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Spider-Man: One Tree Hill meets Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man

It has been 10 years since the first Spider-Man movie was unleashed onto out screens and it left a positive reaction amongst critics and fans all over the world. So with Sam Raimi’s trilogy finalized by an awful third turd (I mean turn, but hey I like toilet humour!), many people are wondering whether Spider-Man 3D will spin a fantastic web of comic book action.

Well, the results are in and I am going to have to go against this film. Not completely, you must understand, only slightly. Firstly, the story outlines the story of the first Spider-Man, which doesn’t mean to say is wrong, but the way in which it correlates with Sam Raimi’s story echoes signs of weakness and lack of power that separates the two. I wanted a Spider-Man that was entangled from the original to create a new web of mystery and a new, fresh approach to the wall crawler. However, it is the path of teenage angst which I find impressive and it’s all thanks to a refreshing performance by Andrew Garfield who shines throughout, exemplifying the true nature of Peter Parker. Bravo. Also, the headstrong Gwen Stacey played by Emma Stone is done with brilliance and added vulnerability. The support cast, also deserve praise such as Martin Sheen’s brilliant take on Uncle Ben, and Denis Leary as Captain Stacey. These are all exciting characters, but what about the villain?

The Lizard, I have to say is not what I expected. The Lizard shows no signs of a threat in terms of appearance, more so a character from a 50’s monster movie (The Lizard being the monster, of course). Rhys Ifans acts very well, but as the Lizard it is disaster. The Lizard expresses clumsiness and stupidity as well as brains and sharp claws, but that does not compete with Sam Raimi’s Doc Ock and Green Goblin.

Overall, the story is similar and triggers déjà vu, but the humour is well balanced with action, romance and teenage troubles. But, it works well on One Tree Hill level, but fails to rise to the heroic action that leaves me wandering whether it will improve through sequels or remain forgettable and a box office safety net.

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