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The whole movie is so choppy that there is absolutely no flow, and every time a new character is introduced it looks like a bunch of random facts you’d find on a trading card. The flow of the movie is so choppy and ugly that I started praying for it to be over after like 20 minutes. There are amazing songs in this movie that get to play for 30 seconds and suddenly there’s another song playing and it’s really weird. The whole plot is a complete mess and I cringed every time Enchantress and her weird brother talked in their weird language about their weird plans for world domination or…something like that. She was awkwardly gyrating while delivering her lines and it was so awkward I just had to laugh because I wasn’t sure what else to do.

This movie sounded like it was written by middle schoolers who had 3 hours to write a superhero script but had no ideas who the characters were. The only good thing about this movie was Viola Davis, and her story barely made sense. Will Smith was the only funny thing, and Margot Robbie clearly worked really hard on her character but I don’t think anyone could successfully pull off this trash of a script. The battle between the squad and the faceless zombie like army is a waste of time, much like Slingshot or whatever that guy’s name was. The movie should have just been called “Harley Quinn and Deadshot: Dawn of F*** This” and probably would have included more than about 13 minutes of the Joker. For all the hype around Jared Leto, he was just super weird and didn’t really bring anything memorable to the movie. I thought Leto and Robbie both did their best, but this movie made the Harley/Joker romance so cringeworthy it was unwatchable. And I’ll agree that she looks fantastic but we could do with less close ups of her ass.

The final battle was so terrible that I left to go watch Nine Lives, because even a horrible talking cat movie had to be better than the CGI barf all over the screen. Positives: some funny moments, a few good performances, one or two good action sequences, and a cast that obviously did their best when they could. Negatives: horrible writing, horrible villain, jumbled plot, messy transitions, awful CGI, too many cringeworthy scenes to count, and absolutely no fun. I personally love superhero movies, and I’m a huge fan of the MCU and was very excited for this one. But when one of the main members of the squad died, I literally didn’t care at all. I was actually disappointed that the bomb didn’t destroy everyone else and therefore end the movie.

Having seen the Fantastic Four movie I didn’t think a superhero squad could ever be that bad again. But after hearing reviews and going in with low expectations while hoping to be pleasantly surprised, I somehow ended up even more disappointed. I can’t even explain how truly horrible this movie is and how much of a letdown it must be to those who loved this comic and didn’t get to see their live action dreams come true. This movie was supposed to be a redemption for Zack Snyder and the people in charge of the DCU but it’s probably the worst film they could have ever made. I laughed more when someone in our theater called King Kong “Harambe” during the Skull Island trailer than I did throughout this entire movie.

If you see this movie and like it, I applaud you. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re kind of on the fence, consider this review a warning. I would only recommend this movie to the blind and deaf interested in a fun night out

Rating: 1/5



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