By Declan Scopes


Ted is Seth MacFarlane’s big screen debut film and as you would expect, Seth brings his horrifically funny, unrefined humour to the big screen in a gag filled affair, pushing the very boundaries of his own lewd brand of jokes. Say what you like; it’s very funny. Since his highly successful animation series of Family Guy and American Dad, it would seem MacFarlane has moved up into the film directing/producing world; and done so with some success.

The film follows the ‘waster’ life of a thirty something year old man, John Bennett, (Mark Wahlberg) who opts to smoke weed with his ‘come to life’ teddy bear (Ted), often at 9:30 in the morning, rather than focus on the more important things in his life. It is not until girlfriend (more important thing in his life) Lori, (Mila Kunis) urges him to change and Ted to move out, seeking more from her current relationship with John, that progress seems on the horizon.

Having come to life as the result of a childhood wish from John, Ted had enjoyed a life of fame, a fascination to the world that a toy had come to life, but as the novelty burnt out, so did this reign of fame. Ted’s fall from the limelight causes his reckless ways to exacerbate, badly influencing John, and Ted’s life becoming an escapade of hookers, class C drug addiction and booze. Their journey of change takes them a long way but as we watch it test the very foundations of their lifelong friendship, we hope that demons of their past wont prove too much to resist. But will Lori put up with any more shenanigans? Hopefully, it’s hilarious.

I enjoyed the film as a Seth MacFarlane fan. Comparable to Family Guy in that the same foul mouthed one liner nature is evident here in Ted, but it’s what makes it so funny and after all, despite the often predictable storyline, it’s what keeps you interested. Seth’s comic style is unique and creates a film destined to make you laugh, succeeding in this because that is basically what it’s made to do. You aren’t meant to be hooked by the story line; what is next for Lori’s and John’s romance – we simply don’t care. We don’t even care if the boys can pull through their old ways, grow up and be companions again.

The storyline is there to be made fun of; it’s there to be the stage and environment for another joke; the next gag; or whatever ludicrous scenario Seth can think up that will make us laugh. You don’t watch Ted for its storyline in the same way you don’t watch Baywatch to scrub up on your lifeguarding skills. It’s just not what it is there to do. You watch Ted to make you laugh and be entertained and in that department it certainly satisfies.

It’s more than worth a watch, but possibly not the best choice for family movie night, hookers should always be left out from family movie night.

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