Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffett, Snoop Dogg, Martin Lawrence, Stefania LaVie Owen


Comedy written and directed by Harmony Korine, which follows a rebellious stoner named Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), who lives life by his own rules.



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Moondog: Give me a Lucky Lotto and a cigar, would you?
Cash Register Guy: Sure.
Moondog: Hey, you don’t sell acid, do you?
Cash Register Guy: No.
Moondog: That’s too bad, man.


Moondog: I write poetry. I like to have fun, man.


Heather: Moondog.
Minnie: He’s from another dimension.


Lingerie: Moondog, you look like shit.
Moondog: I look like I always look.


Heather: What is wrong with you?
Moondog: I’m fine.


Moondog: Life is a fucking rodeo, and I’m going to suck the nectar out of it and fuck it raw until the wheels come off.


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