By Ketan Gupta (Bangalore, India)


Golden opportunity gone to waste, this sequel could have been better

When the Spider-Man series was re-booted in 2012, I was wondering – Will it survive? Does it even require a reboot since last the Spider-Man film was released 5 years back only. Why do they not just continue with the same cast and take it forward? I guess I was right!!!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues the story of Peter Parker and his battle petite against highly lethal enemies like Max and The Green Goblin born out of the company and the truth behind his father’s sudden disappearance.

I was slightly disappointed with The Amazing Spider-Man as it was dark and shady in contrary to the comical version of original version. Fortunately, I was pumped up to see the sequel thanks to extraordinary and catchy trailer. The movie begins with Spider-Man fighting the goons with satirical humor embedded which was passable. As the movie progresses, the director loses the focus of the story and includes the romantic track which hinders the movement.

The film picks up the steam as we watch the epic battle between the main villain and Spider-Man which was well executed with eye-catching visual effects. The editing is really weak and the screenplay is a roller coaster ride. Though the first half is plain, the second half gathers some momentum especially the climax fight scene which was well-executed and something to look out for.

Cinematography is splendid with superb art direction. Dialogues are fine. Though the story is pretty weak, it is the high octane visual effects which is highly driven and mesmerizing. Andrew Garfield does fine as Peter Parker. Emma Stone was not on form. Jamie and Dane were good in their respective roles.

Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have been better. Opportunity gone to waste.

Rating: 2.75/5 Above Average

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