By Shelby Fielding (Lubbock, Texas, USA)


The Accountant: An Unconventional Drama That Lets Down and Satisfies the Audience


The Accountant is directed by Gavin O’Connor and stars Ben Affleck, Jon Bernthal, J.K Simmons, and Anna Kendrick. The movie tells the story of a man diagnosed with autism who is very intelligent and a very careful man who has trouble socializing with others, so he becomes an accountant for some of the most dangerous people and groups in the world. We follow his journey on how he lives his everyday life and the precautions he takes to keep his everyday life relatively normal. The film uses flashbacks to offer a strong characterization of the Accountant, and how his upbringing affected his current way of life. The film uses unconventional methods and fabulous cinematography to offer an entertaining narrative completed with well-directed action sequences and fabulous screenplay.

My Thoughts:

I was ridiculously excited for this film’s potential due to Ben Affleck’s recent movies that he has directed and starred in, and honestly I was a little let down by this film in some ways and satisfied in many other ways. This film’s strong point really is the authentic performance done by Ben Affleck throughout the film. He does an incredible job in providing an entertaining and relatable character. We as an audience begin to understand his disability and begin to relate to how it affects him and how he deals with it as an individual. This characterization gives the audience an incredibly relatable relationship with the Accountant, and it was awesome to watch.


The other strong points created by the film revolve around its unconventional method to show its narrative. This film uses a very slow methodical way to tell its story, and this unconventional slow method provides great characterization as well as incredible camera work to display visual storytelling throughout the movie. J.K Simmons is awesome in this movie as well, and he completely owns his character in an awesome entertaining fashion. Jon Bernthal also provides an excellent performance as well by providing a strong, physical, gritty performance to make you understand his ambitions as a character and as a hitman. The films unconventional slow storytelling provides strong characterization and a very intriguing narrative to help understand the reasoning behind why this mystery man does what he does. This movie was incredibly satisfying, but a letdown as well.


The flaws of this film revolve around its highly praised unconventional methods, due to its slow direction the film can lose suspense and makes those important plot points created by film very boring and hard for the audience to become emotionally invested in. The other flaws revolve around how it’s editing can make it hard to follow from flashbacks to the present day. The film also relies on cliché uses of comedy to help give relief in the film when it is unnecessary to do so, which leaves the audience wishing to continue this serious drama the narrative wishes to create. The film also has used an exposition scene to help explain things to the audience, which is a completely lazy way of storytelling. These flaws can take the audience out of the film and make it hard for the audience to become fully invested in the narrative.

My Final Thoughts & Grade:

Overall I did like this movie, and I found it very entertaining. The flaws of this film did continue to drag me out of this film and make it hard for me to become fully invested in the film. I do recommend going and seeing this movie because I’m going to give The Accountant a B. This movie was has very unconventional methods in the great and terrible way. What did you think? Is The Accountant great or terrible? Let me know down in the comments below and as always have a blessed day.

Rating: 4/5



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