By Craig Singleton (Wigan, England)


“Don’t you know? I’m Electro.” says a man named Max who looks like Doctor Manhattan after falling into a tank filled with electric eels (no, not real ones!). The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the latest Spider-Man film featuring Spider-Man… and three villains. To start, I actually enjoyed it though it had a lot of mistakes within.

The film starts with Peter Parker as Spider-Man capturing Paul Giamatti’s best attempt at a Russian accent. The opening scene shows how Peter is developing into a superhero because he oozes such confidence and there’s a lot of comedy which surprised me.

If you watched the film in 3D note that it wasn’t shot, it was converted. Conversions are usually done pretty poorly (Clash of the Titans). This film had some good moments, but not as much depth as the first in the rebooted series.

Peter graduates from high school and then dumps Gwen, again. Peter made her dad a promise not to see her, but he carried on anyway until he starts seeing George’s ghost. Maybe just needs to see a therapist. He loves Gwen, but wouldn’t want to lose her. So he stalks her instead.

Norman Osborn dies so Peter goes to see his son Harry who once was friends with Peter. Harry finds out he’s dying and wants Spider-Man’s blood to help him so asks Peter to find him out. That doesn’t work out so he goes to Max, sorry Electro, after he wrecks up Times Square (how dare he) and is arrested. Then all hell breaks loose then.

Some of the visuals in the film were good with different colours displayed on the screen, but the way some of the action was shot was reminiscent of a computer game. The freeze frame shot in Times Square looked very cool though.

The main problem with the film though was the writing and they even went into production without a completed script, which is crazy! Some of the dialogue between Peter and Gwen I thought was clunky and forced even though, as an actual couple they had great chemistry to almost pull it threw.

I didn’t like the villains. Dane DeHaan’s Harry didn’t feel real to me which made me believe he didn’t really commit to the part because Dane’s doing so well in lower budget films like Lawless, Kill your Darlings and The Place Beyond The Pines. Jaime Foxx’s Electro could have been brilliant with such potential for power, however his weakness is water so… and let’s not mention Paul Giamatti again.

The reason I like this film is because it really tries to push the emotional envelope so much with it’s main. Peter feels such guilt for everything from his uncle’s death, to Gwen’s death and his parents died as well didn’t they? God, I wonder how he goes on. The scenes involving Aunt May are charmingly done and you want to see a happy ending with Gwen.

Another thing I actually loved about the film was the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer worked with names such as Pharell Williams to create some sweet, emotional scores for intimate scenes and also big orchestral numbers for the action.

My score for the film is 80%. Lowest mark for writing, highest for soundtrack. I like the emotion the films tries to give, but a miss-paced plot and underdeveloped villains drag it down.

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