Starring: Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Phoebe Fox, Himesh Patel, Vincent Perez, Anne Reid, Tom Courtenay, Tim McInnerny, Rebecca Front


Biographical adventure directed and co-written by Tom Harper. Set in 1862, the story follows meteorologist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) and balloon pilot Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones), who team up to mount a balloon expedition in order to fly higher than anyone in history to advance human knowledge of the weather. As their perilous ascent reduces their chances of survival, the unlikely duo soon discover things about themselves, and each other, that help both of them find their place in the world.



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Antonia: I hated you going up in that balloon. I do not wish to lose you to anymore foolishness.
Amelia Wren: I believe there are answers in the sky. Up there is where I have found the greatest happiness.


James Glaisher: To understand is to prepare our world for floods, droughts, famines. I ask for funding for my own expedition into the skies.


James Glaisher: Gentlemen, to predict the weather, could save hundreds of thousands of lives.
Royal Society Member: We are scientists, not fortune tellers.


John Trew: [to James] You’ve been assigned the responsibility to change the world. You have to meet it.


Royal Society Member: [to James] Have you even been in a balloon? Do you have experience of a lack of oxygen to the brain?


Royal Society Member: [to James] Find another madman to get in a balloon with.
[as he turns and starts walking away]
Royal Society Member: Or perhaps that woman.


John Trew: You’ll get your chance. They’ll realize your worth.
James Glaisher: I think they know my worth quite well enough.


John Trew: Prove them wrong, James.


Amelia Wren: I’m a really good aeronaut. I want to use what I’m good at.


[referring to Amelia]
Ethel Glaisher: Women don’t belong in balloons on show. And she makes such a show of herself.


James Glaisher: Are you the widow Wren?
Amelia Wren: Amelia Wren. And who might you be?
James Glaisher: James Glaisher. I’m a meteorologist. I believe the weather can be predicted. I need you and your balloon to help me.


James Glaisher: Miss Wren, I need to make studies of the air.
Amelia Wren: I’m not a coachman for hire.
James Glaisher: You are the only person who could fly us higher than anyone has ever been. So, will you?


Amelia Wren: [to James] Your reputation is built on paper. And my reputation is built on screams.


James Glaisher: You’re incredibly late. Are you ready?
Amelia Wren: You have no conception of how ready I am.


Amelia Wren: [to the crowd] Today, history will be made!


[as they are flying up in the air]
Amelia Wren: So it begins.


Amelia Wren: [to James] We’re about to get wet.


[to Amelia; as they are flying in the sky]
James Glaisher: Have you noticed, it’s completely silent.


James Glaisher: There’s nothing more beautiful than the stars in the sky. We are dancing amongst them.


[referring to James and Ameila]
Young Boy: Don’t you wish to be up there with them?
John Trew: Some reach for the stars. Some push others towards them.


Ned Chambers: Is this balloon not the strongest it’s ever been?
John Trew: Even so, it can’t fight the weather.


James Glaisher: [to Amelia] We are now higher than anyone has ever been.


Amelia Wren: We should think of slowing.
James Glaisher: No.


James Glaisher: Every layer of air, we are traveling into an unknown. What have we to lose?
Amelia Wren: Our lives!
James Glaisher: This could be more important than our lives!


Amelia Wren: There will come a time when we go no further. That decision will only be mine.
James Glaisher: Yes.


[referring to James and Amelia]
Royal Society Member: I have the feeling they’re not coming back.


Amelia Wren: [to James] Stay alive.


[as Amelia is sliding off the balloon]
James Glaisher: Take my hand!


Amelia Wren: We took to the skies to change the world, but you don’t change the world simply by looking at it. You change it by living in it.


James Glaisher: [to Amelia] Together we brought the stars closer.


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