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[Lorraine takes out an old map to show Ed]
Lorraine Warren: So what was the original two-hundred acre farm, has since been subdivided and sold off. There was another boy who drowned in the pond here, he lived in the house over here. And a woman who worked as a maid in the neighboring home, she committed suicide too.
Ed Warren: People who took her land.
[suddenly Ed’s tape recorder turns on by itself and plays back his interview with Carolyn]
Ed Warren: I am sitting here with Carolyn Perron, who, with her family, has been experiencing supernatural occurrences. Alright, go ahead.
[where there was silence before now it’s filled with haunting moans and tortured cries]
Ed Warren: From the first occurrence.
[the moans and tortured cries continue and the camera pans to show the clock they had brought from the Perrons house showing 3:07]


[Ed and Lorraine drive up to the Perrons house, with Drew driving up behind them in his van, as they get out of their car Lorraine sees another car pull up]
Lorraine Warren: Oh, here’s Brad.
[Brad gets out of his car]
Ed Warren: You find it okay?
Brad: Oh, yeah.
Ed Warren: Drew, this is Officer Brad.
[Brad walks over to Drew and extends his hand]
Brad: Officer Brad Hamilton, Harris Ville, Rhode Island PD.
[they shake hands]
Drew: Nice to meet you, man. So, you’re lucky new cop, huh?
Brad: Guess so.
Drew: You know you can’t shoot ghosts, right?
Ed Warren: Take it easy, Adam Drew. Okay, so help me get this stuff unloaded. Take this.
[we see Ed and Drew setting up equipment inside the Perrons house]
Ed Warren: Alright, when you’re finished here, why don’t you head upstairs, alright?
Drew: You got it.
[they continue to set up their equipment all over the house and in the bedrooms]


[as Ed and Roger walks over towards the large tree by the lake they pass Roger’s old car]
Ed Warren: What’s wrong with the Chevy?
Roger Perron: Uh…what’s not wrong with her. Needs a new carburetor to start.
Ed Warren: Oh, yeah?
Roger Perron: Kind of put off fixing her up on hold for a while.
Ed Warren: Yeah.
[they walks over to Brad who’s setting up a flash light on a tripod]
Ed Warren: Hey, Brad, hand me the thermostat, would you?
Roger Perron: What’s this, uh…do?
Ed Warren: Oh, when there’s an instant drop in temperature, the thermostat triggers the camera to take a picture.
Roger Perron: You’ve actually caught things on film?
Ed Warren: Well, yeah, that’s uh…the point.
Roger Perron: Why, uh…why out here?
Ed Warren: Well, this is where the witch committed suicide. She hung herself from that branch right above where you’re standing.
[Roger looks up at the tree branch and slowly walks away from under it]


[Lorraine and Carolyn are in the master bedroom as Lorraine helps Carolyn put her family photos on a shelf]
Carolyn Perron: How could a mother kill her own child?
Lorraine Warren: It was never a child to her. She just used her God given gift as the ultimate offense against him. Witches believe it elevates their status in the eyes of Satan.
[as Lorraine hands Carolyn another photo, their hands touch and Lorraine gets an image of Carolyn enjoying a day at the beach with her family]
Lorraine Warren: Hm. Wow. That’s a nice stay at the beach, huh?
Carolyn Perron: How did you know?
Lorraine Warren: It’s an insight, it’s like a…like a peek through the curtain into another person’s life.
Carolyn Perron: Hm. That day meant so much to me. We were driving along the coast. Nancy pointed out how pretty the view was. I thought this is the perfect opportunity for a photo. We’re gonna starts fresh, you know? A new house, a new beginning. You should’ve seen Roger and the girls, I’ve never seen them so happy. They mean the world to me.


[in the living room, Drew show Andrea what some of the equipment is for]
Drew: Put your hand flat on the desk.
[Andrea places her hand on the desk]
Drew: Yeah. Then take it off
[she takes it off, Drew turns on the UV light]
Drew: Here we go.
[the light illuminates Andrea’s hand print on the desk]
Drew: See? It’s just reveals to us what the naked eye can’t see. Pretty far out, isn’t it?
Andrea: Yeah, it’s groovy.
[they smile at each other for a moment when Ed enters the room and Andrea walks away]
Ed Warren: Drew, you get the bullets ready for Brad?
Drew: Yeah, already locked and loaded, sir.
[suddenly they see a creaking noise then the jangling noise of one of the bells placed on the doors, Lorraine moves closer to the source of the noise when suddenly they hear a toilet flushing and Brad walks out of the bathroom, he turns and see Lorraine and Carolyn staring at him]
Brad: What? I had to go.


[later on that night Ed and Drew are using an amplifier to listen in to each of the rooms around the house]
Drew: All the rooms are coming in pretty good.
Ed Warren: Good.
[Ed then takes off his headphones and then takes out his equipment which contains crucifixes and a small vial of holy water]
Roger Perron: What’s in the bottle?
Ed Warren: Holy water.
[Ed takes out several crucifixes]
Ed Warren: The presence of religious icons will get a reaction from anything unholy. Sort of pisses them off. So I set these throughout the house, see if I can stir things up a bit.
[he starts placing the crucifixes around the house and Roger follows him into the kitchen]
Roger Perron: Like holding a cross to a vampire?
Ed Warren: Yeah, exactly. Except I don’t believe in vampires.
[suddenly they hear one of the bells they’ve set up ring, they look at Brad sat in the kitchen]
Brad: Wasn’t me.
[Roger and Ed walk to the hallway and see that the cellar door has opened making the bell on the door handle ring, then suddenly the camera set up near it goes off taking a picture]
Ed Warren: Brad, get the camera.


[we see Ed and Lorraine being filmed through a 16MM camera, Ed is placing headphones on his head and standing by the cellar]
Ed Warren: Okay. Right, it’s 9:18, we’re headed down into the cellar where the door just open on its own. I have Lorraine and Officer Brad Hamilton with me.
[they all start heading down the cellar stairs with Brad filming Ed and Lorraine]
Ed Warren: Let’s keep the cellar light off.
[they reach the basement and look around them]
Ed Warren: Can you give us a sign that you want to communicate with us.
[Ed moves his microphone around the basement and turns up the amplifier; to Lorraine]
Ed Warren: Everything alright?
Lorraine Warren: There’s definitely something here.
Ed Warren: Alright close the door, move something!
[they wait for a moment but nothing happens]
Ed Warren: Come on.
[Brad pans the camera around the room but there’s no movement]
Lorraine Warren: No, it’s gone.
Ed Warren: I got nothing. Come on, let’s get out of here.
[they start walking up the cellar stairs, suddenly they hear a noise and turn to see what it is but there’s still no movement, they continue heading up the stairs and out of the cellar]
Ed Warren: Well, like I said, it doesn’t always work when you want it to. Yeah, maybe the camera picked something up.
[as they all turn to walk down the hallway suddenly the cellar door bangs shut and Carolyn quickly steps out of the way]
Ed Warren: Watch out.


[Brad and Drew are sat in the living room]
Drew: For a guy who doesn’t believe, you looked a little freaked out when that door slammed shut.
Brad: It must have been a draft.
Drew: Oh, that’s funny. A draft never put that look on my face before.
[the clock on the table opposite shows the time move from 3:07 to 3:08]
Brad: I believe the clock. It’s 3:08.


[the next morning everyone is sat in the kitchen with Roger making pancakes]
Roger Perron: I think I might take the girls for some ice cream later on. What do you say about that?
[the girls all confirm yes with excitement]
Roger Perron: Honey, you wanna come?
Carolyn Perron: No, I’m…I’m exhausted. I’m just gonna take a nap. The late nights, they’re getting to me.
Ed Warren: That’s probably a good idea. Why don’t you get some rest, Lorraine and I will watch over things for a bit.
Carolyn Perron: Really?
Brad: I’ve gotta take off. I have a shift starting in an hour.
[Brad rises from the table to leave; to Ed]
Carolyn Perron: Oh, the house hasn’t felt like this in a long time. I think the kids feel a lot safer with you around.


[Lorraine is taking laundry off the line in the Perrons backyard]
Ed Warren: I could get used to this.
Lorraine Warren: What, me doing laundry?
Ed Warren: You’re funny.
[Ed comes up behind Lorraine and kisses her on the cheek]
Ed Warren: It’s a nice place.
Lorraine Warren: Mm.
Ed Warren: Nice, fresh country air.
Lorraine Warren: Hmm. They have such a beautiful family, don’t they?
Ed Warren: Yeah, that little one, April.
Lorraine Warren: Mm.
Ed Warren: Did you see her bring me pancakes?
Lorraine Warren: Yeah.
[Lorraine turns and puts her arms around Ed’s neck]
Lorraine Warren: We’ve gotta help them.
Ed Warren: I know. I’ll start with the Chevy.
[Lorraine laughs, they kiss and Ed walks off]


[as Lorraine continues to do the laundry in the backyard the wind picks up making one of the sheets take off, as Lorraine watches it fly off she suddenly notices a figure in a white nightgown standing behind one of the bedroom windows, Lorraine rushes into the house; inside the house as Carolyn sleeps suddenly something grabs and bruises her arm, Carolyn wakes up in pain and finds a hideous figure above her, it suddenly opens its mouth and spits something into Carolyn’s mouth, Lorraine rushes into Carolyn’s room and hears Carolyn choking in the bathroom, she knocks on the door]
Lorraine Warren: Carolyn, are you okay?! Carolyn, open the door! Carolyn, open up!
[Lorraine goes to enter the bathroom from the other doorway when Carolyn suddenly opens the door]
Lorraine Warren: Are you okay?
Carolyn Perron: I’m fine.
Lorraine Warren: Are you sick?
Carolyn Perron: I woke up just feeling a little nauseous, that’s all.
Lorraine Warren: I thought I saw..
Carolyn Perron: I hear Roger and the girls. One minute.
[Carolyn pushes past Lorraine and goes downstairs, Lorraine watches her looking uneasy]


[Roger and the girls return home and get out of the car, Roger notices Ed working on his Chevy and walks up to him]
Roger Perron: I thought that was you.
Ed Warren: Hey, I hope you don’t mind. I got a good deal on a rebuild in that wrecking yard in Smithfield.
Roger Perron: Well, you look like you know what you’re doing.
Ed Warren: Yeah, we’ll see. Got a nice place here, Roger. You know, Lorraine and I always wanted a spot in the country.
Roger Perron: I’ll sell you this one.
[they both laugh]
Ed Warren: Hey, hand me a wrench, would you?
[Roger passes the wrench to Ed]
Roger Perron: Hey, uh…really means a lot to us to have you here. I gotta admit I was a little bit skeptical going in. I just want to say thank you though for coming out, when you did.
Ed Warren: I can’t take the credit. It’s uh…it’s all Lorraine. I didn’t want to.
Roger Perron: Oh, why is that?
Ed Warren: Whatever Lorraine sees, feels, touches, it helps people, but it also takes a toll on her. Little piece each time. Couple months ago we were working on a case, she saw something.
[we see flashback to Lorraine helping the man named Maurice during his exorcism when suddenly he grabs her and as she senses something horrific she screams]
Ed Warren: It took a real big piece. When we got home, she went into our room, locked herself in. Didn’t talk, didn’t eat, didn’t come out for eight days.
Roger Perron: What did she see?
[flashback again to that day when Lorraine is screaming and Ed goes to help her and tries to get the camera out of their faces]
Ed Warren: Get out of here!
[to Roger]
Ed Warren: I do not know. And I won’t ask.


[later that night, Drew and Brad are in the living room keeping watch, Brad looks tired as he finishes his coffee]
Brad: I need to reload. You want some?
Drew: I’m good, thanks.
Brad: Alright.
[Brad rises and goes to the kitchen, as he’s pouring himself coffee he suddenly hears something outside, he looks out on the porch and suddenly hears a ghostly voice]
Suicide Maid: Look what she made me do.
[Brad turns on the light on the back porch and steps outside to take a look, he sees nothing and walks back into the kitchen, suddenly he sees a young girl, dressed as a maid, holding her wrists out which have both been slashed]
Suicide Maid: Look what she made me do.
[Brad looks at her in shock, then she turns and walks away]
Brad: Hey!
[Brad goes to follow her but sees that she’s disappeared]
Brad: Ed?
[suddenly the girl jumps out at him from the side and shouts]
Suicide Maid: Look what she made me do!
[Brad falls to the ground and yells in terror]
Brad: Ed! Ed!
[Ed, Lorraine, Roger who are in the other room, along with Drew all come rushing into the kitchen]
Brad: Ed! Ed!
Drew: Dude, are you okay?
Ed Warren: Hold on. Brad, what’s going on?
Brad: I saw someone! There was a woman dressed as a maid.


[back in the hallway the camera flash goes off as it takes a picture of a figure in a nightgown walk by]
Lorraine Warren: Ed. Ed, we’re getting something.
[they rush into the hallway and see that Cindy is sleepwalking and walking upstairs]
Roger Perron: It’s just Cindy.
Ed Warren: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, we need this.
Roger Perron: Why do we need pictures of Cindy?
[as Cindy is sleepwalking upstairs another camera flash goes off]
Ed Warren: Because she didn’t trigger it.
Roger Perron: What do you mean, she didn’t trigger it?
Ed Warren: Somebody’s with her.
[they watch Cindy walk through the upstairs hallway towards her room]
Roger Perron: Who?
[they watch as she enters her room and the door suddenly slams shut]
Roger Perron: Cindy!
[Roger rushes upstairs and Ed follows him, Roger tries to open the door but it’s locked, they hear camera flashes going off in her room]
Roger Perron: Cindy! Cindy!
[in the living room, Drew puts on his headphones, turns up the amplifier and hears a voice in Andrea’s room]
Rory: Hey, over here!
Drew: There’s someone else in there with her!
[Lorraine enters the living room and sits next to Drew, she puts on the other headphones to listen]
Drew: I’m hearing another voice. Here, listen.


[inside Andrea’s room the ghostly voice continues]
Rory: Follow me, this way. This is where I hide.
[the door opens and Roger, Ed and Brad enter inside, the room is icy cold]
Roger Perron: Cindy?
[they look around but Cindy has disappeared]
Roger Perron: Cindy? Where did she go, Ed?
Ed Warren: Windows are locked.
[Roger looks inside the wardrobe]
Roger Perron: Ed, where did she go?
Ed Warren: Brad, get the UV light.
Brad: The what?
Ed Warren: Just ask Drew.
[Brad rushes downstairs to Drew]
Brad: Drew, I need a UV light.
Drew: Uh…here. That’s it, go, go, go!
[Brad rushes upstairs and gives the UV light to Ed]
Ed Warren: Turn off the light.
[Brad turns off the light and Ed turns on the UV light]
Ed Warren: Get out of the way.
[he spans the light on the floor and sees Cindy’s foot prints]
Ed Warren: Okay.
[he follows her footprints towards the wardrobe then opens the wardrobe and finds hand prints inside the back of the wardrobe]
Ed Warren: Hit the lights.
[Brad turns on the lights, Ed finds a secret hatch door at the back of the wardrobe, he opens it, looks inside it and finds Cindy sat in the corner, still asleep]
Ed Warren: Found her!
[he gets her out of the hatch and hands her to Roger]
Ed Warren: Here we go.
[as Roger carries Cindy out of the room he passes by April and Lorraine]
April: That’s where Rory hides when he’s afraid.


[Lorraine enters the hatch at the back of the wardrobe, as she looks around she notices a shelf with toys and a dust free shape which looks like it was left by the music box]
Lorraine Warren: Hon, could I have April’s music box, please?
[Ed, who’s sitting outside the wardrobe turns and gets the music box from April; Roger enters the room at the same time]
Ed Warren: How’s Cindy?
Roger Perron: She doesn’t remember a thing.
[Ed holds out the music box to Lorraine in the hatch]
Ed Warren: There you go.
Lorraine Warren: Thank you.
[Lorraine places the music box on the shelf where the shape was and sees that it’s a perfect match, then she notices a thick rope on the floor, she bends down and starts pulling the rope, she manages to pull it all the way out, but finds a noose at the end of it, Lorraine gasps in shock and takes a step back but her foot cracks through the wooden floor and she falls through the floor screaming]
Ed Warren: Lorraine! No!
[Lorraine lands somewhere in the cellar and Ed rushes out of the room and through the house]
Ed Warren: Lorraine!
[Ed thumps the walls in the living room trying to locate Lorraine]
Ed Warren: Lorraine! Lorraine! Lorraine!


[we see Lorraine has landed under a workbench in the cellar, painfully she sits up and looks around her and hears a ghostly wail, then she sees the music box has landed next to her and picks it up, she winds it up and looks in the mirror as she listens to the music, she sees Rory’s mother crying over Rory’s dead body holding a bloody knife]
Mrs. Walker: She made me do it. She made me do it.
[suddenly Mrs. Walker turns her ghostly face towards Lorraine; Lorraine looks behind her and sees no one, but as she turns and lowers the music box suddenly Mrs. Walker’s ghostly face is in front of her]
Mrs. Walker: She made me do it.
[she sees something and looks away from Lorraine; Lorraine follows her gaze but sees nothing in the cellar, she turns and sees Mrs. Walker is gone, Lorraine hears a straining nose then suddenly a pair of dangling feet drop down in front of her, she sees the feet turn towards her then suddenly sees Bathsheba’s face, Lorraine screams and runs off, something grabs her from behind snagging the locket around her neck, but Lorraine manages to run out of the cellar]
Lorraine Warren: Ed! Ed! I know what she’s did!
[Ed helps Lorraine out of the cellar]
Ed Warren: I got you.
Lorraine Warren: I know what she did!
Ed Warren: What?
Lorraine Warren: I know what she did.
Ed Warren: What, honey?
Lorraine Warren: She possessed the mother to kill the child. She visits Carolyn every night! That’s what the bruise marks are, she’s feeding off of her!


[after Lorraine’s discovery everyone is gathered in the living room, suddenly there’s a slight trembling around the house and one of the crosses Ed had placed on a shelf falls, suddenly Christine notices Nancy’s hair lifting on its own]
Christine: Uh…Nancy?
[suddenly Nancy’s head is yanked up by her hair and she’s thrown around the room, screaming, Roger, Ed and Brad try to grab hold of her but Nancy is being continuously thrown around the room, Lorraine grabs some scissors and manages to slice off Nancy’s hair which releases her immediately; Ed looks at Drew who’s standing with the camera filming all this]
Ed Warren: Did you get that?
Roger Perron: Yeah.
[Roger gets Nancy out of the house and walk her towards the car]
Ed Warren: I’ll have the footage developed and get it over to Father Gordon. He’s our liaison at the Church. I imagine we’ll get a pretty fast response.
[the other girls are already waiting sat in the car]
Ed Warren: Listen, Roger?
Roger Perron: Yeah?
Ed Warren: Listen, when we get the exorcist I’ll be back, but Lorraine, I…
Roger Perron: Yeah, I understand.
Ed Warren: Good.
[they shake hands]
Ed Warren: Until then, Drew’s gonna keep an eye on you.
Roger Perron: Hey, Ed, thank you for everything.
Ed Warren: Yeah.
[Roger goes towards his car and Ed goes to his van where Lorraine is sat waiting]


[as Lorraine waits for Ed to load the van, she hears a child’s voice in the distance]
Judy Warren: Mommy?
[Lorraine walks down towards the lake and hears the voice again]
Judy Warren: Mommy?
[Lorraine walks out onto the edge of the deck and looks into the water, she sees Judy’s body floating under the water]
Lorraine Warren: Judy? Oh, God! Judy?
[Lorraine paddles the water to get hold of Judy but her body has disappeared, Lorraine runs into the house and picks up the phone to make a call]
Ed Warren: Lorraine! Wait!
[Ed rushes into the house]
Ed Warren: Lorraine?
[Lorraine gets through to their home]
Lorraine Warren: Mom, it’s me. Is Judy okay?
Ed Warren: What?
Lorraine Warren: Can…can you go check, please?
[she listens for a moment]
Lorraine Warren: Dammit, Mom, just check, please!
Ed Warren: Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?
Lorraine Warren: It’s…it’s Judy.
Ed Warren: What? What do you mean? What?
[Lorraine doesn’t answer as she listen to the phone]
Ed Warren: What?!
Lorraine Warren: Oh! Thank God. Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll explain later, okay?
[Lorraine hangs up the phone]
Ed Warren: What the hell happened?
Lorraine Warren: I had a vision of Judy in the water. I know it was some kind of warning. I know it.
Ed Warren: Okay.
[Lorraine embraces Ed as she cries]
Ed Warren: Let’s get out of here.
[they walk out of the house]


[after leaving their home, Roger drives them to a cheap motel, as they all get out of the car Christine notices Carolyn remains sitting in the car; we then see the Warrens visiting a priest at a church and showing him the footage that was filmed at the Perrons house]
Father Gordon: Yeah, well, you weren’t kidding.
Ed Warren: No.
Father Gordon: Look, Ed, this is complicated because the kids aren’t baptized.
Ed Warren: I understand…
Father Gordon: And the family, they’re not members of the Church.
Ed Warren: Oh, come on.
Father Gordon: And, the approval would have to come directly from the Vatican.
Ed Warren: Father, we’ve never seen nothing like this.
[Father Gordon picks up one of the photos taken of Cindy sleepwalking with Rory’s ghostly hand on her shoulder]
Father Gordon: Yeah, well, neither have I.
[he looks at another photo of Cindy sleepwalking with the ghostly image of Rory behind her]
Ed Warren: Father, they don’t have a lot of time.
Father Gordon: Alright. I’ll push it through myself.
Lorraine Warren: Thank you.
Ed Warren: Thank you.
Lorraine Warren: Thank you.
Ed Warren: Alright, we’ll wait for your call.
Father Gordon: Yeah.


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