Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones, Bill Hader, Rachel Bloom, Awkwafina, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage, Dove Cameron, Lil Rel Howery, Beck Bennett, Nicki Minaj, Brooklynn Prince


Animated action comedy sequel directed by Thurop Van Orman. The story follows the flightless birds on a new adventure. King Mudbeard (Bill Hader), ruler of the Bad Piggies, and Zeta (Leslie Jones), plot revenge against them after they devastated his homeland in a battle to reclaim their eggs.



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Red: [voice over] Hey, it’s me, Red. Welcome back to Bird Island. Not much has changed. I’m, of course, still a hero. And this was with Leonard and the pigs has no end in sight. I guess birds and pigs will always be enemies.


Red: [voice over] Hey, it’s me, Red. You know, the guy everybody hated, who kind of saved the whole island. Anyway, war with Leonard and the pigs, still going on. And Bomb and Chuck are doing, uh, whatever they do. And me, well, I still have some anger issues. But I’m finding healthier ways to deal with it.


[as she turns on the tap, little ice cubs pour out of the tap and onto her toothbrush]
Zeta: There goes my toothpaste. I am tired of this.


[we see Zeta dragging her pet dog who’s frozen in an ice cube; she throws a stick for her dog to fetch]
Zeta: Come on, baby. Go get it. Go get it!
[her dog looks at her sadly as it’s frozen in the ice]


Zeta: I’m done. I’m done living on this frozen, seal infested, island. Fire another ice bomb!


Zoe: Hi, daddy.
[referring to three unhatched eggs she’s just taken]
Zoe: Just borrowing my sisters for a minute.


[as the ice bomb lands on their island]
Zoe: Oh, crap.
Ross: We’re going to need a bigger slingshot.


Leonard: Stupid birds.


Red: Those pigs…
Chuck: Are going to pay…
Bomb: For our lunches!
[Red looks at him]
Bomb: What?


[after Red shuts his front door in Leonard’s face]
Leonard: Red, I know we’ve had our differences. I come in peace.
[he pokes his head through the window and Red breaks something over his face]
Leonard: Ouch.
[Red tries to shove Leonard’s face out of the window]
Leonard: I don’t want to see your face any more than you want to see mine. We’re all in danger!
[Red tries to shove books into Leonard’s face]
Leonard: Ouch!
Red: Yeah, from you!
Leonard: No, we have a truce!


[we see Red has tied up Leonard]
Leonard: This is not how a truce works.
Red: Just say what you got to say, and then get out!
Leonard: Red, we’ve discovered that there’s a third island, and they’re plotting to destroy us all. And here is the scary part, we need to put aside our differences and work together.
Red: Third island? Give me one good reason why I should believe you.
Leonard: I’ll show you the proof. Wilkinson!
[his army of pigs break into Red’s house
Red: What the…? Hey, hey, hey! Easy! Easy! Every stop!
[they then hear the toilet flush and one of the pigs come out the bathroom]
Leonard: Really? We’ve practiced a hundred times.


Red: To save our world from being destroyed, what we really need is a hero.
Leonard: Actually, that position’s been filled.


Red: I’m in charge.
Leonard: Actually, I’m in charge.


Zoe: Are you freaking kidding me?


[as Red and Josh breakout Bomb from his room]
Bomb’s Mother: Bomb, you’re still grounded!
Bomb: I’m an adult, mom!


Chuck: Guys, this is my sister. Silver. She’s super smart.
Red: I just don’t think you’re going to be compatible with the team.
Silver: Oh, wow, it is such a pleasure…
[to Red]
Silver: Not you.
[to Leonard]
Silver: But you!
Leonard: I like her.


[holding up her numerous certificates]
Silver: Wait, who’s that? And why is she all over these achievement awards?
Red: I just don’t think this is going to work.


[observing Red; writes in her notes]
Silver: Okay, so unusually angry.
Red: Talks to herself.
Silver: Self-esteem issues.
Red: Uh, left handed, probably a witch.
Silver: Have fun being alone!


Leonard: Each of you has been selected because you’re the best in your field.
[Chuck, Bomb, Mighty Eagle, Matilda, and a pig look excited]
Group: Oh.
Leonard: That we could find.
[the group look disappointed]
Group: Oh.
Red: We got to be prepared for anything, is what my assistant was going to say.
Leonard: Assistant? You’re the assistant!
[they start squabbling as the team watches them]
Silver: Okay.
[she write down in her notebook “There is no plan”]


Baby Pig: If we die, it’s kind of your fault!


Bomb: [to Silver] I eat dirt.
[Red sighs in despair]


Red: Okay, guys, let’s do this.
[referring to the Red and Leonard’s team]
Garry Pig: This is it? This is the amazing team I’ve been working around the clock for?
[Red slips down the slipper floor and falls into the snow]
Leonard: [laughing] You stupid bird.
[then Leonard and the rest of the team start sliding down and falling into the snow]
Garry Pig: Well, that’s disappointing.


Red: Okay, guys. Step one, travel undetected to the island.


Red: Step one, we got to break in undetected and deactivate the weapon.


Garry: All the gadgets you see here have been designed with your current mission in mind. First being, Invisi Spray.
[he sprays a green pig which become invisible]
Red: How long does the invisibility last for?
Garry: Forever.
Green Pig: Wait. What?!
[he gets a call and answers it]
Green Pig: Chiva, we’re not going to be able to see each other tonight.


[the team are hiding inside an eagle costume]
Red: Hello, fellow eagle guard.
[they walk towards the eagle guard, whose by the urinal]
Leonard: We’ve got to get that keycard.
[they slip and go smack into the urinal wall next to the eagle guard; to the team operating the lower part of the eagle costume]
Leonard: What’s going on down there?
[the eagle guard turns to leave]
Chuck: Oh, no. He’s leaving!
Leonard: Chuck, get that card.
[Chuck grabs the eagle security keycard, it slips out of Chuck’s hand, smacks into the back of the eagle’s head, who falls and passes out]
Chuck: Yeah, I’m just going to…
[he takes the keycard]


Garry: Don’t touch the lava tubes.
Leonard: I don’t know if I’m going to fit.
Courtney: Just suck in your butt.
[Leonard sucks in his butt cheeks as the tubes pass behind him]
Brad: Does anyone smell bacon?


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