By Jacob Lee (Racine, WI)


Go ahead and just try to tell me that that outfit isn’t awesome!

Well I went to go and see this movie midnight release and I was very very hyped. And, to be honest this movie did not disappoint me. Even from the trailers I felt like this movie was going to be better than all the rest, and it was.

Andrew Garfield now plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, he is an OK Peter but the absolute perfect Spider-Man. He cracks jokes here and there even in the deepest of trouble just like the comics. I found myself laughing the whole movie because not only is Andrew a funny character but as is the rest of the cast. Emma Stone plays Peter’s rightful love interest Gwen Stacy, and she does a great job of pulling this off in the way that Gwen is a very smart character along with Peter, which in turn makes more sense as to why they fall for each other. The rest of the cast does a great job of acting, they can all be serious and comedic and you can take them seriously because they act like normal people. With more realistic characters people can relate more and feel that these characters are real which is the point of a movie. We see how Spider-Man is really a superhero, and how much of a good whole person he is therefore making him more likeable.

The movie itself really strays from the comic books, which you’d think would just make a Spider-Man fan such as myself angry but it doesn’t and I’ll tell you why. I appreciate what this movie is trying to do, it’s trying to be something different but still close enough so that it’s not a complete betrayal. They reached the point where it’s far, but it’s not too far. And, this is just a good superhero movie, if we don’t look at it as just a Spider-Man movie and look at the bigger picture of a superhero movie in whole it does an almost perfect job. It pulls off all the emotion and still teaches all the morals that it did before with a new twist of things which makes it interesting and also giving me this feeling of not knowing what to expect.

It even (believe it or not) created one of the coolest looking superhero outfits ever, I mean he really looks amazing (no pun intended- actually no, that pun was intended). So it’s the same frame but it has a new look and new sleek design that’s so unique and different that it just catches your eye and you like it. The other movies tried to stick more to the comics while this one takes a more modern root as if to say “What if Spider-Man existed today?” There are just little things that I never thought about that would make sense, for example Peter wears contacts, which is something that I never thought about what so ever.

The villain in this movie was just fantastic I really think they pulled off his character off in the same way as everyone expected. Although the trailers have a few lines that mislead you into thinking otherwise about this villain, but those lines aren’t even in the movie. For example the villain in the trailers says “You want the truth Peter, come and get it” which he never actually says. So, if you know the lizard character already you’ll know how he’ll be in the movie, don’t listen to the trailers. Rhys Ifans is perfect for the Lizard being the nerdy doctor and then becoming the threatening Lizard.

I’m not going to spoil anything but make sure to stay until the end there’s something to make you leave thinking. I really enjoyed this movie, it’s the Spider-Man movie that everyone wanted and now we have it. Let’s hope that they make more and that they are equally if not more entertaining. I very recommend you see this movie it’s a blast and just the definition of a good superhero movie. And for those die-hard Spider-Man fans such as myself I just have one thing to say, just give it a chance I promise there’s nothing like… *sigh* Emo Peter *shutters*.

Rating: 4/5



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