By Brittney Dudley (Collingswood, NJ)


The Chaos Theory

“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world” (Chaos Theory). Evan Treborn, played by Ashton Kutcher, had experienced many traumas as a young child and often experienced these strange blackouts, often occurring at moments involving high stress levels. A doctor that his mom had brought him to had suggested to keep a record of things happening in his blackouts. Later on in his life, when bringing a girl back to his dorm room, Evan finds these old journals and begins reading. However, there are consequences to his choices and these consequences are often fatal. At the end of it all, Evan finally realizes that the reason for everyone else’s pain and suffering, is ultimately himself, and the choices he made; whether as a child or far off in his future.

The literary aspects of this movie ranged from the characters to the story behind it all. The characters in this movie were well put together. The character of Evan Treborn was one of the most complex. However all of the characters in this movie had one thing in common, immaturity and hope. From Evan to Kayleigh, they all believed in the best of life and all hoped for the best as well. This immaturity and false hope led to making the wrong, good, choices.

The actor playing Evan, Ashton Kutcher, portrayed the character with such enthusiasm and convinced me that he actually was that character. While Ashton was playing Evan, he took the role almost seriously, as we do not know what was going on behind the scenes. Ashton Kutcher was not the only actor who took his role seriously, as all other actors and actresses did the same.

Special effects was a big part of this movie, from the violent shaking to the random events. The screen would shake, and it felt like you were shaking with it. While it was not the only cinematic aspect, it was definitely the most important; it made it feel like you were actually in the movie. These special effects made you believe that it was happening right in front of you and you could almost feel the way that he had felt.

As for the recommendation for this, I highly suggest watching it. This movie really made me think and take life in a whole new way. Even though I cannot do as Evan did, I can still reevaluate my choices before pulling them through, so I do not regret it later in life. This movie was definitely worth the time and it was one of the best in this category; as far as I have seen.


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