren. This brings me to my second point.

Kylo is perhaps the least intimidating antagonist ever. His character is extremely shallow and poorly done. In comparison to Darth Vader from the original trilogy, he can barely hold a candle to him. Darth Vader actually had a reason to be who he was. When he was Anakin, he was not trusted by the Jedi Council, eventually lost his wife and two children, lost one of his greatest friends, Obi Wan Kenobi, and then had three limbs severed by Obi Wan himself before being burnt to a crisp on the shores of a lava river. Kylo Ren, however, has no such backstory to lead him to this point in life. He’s just this sort of immature and unstable child that has too much power. He’s evil I suppose because he just felt like it? His character lacks any form of poignancy at all. Furthermore, he’s not even a skilled combatant seeing as he was defeated by someone who had just picked up a light saber for the first time.

Another problem is that with the First Order’s existence, Anakin’s role as the chosen one is now invalidated. He fulfills his destiny by killing Darth Sidious and ending the Empire. Though when you think about it, he clearly doesn’t affect the situation very much considering the Empire comes back in the form of the First Order.

One final issue is Rey’s parentage. We discover, or so we think, that Rey’s parents were nothing and she is therefore not particularly significant. If this is true, then it destroys the entire plotline of the Star Wars saga. Star Wars is supposed to be about the Skywalkers and their effect on the universe meaning that if the main character isn’t a Skywalker, the films are straying from what they are originally supposed to be.

In conclusion, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a poorly executed movie that didn’t live up to the potential it could have. The general plotline felt weak and cliché. The rebels were just trying to escape being tracked by the First Order’s ships which was pretty boring. It also seemed like a rehash of episode 5 showing a lack of creativity. Luke’s character is considerably damaged, as is his view of the force. Yoda also seems to have left us with some unanswered questions such as why he suddenly thinks the sacred Jedi texts can just be destroyed. With the way things played out in this film, it would take a miracle to make Star Wars 9 something decent.

Rating: 2/5



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