Starring: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron, Hannibal Buress, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone, Jacki Weaver



Bio-comedy drama directed by, produced by and starring James Franco which follows the meeting and friendship of the actor Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) and Tommy Wiseau (James Franco), the actor, writer and director behind the 2003 cult film The Room, a film often hailed as the Citizen Kane of bad movies. The story chronicles the steps leading up to the making of the film and the chaotic production itself.


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Tommy Wiseau: Los Angeles, everybody want to be star. You have to be the best and never give up.


Acting Teacher: Okay, who here can really reveal themselves to the class? Anybody?
Tommy Wiseau: I’ll go.


Tommy Wiseau: Don’t talk about me. Don’t tell class, not to anybody.
Greg Sestero: No, of course.


[reading from the script in an audition]
Tommy Wiseau: Show up on time, try not fall asleep everybody.
Casting Director: Am I hearing an accent?
Tommy Wiseau: Uh, no, no. What do you mean?


Casting Director: Can we just take it again? Try to lose the accent?
[Tommy turns and says the lines in an even more heavy accent which is totally unintelligible]


Greg Sestero: [to Tommy] When I get up on stage in front of people all I can think about is, “What if they laugh at me.” You man, you’re fearless. I want to feel that too.


Greg Sestero’s Mother: Hold old are you?
Tommy Wiseau: Don’t worry. I’m Greg’s age.
Greg Sestero’s Mother: You’re nineteen?
[Tommy shrugs his shoulders]
Greg Sestero’s Mother: Yeah, I just turned fourteen.
Tommy Wiseau: Yeah, happy birthday.


Casting Agent: You have a malevolent presence. You are a perfect build. I could see you as Dracula, Frankenstein.
Tommy Wiseau: I’m not Frankenstein! I am hero.


Tommy Wiseau: I don’t care, I’ll do it.


Tommy Wiseau: You and me we both have this dream
Greg Sestero: Yeah, I guess we do.
Tommy Wiseau: Now we’ll be famous. We’ll show them.


Tommy Wiseau: You know, Greg, you and me, we are the same.
Greg Sestero: Oh, yeah, how, how’s that?
Tommy Wiseau: We both have this dream that we’ll be famous.
Greg Sestero: Yeah, I guess we do.


Tommy Wiseau: Watch out, here we go!


Tommy Wiseau: “To be or not to be!”


Judd Apatow: It’s not going to happen for you. Not in a million years!
Tommy Wiseau: But after that?


Tommy Wiseau: This town, Greg. They don’t want me.
Greg Sestero: I wish we could just make our own movie.
Tommy Wiseau: A great idea.


[writing his script for The Room]
Tommy Wiseau: [voice over] So there’s this guy, Johnny, a true American hero, to be played by me. He has it all, good looks, make friends, and also maybe Johnny is vampire. We’ll see.


[continuing to write his script for The Room]
Tommy Wiseau: [voice over] And then this beautiful girl. Anything for my princess.


[continuing to write his script for The Room]
Tommy Wiseau: [voice over] She betray him. And then this got Johnny, he go crazy.


[referring to Tommy’s script The Room]
Greg Sestero: You really going to make this thing?
Tommy Wiseau: We are going to, yeah. Together.


Sandy Schklair: This set of the alleyway looks exactly like the real alleyway.
Tommy Wiseau: That’s right.
Sandy Schklair: Well why don’t we just shoot in the real alleyway?
Tommy Wiseau: Because it’s real Hollywood movie.
Sandy Schklair: Oh, yeah. Sounds good.


Sandy Schklair: Ready, and action!
[Wiseau steps into the scene after opening the rooftop door, pauses before saying]
Tommy Wiseau: What line? What is the line?
[Schklair reads out the line]
Sandy Schklair: “I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi, Mark.”
Tommy Wiseau: Okay.
[Wiseau goes in through the rooftop door and closes the door]


Sandy Schklair: Action!
[Wiseau enters the scene again through the rooftop door, he pauses again]
Tommy Wiseau: What is the line?


Sandy Schklair: Take thirteen. Action.
[Wiseau enters the scene again through the rooftop door]
Tommy Wiseau: I did not hit her, I… Okay, okay. Line?


[after several takes the crew simultaneously quotes Wiseau’s line that he keeps forgetting]
Crew: “I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi, Mark.”


Sandy Schklair: Take sixty-seven. Action!
[Wiseau opens the door again and enters the scene]
Tommy Wiseau: I hit her!
Sandy Schklair: No! Do you want to change the line?
Greg Sestero: You’re doing great, man. We’ll get there.


Sandy Schklair: Action!
[Wiseau doesn’t come through the rooftop door to do his scene]
Sandy Schklair: Action! Action! Action!
Tommy Wiseau: You’ll have to say it out loud, I can’t hear in here!
[Wiseau opens the rooftop door and pops his head out]
Tommy Wiseau: Say action so I can hear.
Sandy Schklair: Okay.


Sandy Schklair: Okay, action!
Tommy Wiseau: I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi, Mark.
Sandy Schklair: What the fu… It doesn’t work if you’re looking at the camera!


Sandy Schklair: Action!
[Wiseau does the scene again]
Tommy Wiseau: I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not.
[throws a water bottle on the ground]
Tommy Wiseau: Oh, hi, Mark.
[there’s a pause, then Greg prompts Schklair to applaud, with the rest of the crew joining in]
Sandy Schklair: Yeah!
[Greg hugs Wiseau]


[doing a scene from The Room]
Tommy Wiseau: You are tearing me apart, Lisa!


Tommy Wiseau: Well I give them job, I give them salary, I’ve spent five million dollar on this movie, Greg!
Greg Sestero: Five, are you kidding me? Five million dollars, what…
Tommy Wiseau: And they are not grateful! Nobody respect my vision!


Greg Sestero: Where were you born, Tommy?
Tommy Wiseau: Right, that not part of the scene.
Greg Sestero: Do you want an easier question? Where does the money come from, huh?
Tommy Wiseau: Stop! This on camera!
Greg Sestero: I know it’s on camera, just like you wanted!


Greg Sestero: You are a villain!
Tommy Wiseau: I do this whole movie for you, Greg!


[Tommy is doing the scene where he’s shoots himself in the head, he’s supposed to be dead but instead grabs a red dress and rubs it to his crotch]
Sandy Schklair: Cut!
Tommy Wiseau: Why you cut, Sandy? This is great, it’s real acting!
Sandy Schklair: If you’re going to writhe around with a dress maybe do it before you shoot yourself in the head and blow your brains out.
Tommy Wiseau: I disagree.


[referring Tommy being nude]
Greg Sestero: Tommy, this is unnecessary.
Tommy Wiseau: No, very necessary. I need to show my ass to sell this movie.


[as Tommy is trying to have sex with her in one of the scenes]
Juliette Danielle: I think you’re aiming a little bit high.
Tommy Wiseau: I aim where I aim. Just do the scene.
[watching on the monitor at the same time]
Sandy Schklair: Why is he having sex with her belly button? He knows where her vagina is, right?


Tommy Wiseau: This my movie, and this my life.

Total Quotes: 36


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