By Brock Beirman


People today think that the cops are misusing their authorities and killing and beating people for no reason. That areas like Chicago and Detroit are considered the hood. For some people everything that they hear is the truth from both sides of stories. Have you ever stopped and wonder what was going through people that weren’t involved because of what they do, but because what they look like. A place that use to be the worse place to live in the U.S. These 5 guys battled their way to the top because the loved what they did. The controversial movie Straight Outta Compton successfully describes their journey from the bottom to the top, and for one of them, all the way back to the bottom again.

The beginning of Straight Outta Compton showed Eazy E walking up to a dope house. You can tell that he is a drug dealer. The suppliers did not pay Eazy because they are struggling to get money. You can already tell that the area is a tough place to grow up in. The Cops showed up to that house and ended up catching everyone except Eazy in that house. So already in the beginning you see drug dealing gangs and cops. If that doesn’t give an idea of what it was like to grow up in Compton.

Another example of how tough it was to grow up there was Ice Cube was on a school bus and a Crenshaw mafia member stopped the bus and pulled a gun out. Luckily nobody was shot but it shows that anything can happen at anytime. He also was attacked by cops because he looked liked he had drugs on him, but really it was because what he looks like. Dr. Dre’s mom was giving Dre the option to either get a job or finish school. He ends up working at a nightclub because he wanted to do something he loved and that was being a D.J. Even when he was working there he played rap music made by Ice Cube and the owner of the club was threatening to fire him.

After being arrested for just standing around, Dr. Dre asked if Eazy wanted to start a rap group and I bet when he had the idea, he didn’t know that this would change the world’s perception of gang violence and police brutality. Making songs like “Straight Outta Compton” “F*** the Police” “Gansta Gansta” and many more that described about the way the live and how police treat them.

These songs were hated by a lot and loved by a lot for people speaking their mind about important stuff going on in the area of Compton. They went on tour and created more and more “trouble.” During the tour the FBI sent a letter saying that the Group should stop playing the song “F*** the Police” or there would be consequences. It’s a perfect example about people stereotyping about something completely stupid and not actually listening to what N.W.A is actually trying to tell people. If you thought they would stop, You don’t know N.W.A. People that didn’t like N.W.A would burn their albums while the group is arriving to that town. Detroit was the worst performance ever for that group.

In Detroit the FBI showed up to their concert and said if you perform “F*** the Police” they would be arrested. N.W.A didn’t cared and the group was arrested for using their FREEDOM OF SPEECH. People today are still getting arrested for using on of the rights this country has which makes no sense.

Throughout the rest of the movie, there is backstabbing, lawsuits, violence, and questions on how and why certain events occur and how they occurred. Everyone that was apart of the original group, at some point, realized they were getting screwed by their manager financially. However, one person found out too late because Eric “Eazy E” Wright died a short time after figuring out he was being screwed.

This movie for sure has everything you want in a movie, suspense, comedy, backstabbing, and people “getting in trouble” by the law. For sure this was one of my favorite movies of all time because how descriptive they recreated memories from real life events. Using their freedom of speech but still nobody that was part of their culture cared and criticized them. It shows what newscasters will never show on a newscast and it proves that not everything in the news is shown or 110% true. Now in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, N.W.As’ legacy will never die.

Rating: 5/5


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