Starring: Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman, Zach Braff, Emile Hirsch, Eddie Griffin


Crime comedy directed and co-written by George Gallo. The story follows movie producer, Max Barber (Robert De Niro), who owes money to the mob, Reggie Fontaine (Morgan Freeman). So he decides to finance a badly written Western movie in the hopes of the production killing its aging star, Duke Montana (Tommy Lee Jones), for an insurance scam to pay off his debts.


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Reggie Fontaine: You’re lying.
Max Barber: I swear to you, I’m not lying. Well, okay. I’m lying a little bit. But I’m a producer, that’s what I do. And I will have your money in full, I promise you.
Reggie Fontaine: You got seventy-two hours. After that, I choke you to death.


Walter Creason: Come on. I’m not an idiot. You haven’t painted the most accurate portrait of our investor.
Max Barber: Alright! We’ve been in trouble before. We always find a way out!


James Moore: [to Max and Walter] It’s all over the street. You need money. Why don’t you guys come by the set? Frank Pierce is going to be there.


Walter Creason: [as Pierce is standing at the edge of a building] Excuse me, Mr. Pierce? I’m so sorry to bother you. Can I get your autograph?
[as he gives Pierce a pen, Pierce slips off the edge of the building]


Reporter: [as they watch the news] Frank Pierce was insured for five million dollars.
[James Moor comes up on the screen]
Max Barber: The scumbag. He doesn’t shoot a frame of film and he makes five million dollars!


Walter Creason: [to Max] Well, how would you have felt if all you had to show for it was a lousy insurance check?


Max Barber: Look, I got a scam.
Reggie Fontaine: What do you mean a scam?
Max Barber: We make it look like we’re actually going to putting together a movie. We heavily insure the star. He’ll do his own stunts. Bang! We kill him in a stunt. He’s dead! And then, we’re rich. We’re rich!


Max Barber: You’re Duke Montana?
Walter Creason: Yeah, that’s Duke Montana. What are you doing, Duke Montana?
Duke Montana: My daily game of Russian Roulette.
Max Barber: You are perfect for this particular part.


Duke Montana: How is it a guy making a million dollar movie don’t have a better car?
Max Barber: I don’t believe in ostentatious flamboyance.
Duke Montana: What are you, stupid?
Max Barber: No.


Megan Albert: I really connected to the story.
Duke Montana: Hire her.
Walter Creason: Yeah, but, Duke, it’s like a Western. You know, it’s very masculine.
[Duke shoots over their heads]
Walter Creason: [to Megan] Congratulations!


Max Barber: [after Duke looks like he’s dead from a dangerous stunt] Duke Montana. If he were alive right now, I know he would be saying…
Duke Montana: Where’s that damn horse here?
Max Barber: Duke. My God. You’re alive.


Max Barber: You don’t know this guy. He’s got like nine lives.
Reggie Fontaine: It’s not that hard to kill somebody!


Reggie Fontaine: [to Max] I’m going to hunt you down.


Max Barber: We’re shooting this fantastic roper’s scene. It’s going to be a real killer.


Duke Montana: If it weren’t for you, I’d be six foot under up on Boot Hill right now.
Max Barber: Uh-huh.


Walter Creason: These people are ready to die for you.
Max Barber: Not the best choice of words.


Walter Creason: What kind of a human being are you?
Max Barber: Well, I’m a producer.


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