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Alice Ward: I got you another fight, Mick. Just like I said I would. I called and ESPN made it right.
Dicky Eklund: Just like I told you. Joe Belinc. Six weeks in Foxwoods. The kid’s like, you know, ten and eight, he’s nothin’, you know. And they’re gonna pay us twenty grand..
Alice Ward: Seventeen five ten.
Dicky Eklund: All right…seventeen five, which is still good money, Mick.
Alice Ward: Yeah.
Micky Ward: Yeah. That’s good, Dick. I’m just, you know, tryin’ to figure out what’s best for me.
Alice Ward: Like what? Huh?
[Micky looks at Charlene]
Alice Ward: What’s best for you sweetheart? Come on, Mick. I thought you’d be more excited. Why aren’t you more excited? It’s a good fight, good money. I got Sal with Lou Gold, who knows us.
Micky Ward: Yeah, I know ma. I just don’t want things goin’ the way they’ve been goin’.


Dicky Eklund: Mick, you know, that last fight, that…you know, that was unfair. That was unfair. And we ain’t gonna repeat that! Right?
Alice Ward: Not on your life.
Dicky Eklund: You know, but it’s just you in the ring.
Micky Ward: Yeah, I know it’s me in the ring. But I don’t like the way things have been goin’ here.
Dicky Eklund: Where?
Alice Ward: Where?
Micky Ward: Here. This. Us. Lowell. The whole routine.


George Ward: You’re doin’ all the talkin’. Let him talk. Listen.
Alice Ward: I’m askin’ him!
George Ward: You’re tellin’ him! Listen.
Alice Ward: Stay out of it.
George Ward: Don’t tell me to stay out of it.
Dicky Eklund: Mick, what’s the problem?
Micky Ward: Problems.
Alice Ward: What problems?
Dicky Eklund: What problems?
Micky Ward: Problems…
Alice Ward: Like what?
Dicky Eklund: What problems?
Charlene Fleming: Like maybe you not showing up on time to train. Like maybe him havin’ to come find you in a crack house, when you’re supposed to be at the airport.
Alice Ward: I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are. Why are you talkin’?
Charlene Fleming: I’m Charlene. We just met. We’re together, do we need to do this again. Hi, I’m Charlene.
[Micky’s sisters start to make fun of her and mimicking her speech]


Micky Ward: Hey, we’re together!
Alice Ward: What are you gonna tell me? Listen to some MTV girl who works in bar? What does she know about boxing?
Charlene Fleming: I know that goin’ to Vegas and gettin’ paid to train year round, sounds a hell of a lot better than what you got him doin’ here.
Alice Ward: You gonna let her talk like that to your mother?
Cathy ‘Pork’ Eklund: Come on, Micky?
Micky Ward: I told you, we’re together. This is my girlfriend. I want her here.
Alice Ward: I have done everything, everything I could for you, Micky. This MTV girl comes along…
Charlene Fleming: Stop callin’ me an MTV girl, whatever the fuck that means.
[the sister all reply at same time]
Ward/Eklund sisters: Skank…wild…


[referring to Charlene]
Alice Ward: I’ve been doin’ this over fifteen years, she comes in disrespects me.
Micky Ward: She don’t mean no disrespect, okay. I had a chance to get paid to train the year round. Year round! Okay, that’s all she’s talkin’ about. I would hope that you guys could appreciate that.
Dicky Eklund: I know what you’re talkin’ about, all right. I could have had that. You know, I…I had…I had opportunities like maybe you’re gonna have. Now, you want money so you can train year round? Yeah? I’ll get you money so you can train year round. I’ll get it.
Micky Ward: You?
Dicky Eklund: Yeah, I’ll do it. Trust me.
Micky Ward: How?
Dicky Eklund: Hey, trust me. All right. Done. All right? Charlene, yeah? Everyone?


[to a group of Cambodian immigrants]
Dicky Eklund: So, you put in two hundred dollars, huh?
[Karen translates to a group of Cambodian immigrants]
Dicky Eklund: Then you get ten other people to put in two hundred.
[Karen translate this to the Cambodian immigrants]
Dicky Eklund: And you got your two thousand.
[one of the immigrants asks a question and Karen translates into English]
Karen: Everybody give you two hundred dollars?
Dicky Eklund: No, no, no! Not everybody, just…just ten of you.
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: Ten lucky ones.
[Karen translates this to the immigrants]
Cambodian man: You rip us off.
Dicky Eklund: No, no, no! I’m givin’ you an opportunity.
Cambodian man: You give me two hundred dollars.
Dicky Eklund: No, you get that from ten other people who you offer the opportunity to. Right, you understand? No?
[the man replies in Cambodian to Dicky]
Karen: He thinks you think Cambodian people are stupid.
Dicky Eklund: I love Cambodian people. You know, I mean look, look at Karen, she’s my girlfriend. She’s beautiful, I love her. You know, and Brian, we work on a road crew together.
Brian: No…not so much lately.
Dicky Eklund: Brian, we work on a road crew together.
Brian: You haven’t been showin’ up. That’s all…
Dicky Eklund: Brian!
Brian: …I’m sayin’.
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: This ain’t an Indian and Cambodian thing. White people do this to other white people. It’s what makes the world go round.
Dicky Eklund: Boo Boo, I don’t think that’s helpin’, you know. I mean this is uh…uh…once in a life time opportunity.


[a very high Dicky is talking to the HBO Producer]
Dicky Eklund: What were we talkin’ about?
HBO Producer: Before you fought Sugar Ray.
Dicky Eklund: Right, right, right! I mean Sugar Ray was too much too soon. You know, I…I…I needed to build up slow. You know, right?
Karen: What’s this movie about again?
HBO Producer: I told you it’s about crack addiction. Showing what it really is, so kids can see it for real.
Dicky Eklund: Fuck! We gotta get Mick’s money.


[as Dicky is getting beaten and arrested by a group of cops]
Micky Ward: Hey, what the fuck? Come on! Just put him in the car! Come on! You don’t need to do that. Just put him in the car! Let him go!
[one of the cops turns to Micky]
Cop: You wanna get involved?
[the cop hits Micky hard on the head with his baton]
Cop: Now you’re involved!
[the other cops take a hold of Micky]
Dicky Eklund: My brother! I’ll kill you!
Cop: Take his fuckin’ hand!
[one of the cops starts beating Micky’s hand hard with his baton breaking his hand]


[looking at Micky’s broken hand]
Charlene Fleming: Micky, your hand! Your hand!
[referring to Micky and Dicky]
Cop: Separate cars, separate cells. I don’t want them makin’ up some bullshit defense story.


[as he’s being led to go to jail]
Dicky Eklund: Mick, say it was self defense, right?
Micky Ward: Tell them yourself.
Dicky Eklund: What? You’re gonna say it was self defense, right? You came outside, you seen them beatin’ on me. I didn’t do nothin’, all right. I was just waitin’ outside like anybody. Mick, I…I was doin’ it for you, right!
Micky Ward: You did it for me?!
Dicky Eklund: Yes! I was doin’ it for you.
[he holds up his broken hand]
Micky Ward: What this? Do me a favor, don’t do fuckin’ nothin’ for me no more, okay.
Dicky Eklund: Huh? Mick, what are you gonna do without me?
Micky Ward: I’m fuckin’ done lyin’ for you!
Dicky Eklund: What are you gonna do without me, huh? Huh?


[Charlene answers her door apartment bell through the intercom]
Charlene Fleming: Who is it?
[we see Micky outside the apartment building but he doesn’t answer]
Charlene Fleming: I don’t want to see you, Micky.
Micky Ward: Charlene?the-fighter-9
Charlene Fleming: I contested. Now neither you or your family can drag me down.
Micky Ward: I’m quitting, Charlene, okay. I’m done fightin’, I don’t need it anymore.
Charlene Fleming: That’s fuckin’ stupid.
Micky Ward: What? Why?
Charlene Fleming: Because it’s sad that you let them take it away from you with their stupid bullshit.
Micky Ward: What else can I do, Charlene?
Charlene Fleming: There’s a lot you can do, Micky. There’s this guy that your dad wants you to meet, you just don’t think you can do it without Dicky.
Micky Ward: Charlene?
Charlene Fleming: Don’t call.
Micky Ward: Come on!
Charlene Fleming: Don’t call me, okay?


Mickey O’Keefe: How’s the hand?
Micky Ward: Yeah, it’s gettin’ there.
Mickey O’Keefe: It looks better. Why don’t you come down the gym and work out, if you want. Look at you, you fat fuck, you’re gettin’ big.
Micky Ward: Yeah, I know. I’ve just been roofin’ with my father and spending time with Kasie. I’m worried about this movie on HBO.
[to the people in the coffee shop staring at Micky]
Mickey O’Keefe: What are you’s lookin’ at? The movie’s not about him, it’s about his crazy brother.
[looking embarrassed]
Micky Ward: I gotta go.
[he turns to leave]
Mickey O’Keefe: Come back to the gym, Mick. Don’t go watch that crazy shit on TV, don’t!


[talking on the HBO documentary about ‘Crack in America’]
Dicky Eklund: The first time I did crack when I was about twenty three, a friend of mine gave me a gram or whatever. Fuck, I wish that never happened! Before that, I’d been doin’ uh…you know, Silver Mittens and stuff. I was the only kid, I was twelve, I was shitfaced!


[in prison watching himself on the HBO documentary]
Dicky Eklund: I never thought I’d kiss a fucking snake. Always dreamed about it, but never thought I’d…
[the other prisoners laugh]
Dicky Eklund: You do a lot of shit when you’re high, right?


[whilst watching the HBO documentary Micky calls Jimmy and Laurie]
Micky Ward: Jimmy. Hey, will you do me a favor, make sure Kasie’s not watchin’ HBO?
Jimmy: Actually, we’re watchin’ it right now, Mick. But don’t worry about it, I got it…I ta…
[Karen snatches the phone away from Jimmy]
Laurie Carroll: I want her to see it. Let her see who her uncle is.
Micky Ward: What?
Laurie Carroll: Who you are.
Micky Ward: Who I am? What are you talkin’ about?
Laurie Carroll: Kasie needs to know the truth, Mick.
Micky Ward: Laurie, turn it off, please. She does not need to see this. She doesn’t need to see it. She’s a kid!
[Micky hears the line go dead as Laurie hangs up the phone]


[Dicky talking on the HBO documentary]
Dicky Eklund: You smoke crack, you know, you feel so much lighter. You know, you feel young. Like when everything isn’t funny, everything was just…everything was…just…it wasn’t funny. And then it fades and you gotta get high again, you know.
[Dicky in shock watches himself on the documentary]
HBO Producer: Your part of the movie is gonna end with you going to jail.



[on the phone to Micky]
Alice Ward: Micky, are you watchin’ this? What are they doin’ to us?
Micky Ward: I don’t know wha…I don’t know what to tell you. You’re pretendin’ like you don’t know what’s goin’ on. He’s been doin’ this for years.
[Micky listens to Alice’s reply on the phone and someone starts to bang on his door]
Micky Ward: Yeah, I know. It’s horrible, ma. But…
[he sighs and gets up to go to his apartment door]
Micky Ward: What do you think?
Alice Ward: Do you think they set him up?
Micky Ward: Huh? What do you think he was doin’?
Alice Ward: They gave him money, gave him drugs for the movie, right?
[Micky opens his door and it’s Charlene]
Alice Ward: Micky? Micky?
[he hangs up the phone and hugs Charlene]


George Ward: Mick, Sal Lanano.
Sal Lanano: Heya, Mick. How you doin’?
Micky Ward: You own a cab company, you’re a good business man, right?
George Ward: Yeah, he’s very organized.
Sal Lanano: How’s the hand?
Micky Ward: It’s good, you know. It’s gettin’ better, stronger.
Sal Lanano: Yeah, you know, I made a few calls already. I just talked to Buddy Tags, said he can set up somethin’ local. You know, somethin’ to start back with.
Mickey O’Keefe: Get your confidence back.
Sal Lanano: That’s it. You gotta get your confidence back, that’s all.


Mickey O’Keefe: You’re dad wants Sal to manage you and he wants me to train you. But I’ll only do it on one condition.
Charlene Fleming: No crazy time nonsense.
Sal Lanano: It’s how it’s gotta be.
Mickey O’Keefe: No Dicky, no Alice.
Charlene Fleming: No Dicky, no Alice.
Micky Ward: I get it. I get it. I’m good.
Charlene Fleming: I know. No Dicky, no Alice.
Micky Ward: I understand. Look, I appreciate the opportunity.
Mickey O’Keefe: I can’t take the bullshit, Mick. No offense, George.
George Ward: None taken. I mean, I’m gonna be the one who’s gettin’ his balls cut off anyway.
[Sal laughs]
George Ward: Yeah. You laugh.


[after telling Alice about Sal Lanano, George tries to reason with Alice]
George Ward: Sal Lanano is a good man!
Alice Ward: A good man?!
George Ward: He’s a legitimate business man! For Christ sakes!
Alice Ward:[sarcastically] A legitimate business man?
George Ward ;Yeah. What?
Alice Ward: Oh my God! You know what that sounds like? He’s a crook, George!
George Ward: He owns a taxi cab company. He’s organized, Alice.
Alice Ward: Oh my God, he’s a crab driver! He knows everythin’ about boxing, right?
George Ward: Yes!
Alice Ward: I don’t think so! I think he’s gonna steal your sons money and rob him blind!
George Ward: Why would you think that? Why would you…why would you even think that? Why can’t you trust anybody with…
Alice Ward: I know people. I know, George, you think I don’t know anything but I know people.
George Ward: I know you know people.
Alice Ward: And that Sal Lanano…banana fuckin’ thing, we don’t need that in our lives!


Alice Ward: You betrayed me! You betrayed me!
George Ward: Ah, bullshit! I betrayed you! You always rack the same way.
Alice Ward: He’s a fuckin’ crook!
Phyllis ‘Beaver’ Eklund: What’s Micky supposed to do? Dicky’s in jail.
Alice Ward: We’re not talkin’ about his trainer, sweetheart. We’re talkin’ about his manager, that’s me!
Sherri Ward: Yeah, but ma, maybe Micky should try somethin’ different.
Alice Ward: What are you doin’ openin’ your mouth in my kitchen? You owe me two hundred dollars.
Sherri Ward: I said I was gonna pay you next week!
Alice Ward: I don’t want another word out of you! That was last month you told me two weeks. You take sides against me in my own house, you owe me money!


Donna Eklund Jaynes: It’s that fuckin’ girl, Charlene! We gotta get rid of her, ma, we gotta get rid of her. It’s that girl, Charlene. She gotta go!
George Ward: What, you’re gonna get Charlene involved in this? Is that what you’re tellin’ me? Is that what you’re all tellin’ me? Huh?


[Alice and her daughters all turn up at Charlene’s apartment]
Alice Ward: Why are you hidin’ from us, Micky?
Charlene Fleming: He’s not hidin’.the-fighter-15
Alice Ward: I wasn’t talkin’ to you, I was talkin’ to my son. What are you doin’, Mick, huh?
Micky Ward: I’m right here! I ain’t hidin’ from nobody, Alice.
Alice Ward: Well, you’re not helpin’ yourself with your fathers scumbag friend, Lanano. What are you gonna do, turn your back on Dicky next? Huh? All we ever wanted for you was to be world champion.
Charlene Fleming: Micky’s a grown man. He can think for himself.
Alice Ward: Shut your mouth.


[to Charlene]
Alice Ward: I’m his mother and his manager.
Micky Ward: You’re not my manager anymore and I’m not waitin’ for Dicky, okay. I’m not gettin’ any younger.
Alice Ward: Who’s gonna look after you, sweetheart?
Micky Ward: How about me.
Alice Ward: I mean, come on? I know you don’t understand it, but I had nine kids, and I love every one of you the same.
Charlene Fleming: You gotta funny way of showin’ it. Lettin’ him get beat up, lettin’ him get his hand broken.
Cathy ‘Pork’ Eklund: You fuckin’ Boston!
Alice Ward: You’re crazy.
Cathy ‘Pork’ Eklund: Fuckin’ Boston!
Micky Ward: [to Alice] You’re not puttin’ your hands on her.
Charlene Fleming: [to Cathy] What did I just say to you?
Micky Ward: [to Alice] You’re not puttin’ your hands on her.
Charlene Fleming: [to Cathy] What did I just stay?
[Gail Eklund suddenly attacks her and start hitting her]


[Micky is visiting Dicky in prison]
Dicky Eklund: Heard you won a bunch of fights, Mick. That’s good.
Micky Ward: I know you know what I’m doin’. I’m sure and everybody else told you. I just wanted to tell you to your face myself. I got new management, Mickey O’Keefe’s my trainer now. It’s all good.
Dicky Eklund:
Yeah, they got you fightin’ Alfonso Sanchez.
Micky Ward: On HBO.
Dicky Eklund: And you’re proud of that?
Micky Ward: Fuckin’ right.


Dicky Eklund: HBO invested in the Mexican. Mick, wake up.
Micky Ward: And you think they were gonna be invested in me? I got a shot, I’m gonna take it.
Dicky Eklund: Wake up! They don’t care if he kills you. Mike Toma did it, he’s using you, like a steppin’ stone for Sanchez. Why don’t you see?
Micky Ward: Oh, I see. I mean, how could I stand a chance without the great Dick Eklund in my corner, right? You didn’t give a fuck if I got killed by Mungin, now all of a sudden you’re worried Sanchez is gonna hurt me? Why? I mean come on, Dick. Cause you’re stuck in here, you can’t be the center of attention no more? You need it that bad?
Dicky Eklund: I’m sayin’, this Mexican fight, he fights, hits, like a fuckin’ mule. All right. Fifteen knock outs undefeated, you crazy? And that taxi cab idiot, Lanano, he went right for it. He’s a paper gangster, he’s using you to steal money.
Micky Ward: Why can’t you just shut up and be happy for me? I spent the last ten years of my life in bad fights set up by you and Alice. I finally got a good thing goin’ for me, and you can’t be fuckin’ happy for me? Why?


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