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Star Wars The Last Jedi: We hope it’s the last disappointment in the trilogy: ALERT SPOILERS AHEAD

As a Star Wars fan I really love the franchise and I believe that George Lucas created a whole universe with its own culture that no one has made before. In The Last Jedi the expectations were really high giving how great was The Force Awakens, but to me, it’s a real disappointment when comparing it to all the previous episodes. I list here some of the issues that really bothered me.


I don’t really understand what’s wrong with the soundtrack of the movie but it seemed in a lot of scenes that they are trying to make us feel happy and sympathetic which weren’t sometimes relevant at all to the scene.

YES, YES, YES, what?

The way that the writer manipulated us on Rey’s background is really cheap. It started that in The Force Awakens when we all expected that Rey’s parents are super cool Jedi masters or maybe Ren’s sister or maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi’s daughter. No one actually knew but the way the writer presented this made us all feel that a big surprise is coming. When it’s revealed in The Last Jedi that they are normal people who sold Rey when she was young was super disappointing and the way it was revealed was also so boring.

Who the F**k is Snoke?

The villain who showed up in The Force Awakens is killed in a ridiculous way in The Last Jedi. We all had questions, “Why he’s ugly? Is he human? How he found Kylo Ren? What are his origins and story?” Maybe all this will be answered in a later prequel but how the villain died and how his story was wrapped up was a real disappointment.

Luke, Ren, Just Hold it and We’ll be Right Back

We have this scene where Ren is supposed to be fighting Luke. They stand in front of each other talking and then “Voila” we have a different scene that took almost two minutes and then we’re back to Ren and Luke who seemed to wait for us not doing anything till we’re back from the other scene. If you used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful you’ll understand what I mean.

Are You Dead Luke?

The moment when Luke met Ren seems to be very rich with unanswered questions. From early episodes of the franchise, we got used to the idea of some character showing up after their death as a spirit like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back and it was usually highlighted by a light blue shadow around the character. In The Last Jedi when Luke met Ren we see that Luke can’t be harmed by the heavy fire and when he battled with Ren Luke was able to miss all his hits.

One thinks that this is because how Luke is powerful and smart in combat and in a touching moment Luke tells Ren that he can kill him and when Ren put the lightsaber through his body, it goes through without harming Luke and just now the blue shadow is revealed so we can understand that he’s just a spirit and he’s still sitting in his lonely planet. The questions here, is he dead? Why is he dead? Who killed him if someone did? Did he kill himself so he can go to help Princess Leia or this is a new super trick that Jedi masters can do? “Relax,” Rey said in the movie that she senses that Luke is dead, but no one knows what happened.

Rating: 3/5



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