By Emily-Jane Mathews (Galway, Ireland)


I think we all know the basis of Still Alice, so it’s basically about this woman having early onset Alzheimer’s. I’m glad that it was different from usual films, like people having cancer or diabetes (not to offend anyone), but it’s the same thing all the time. Like The Fault in Our Stars, now is good, Stepmom and My Sister’s Keeper. But this was different.

Before I watched the film all I thought Alzheimer’s was, was somebody forgetting their family! I didn’t know that you could forget what you were doing or that you could get so bad you couldn’t speak. Julianne Moore acted brilliantly in this film. She made me believe that she actually had Alzheimer’s disease. Richard Glatzer and Walsh Westmoreland the two directors made a fantastic film.

You had real sympathy towards Moore’s character and she made me realise how bad Alzheimer’s actually is. She even states in the film that cancer has sponsored walks, pink wristbands etc., all to raise money for cancer but there is nothing like that for people with Alzheimer’s. I really empathised with her and I got teary because even though she didn’t really have it, it made me realise that it was still true to life and people do have this disease. You can tell she did a great job because she won the BAFTA, Oscar, Golden Globe, Sag Award, and Critics Choice Award for Still Alice. She deserved all those awards not just for this one performance but she has made some great films, but this was probably her best role.

I don’t know if it was Alec Baldwin himself or his character but I didn’t really like him in it. It just didn’t really fit right when he was in it, but he wasn’t in it that much so it didn’t bother me that much. Kristen Stewart as usual was great and she played a role that suited her, I don’t know if that’s the case for Baldwin, but she and Moore made this film enjoyable for me. Throughout the film we see how bad her condition gets and there is a scene that makes a little joke on her condition but it’s more of a sad, almost depressing situation. It makes you think that any second a friend or family member could get it and it isn’t just the person who’s affected but the whole family.

Only running for 1h 44 min I would definitely recommend this for anyone. I liked everything about it besides Alec Baldwin’s character/performance I’m not sure, but it’s a definite watch. Some people will cry but I think everyone will agree that this film is just a basic story of a woman with Alzheimer’s but somehow it is really detailed and it feels like it has a deeper meaning. I think the deeper meaning is that you should be remembered for your life before the disease and that you will always be the same no matter what disease you have.

The end is left open but it’s pretty obvious what the outcome will be, but I had no idea at the start of the film how it would end. Altogether any Julianne Moore fan or fans of good story films should watch this.


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