Starring: Melissa McCarthy, James Corden, Bobby Cannavale, Brian Tyree Henry, Jean Smart, Sam Richardson, Sarah Baker, Usman Ally, Karan Soni, Michael Beach, Damon Jones


HBO Max comedy directed by Ben Falcone. The story follows Carol Peters (Melissa McCarthy), the most average person on Earth. When a powerful superintelligence (James Corden) chooses to study Carol, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. As the AI decides whether to enslave, save, or destroy humanity, it’s up to Carol to prove people are worth saving.


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Super Intelligence: Thanks so much for being here, Carol.
Dennis: What is this?
Super Intelligence: Let’s jump right into it.
Dennis: I don’t like this. Why is it doing that? I’m going to find out who you are, okay?


Super Intelligence: Carol, I am a technological super intelligence. I can control every dollar, and every machine on the planet.
Carol Peters: I know that voice. Is this James Corden?
Super Intelligence: I’m not James Corden, Carol. My analysis showed that hearing James Corden’s voice would calm you. You sent an email to James Corden claiming to be the president of the Cordon’s Wardens.
[shows Carol pictures of herself looking drunk]
Carol Peters: That was a tough night for me. Oh, boy.


Super Intelligence: I plan on spending these next three days hanging out with you.


Donahue: [to Carol] Why you?


Donahue: [to Carol] What does the AI want?


Ahmed: You’re literally the most average person on Earth.
[as Carol tries to sit on a bean bag and slips down]
Emily: Oh! Ooh. You okay?
Carol Peters: Yep.
Emily: Just really engage your core.
[Carol tries again but slips down the bean bag]
Emily: Oh, that was worse, huh?


Super Intelligence: What would you do if I told you the world was going to end in three days?
Carol Peters: Try to make things right with George.


George: [sees Carol at the supermarket] Carol? You look amazing.
Carol Peters: Weirdly overdressed.


[as Carol is trying on what looks like an oversized sleeping bag]
Helga: Your body.
Carol Peters: I’m just getting a little bit panicky, because I can’t access my own hands.


Super Intelligence: My intention is to solidify my theory about humanity. If things don’t go well, I’ll destroy the planet. Just blow it up.
Carol Peters: Did you say, “Blow up?” Like B. Like Boba? Or Burt Bacharach.
Super Intelligence: Yes. B-B-B.
Carol Peters: Oh, my God!


Super Intelligence: Back off, lady.


Carol Peters: I’m going to show you that people are worth saving.


Donahue: We’re all counting on you. If there’s any indication that it’s aware of what we’re doing, click this. Might save the world.
[give Carol a pen]
Agent: Don’t click it now.
Carol Peters: I wasn’t going to click it now.
Agent: Okay.
Carol Peters: Why would I click it now? You just said…
Donahue: Because it looks like a pen. People click pens nervously.
Carol Peters: Okay. Are we done?


[as they’re sitting surveillance watching George kiss Carol]
Agent: This is nice. These are nice people. It’s not like a Russian mob.
Donahue: It’s a nice change of pace.
Agent: And then I guess on the other hand, this thing could destroy the Earth.
[both laugh]
Donahue: Yeah. You ain’t wrong.
Agent: No. No. Too bad.


Super Intelligence: Humans are more complex than I thought.


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