Starring: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Bill Hader, Rebecca Hall, Penelope Wilton, Jemaine Clement, Michael, Daniel Bacon


Story: Fantasy adventure directed by Steven Spielberg which follows the Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance) who is nothing like the other inhabitants of Giant Country. Standing 24-feet tall with enormous ears and a keen sense of smell, he is endearingly dim-witted and keeps to himself for the most part. Giants like Bloodbottler (Bill Hader) and Fleshlumpeater (Jemaine Clement) on the other hand, are twice as big and at least twice as scary and have been known to eat humans, while the BFG prefers Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle.

When Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), a precocious 10-year-old girl from London, arrives in Giant Country she is initially frightened of the mysterious giant who has brought her to his cave, but soon comes to realize that the BFG is actually quite gentle and charming, and, having never met a giant before, has many questions. The BFG brings Sophie to Dream Country where he collects dreams and sends them to children, teaching her all about the magic and mystery of dreams.

Having both been on their own in the world up until now, their affection for one another quickly grows. But Sophie’s presence in Giant Country has attracted the unwanted attention of the other giants, who have become increasingly more bothersome. Sophie and the BFG soon depart for London to see the Queen (Penelope Wilton) and warn her of the precarious giant situation, but they must first convince the Queen and her maid, Mary (Rebecca Hall), that giants do indeed exist. Together, they come up with a plan to get rid of the giants once and for all.

Verdict: Steven Spielberg’s new family adventure is indeed a faithful adaptation to Roald Dahl’s novel with a sweet charm to it, but it’s not going to go down as one of Spielberg’s classics. Mark Rylance as the giant gives the character depth and vulnerability and overall this is a heartwarming and charming family entertainment.


Best Quotes   (Total Quotes: 16)


Sophie: [voice over] It was the witching hour when the boogieman comes out, when people go missing. The girls say the witching hour arrives at midnight, I think it comes at three in the morning when I’m the only one left awake. Like always, like now. Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain…
[she goes out to the balcony and sees BFG for the first time in the street, she runs back into her room, hides under her bed cover when BFG reaches out his giant hand to grab her]
Sophie: [voice over] And that is where our story begins.


Sophie: Where am I?
The BFG: Giant country.


Sophie: Why did you take me?
The BFG: Because I hears your lonely heart. I was hearing all the secret whisperings of the world.


Sophie: What kind of a monster are you?
BFG: Bone cruncher. Child chewer. Meat dripper. Gizzard gulper. Butcher boy!


Sophie: Please don’t eat me!
BFG: You think because I’m a giant that I’m a man gobbling cannibal?


BFG: You can call me the Big Friendly Giant.
Sophie: Oh, my.


Sophie: Why did you bring me here? Why did you take me?
BFG: Well, I had to take you. Because the first thing you’d be doing is you’d be scuddling around and yoddling that you were actually seeing a giant, and then there would be a great rumple dumpus, wouldn’t there? And all the human beings would be rummaging and whiffling for the giant what you saw and get wildly excited and they’d be locking me up in a cage to be looked at with all the squiggling, you know, hippo dumplings, crocodown dillies and giggirafs, and then there would be a gigantus looksy giant hunt for all of the boys.
Sophie: I won’t tell. No one will listen to me anyway, I’m an untrustworthy


BFG: [to Sophie] I catch dreams. This one sounds like you.


Sophie: There are bad dreams here too?
BFG: Yeah.


BFG: Run, Sophie. Hide.


Fleshlumpeater: [to BFG] You has a delicious little bean.


Sophie: [to BFG] Are you scared? I’m not.


Sophie: I have a plan.
BFG: Brave, Sophie.


BFG: There’s been a story of a little girl, with the great adventures and laughter. Times will be hard, times will be soft, so hold your breaths, cross your fingers, here we go.


Sophie: I’m going to call you BGF.


[to Mary as she’s pouring the Queen her tea]
The Queen: I dreamt that girls and boys were being snatched out of their beds in boarding schools and were being eaten by the most ghastly giants. There was so many of them, there was the flash lump eater, gizzard gulper, and the meat dripper, and the, uh…
[we hear Sophie in the background whisper]
Sophie: Butcher boy.
The Queen: Butcher boy.
[Mary suddenly drops the lump of sugar cube into the tea]
The Queen: Ooh.

Total Quotes: 16








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