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Weird, Creepy, Imaginative, Fun, and Creative. Suicide Squad has won my heart over, as a great movie with a weird plot. I’ve read the reviews, and I’ve seen the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as IMDB, and Metacritic. Besides hoping that most of the critics have even seen Suicide Squad, I would hope that DC’s new found success on the big screen is not causing critics to lash out against the DC movies in hope that they will fail, and Marvel movies will succeed, only because they’re attempts to begin a cinematic universe was all we had once upon a time. I would be more in favour of enjoying Marvel movies if they weren’t so similar to the childish cartoons I watched when I was younger. At the moment I’m not debating whether I like DC or Marvel more, I’m debating whether I like Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman more. Beyond a cinematic success, Suicide Squad is a tale of meaning, and growth in which bad guys have a second of heroism in them, and it is that, that guides the purpose of the movie, and theme that sometimes bad guys were dealt a bad hand in life. First we contend with the likes of the birth of the Superman, and then we move onto the death of the Superman and the Dawn of Justice, in which our DC universe grows into the idea that fighting crime together is the way to go, and now we have Suicide Squad, which brings us laughs (appropriate, and necessary laughs), and a storyline that sucks you into the life of a villain.

Besides being another cinematic success in my opinion for DC, Suicide Squad is not exactly what DC was ready for, but in my opinion it was designed to give us a preview into the importance of even DC’s smallest villains, and at the same time providing us with a look at the Joker. This is DC at its best, making small characters meaningful in just a single scene, as we all know that the only character with a chance of being the main villain in DC’s upcoming movies is the Joker. Suicide Squad also gave us another glance at the Batman, and his usual troubles as he fights crime throughout Gotham City, and although his appearance was brief, the audience was able to capture another view of the cinematic success, which is Ben Affleck’s Batman, who in more ways than one has given another successful appearance on the big screen, taking down Deadshot, like only he could, and capturing Harley Quinn as well, for the means of delivering them straight to the Suicide Squad without realising.

The movie was filled with many amazing performances, that left plenty wondering which character they enjoyed the most. Will Smith’s performance of Deadshot was cocky, creative, and ambitious, exactly what I, and hopefully the fans wanted in Deadshot, who proved that although he’s a villain, and a loner deep down, he’s also a leader. Another great performance was Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, whose version of Harley Quinn, like Deadshot, was taken to a very meaningful level, in which a psychotic young, and dastardly Harley Quinn became an important, and effective character in the Suicide Squad, as to the question of how effective Harley can be without the Joker, which leads me to my next performance. Jared Leto’s toxic, and completely psychotic Joker, took what he believed the Joker could be in this new extended universe, and spat on anyone who attempted to compare his, and Heath Ledger’s Joker, because of their complete, and continuous differences, and unique qualities. Jared Leto’s performance, though limited to few scenes, merely provided us with a look at what’s to come for the Joker, which made all of his scenes up with one theme, Mad Love. Many performances throughout the movie still remain unmentioned, such as Jai Courtney’s performance of Captain Boomerang which came off just as good as it looked in all of the trailers, Killer Croc, Enchantress, Katana, Rick Flag, and Amanda Waller, who all gave stunning performances, and exciting takes on each of their characters as well, with each individual, and impacting storyline, it was essential that all of the characters played their parts to their best, which in my opinion is what they did.

Mixed with comic book references, and imagery of an amazing viewing, Suicide Squad did not fall short of anything less than one of the best movie adaptions of a comic book ever done. First we got the viewing of the three greatest superheroes of history, and now we get a look at some of the greatest comic book villains of history, and although they are very minor to the all up cinematic storyline, they still performed as if the movie was filled with some of the greatest villains of all time. The villain, ‘Enchantress’ was a secret surprise that was unexpected for the movies main villain, and although the choices were vast, the Enchantress turned out to be a wonderful surprise, in which a character widely unknown by non-comic book fans turned out powerful, creative, and especially threatening to the Squad, as the leader Rick Flag shared love for the character. Enchantress’s brother was another surprise to the storyline, as DC is now starting to show how powerful looking, and truly powerful their villains are, with Doomsday, and now Enchantress, and her nearly Godlike looking brother, who together presented quite an infamous threat to the Suicide Squad, by reminding them of their greatest desires, and forcing them to choose between Good and Evil.

All up Suicide Squad was one of the greatest movie adaptions of a comic book, with famous images, characters, music, and storylines that took villains of fierce renowned, and put them in a team with a theme of, ‘Bad vs Evil’. With Batman V Superman’s God vs Man, and Suicide Squads Bad vs Evil, I can’t wait to see what DC has in store next. If reviews, and ratings are labelling this movie anything less than an 8.5/10 then clearly it either wasn’t their thing, or they weren’t paying attention to the story, and the lesson at hand. This movie has the all out connection, and cinematography to make it better than Batman V Superman, but does it have the action, the characters, and the plot. So far DC has whipped up an exciting adventure, (Man of Steel), and two amazing portrayals of DC cinematic future success (Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad), but why aren’t the fans seeing this. Marvel is one of great storylines, and characters, but certainly not one that can contend with the wrath of the DC universe, and its wide variety of characters, and storylines that shake the very fabric of imagination, and Good vs Evil.

Rating: 9/10



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