Starring: Paul Rudd, Mark Strong, Sienna Miller, Jeff Daniels, Tom Wilkinson, Guy Pearce, Paul Giamatti, Giancarlo Giannini, Hiroyuki Sanada, Connie Nielsen, Shea Whigham, William Hope, Pierfrancesco Favino


Bio-spy drama directed by Ben Lewin and the story centers on major league catcher Moe Berg (Paul Rudd) in the midst of World War II who is drafted to join the Office of Security Services (the precursor to the CIA). No ordinary ballplayer, the erudite, Jewish Ivy League graduate speaks several languages and is an enigma with a knack for keeping secrets. The novice spy is quickly trained and sent into the field to stop German scientist Werner Heisenberg before he can build an atomic bomb for the Nazis.


Best Quotes: 

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William J. Donovan: You’re an unusual man, Mr. Berg. You speak seven languages. You’re an athlete. You’re more than up to the physical requirements of the job.
Moe Berg: What job?


Robert Furman: [to Berg] Since this war began, we have reason to believe the Germans are working on a fission bomb.


Samuel Goudsmit: Scientist leading their atomic program is Werner Heisenberg. We must get to him and find out how close the Germans are to a bomb.


William J. Donovan: Welcome to the OSS Mr. Berg.


William J. Donovan: [to Berg] Millions lives at stake. A five percent chance of losing the war to a weapon like this, you do what has to be done.


William J. Donovan: [to Berg] You can’t allow yourself to be captured.
[Berg opens a pill box to reveal a suicide pill]


William J. Donovan: [to Berg] There may be one moment that tells you whether the Germans have a bomb. One moment when you’ll learn all you need to know.


[to Berg, referring to Heisenberg]
William J. Donovan: If it comes down to it, are you going to be able to kill him?


William J. Donovan: I don’t know what God you believe in Berg, if any, but I’ll be asking mine to keep an eye on you.


Moe Berg: You know that I love you.
Estella Huni: You brought me here to say goodbye?
Moe Berg: I’ll be back.


Martinuzzi: Is this your first job?
Moe Berg: I’ve never killed a man, if that’s what you mean.
Martinuzzi: It’s not as hard as you might think.


Moe Berg: What if Heisenberg is on our side?
Paul Scherrer: Are you hoping he’ll defect?


[to Berg; playing chess]
Werner Heisenberg: Your move.


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