The Fighter Quotes: Beat the Odds!

(Total Quotes: 105)

Directed by: David O. Russell
Written by:
Scott Silver (screenplay)
Paul Tamasy (screenplay & story)
Eric Johnson (screenplay & story)
Keith Dorrington (story)
Mark Wahlberg – Micky Ward
Christian Bale – Dicky Eklund
Amy Adams – Charlene Fleming
Melissa Leo – Alice Ward
Mickey O’Keefe – Himself
Jack McGee – George Ward
Melissa McMeekin – ‘Little Alice’ Eklund
Bianca Hunter – Cathy ‘Pork’ Eklund
Erica McDermott – Cindy ‘Tar’ Eklund
Jill Quigg – Donna Eklund Jaynes
Dendrie Taylor – Gail ‘Red Dog’ Eklund
Kate B. O’Brien – Phyllis ‘Beaver’ Eklund
Jenna Lamia – Sherri Ward
Frank Renzulli – Sal Lanano
Paul Campbell – Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida
Caitlin Dwyer – Kasie Ward
Chanty Sok – Karen
Ted Arcidi – Lou Gold
Ross Bickell – Mike Toma
Sean Malone – Wolfie
Jos̩ Antonio Rivera РGilberto Brown aka Jose
Matthew Muzio – HBO Cameraman 2
Steven Barkhimer – HBO Producer
Brian A. Nguyen – Brian


The Fighter quotes are solid, gritty with class and very old school elevating the performance of each character and shows us what the long and sometimes painful road to success is like.

Verdict: Although the story is predictable enough the movie somehow manages to broaden past the notion of one man’s fight and make it into a riveting family drama.

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[first lines]
Dicky Eklund: [voice over] Are you gonna…is…are you bringin’ Mickey in?
[a voice can be heard answering in the background]
Dicky Eklund: [voice over] He should come…you know, he should be here as well.


Dicky Eklund: No, they said…they said it was gonna to be both of us here. Am I look…is this…am I lookin’ right in the camera here?
Right here. Just look at me right here.
Dicky Eklund: All right. You not want me to look into the camera for the…
Just right here.
Dicky Eklund: …interviews.


[talking in the interview]
Dicky Eklund: [voice over] I started…I started boxin’ when I was twelve years old. And I lied and said I was eighteen or whatever it was. You know I had a different name and everythin’. You know. I mean I don’t have any fights, accept I had a hundred…hundred more than that before I turned professional.


[talking into the camera at the interview with Mickey sat beside him]
Dicky Eklund: This is my younger brother. I taught him everythin’ he knows. I’m still his trainer and we got different styles. I’m fuckin’ squirrely as fuck, you know. I’m…I’m like…yeah…yeah…yeah…no! I’m not even there. You know. It’s what Sugar Ray said, I was the most uh…tricky fighter he’d ever come across.


Dicky Eklund: [voice over] In seventy eight, I fought Sugar Ray Leonard. I went toe to toe with him. He couldn’t get to me. He couldn’t get to me! They called me The Pride…The Pride of Lowell. Everybody still talks about it, you know, especially my brother. His whole life he wanted to do what I did, you know, but we’re very different fighters.


Dicky Eklund: And Micky’s, uh…you know a very heavy hitter. He’s got thu…thunderous, I’m tellin’ you, thunderous left punch. Micky, he like…he…he gets in and takes the punishment. I don’t know why he does it. He goes right fuckin’ in there.
Micky Ward: Odd.
Dicky Eklund: He likes gettin’ on the inside, I stay on the outside.


[joking around with Micky in front of the camera crew whilst being filmed]
Dicky Eklund: HBO’s makin’ a movie on me and my come back and my brother is gonna beat Saoul Mamby in Atlantic City next week. The Pride of Lowell is back! Kewaga! Who wants some? Who wants some?



[waiting for Dicky to show up at the boxing gym]
HBO Producer: Did he make a mistake?
Micky Ward: Nah. I mean, he’ll be here, you know. Like I said, sometimes goes on his own schedule, but when he gets here we work hard. You know, nobody pushes me harder.
HBO Producer: But he’s supposed to be training you right now, right?
Micky Ward: Why don’t you just go talk to them, my sisters? They’ll talk your ear off, you gotta pay them to shop.


Micky Ward: O’Keefe.
HBO Producer: Hey, we don’t know where Dicky is.
Mickey O’Keefe: You know where he is.


[Alice walks into the boxing gym and sees Micky training with O’Keefe]
Alice Ward: What’s that O’Keefe, dump cop doin’ in there? Where’s Dicky? Girls?
Phyllis ‘Beaver’ Eklund: I don’t know.
Alice Ward: Have you seen him this mornin’. Your brother, not this mornin’?



Alice Ward: Get out of the ring, O’Keefe. My Dicky should be doin’ that, huh?
Mickey O’Keefe: Your Dicky ain’t here Alice. Micky’s got an important fight comin’ up and he’s not training.
[she ignores O’Keefe and turns to the HBO Produce and camera man]
Alice Ward: Hey, hey, hey! Don’t! Just forget about him. Never mind about him.
Mickey O’Keefe: He’s not doin’ what he’s supposed to do with him. Start feedin’ Micky.
[Alice keeps ignoring O’Keefe and continues talking to the HBO Producer and camera man]
Alice Ward: He’s not part of this all right?
Mickey O’Keefe: Alice, he’s not being handled right. I’ve got a fight comin’ up.
[she still ignores O’Keefe and carries on talking to the HBO Producer and camera man]
Alice Ward: You get me in comin’ in all right? Do you want me to do that again?
[to O’Keefe]
Alice Ward: Get out of the ring, O’Keefe. Micky’s the trainer!
Mickey O’Keefe: I’m doin’ him a favor Alice.


[to the HBO Producer and camera man]
Alice Ward: I will show you over hear these scrap books I have been collecting for years. Mickey used to follow his big brother everywhere.
[to Micky]
Alice Ward: Taught you everythin’, didn’t he honey?


[to the HBO Producer]
Alice Ward: In seventy eight we got the offer to fight Sugar Ray Leonard. Oh my God, have you seen that video? Oh well, you’re from HBO, you’ve got to see it again!


[Alice being interviewed before Dicky and Sugar Ray Leonard’s fight in 78]
Alice Ward: Tonight my son is gonna surprise everybody and beat Sugar Ray Leonard. Believe me, I know it.


Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: Ain’t you supposed to be trainin’ Micky right now?
Dicky Eklund: Nah, it ain’t till nine o’clock.
Becky: Dicky, it’s fucking elven forty five!
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: It’s eleven forty five, Dick!
Dicky Eklund: What?!


Dicky Eklund: Where’d you fuckin’ park the car, Boo Boo?
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: I didn’t park it. You did.
Dicky Eklund: Huh?
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: I didn’t park it.
Dicky Eklund: Check your fuckin’ pockets for the keys. You got the keys, huh?
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: Come on, I didn’t park it, man!
[looking down the road for the car]
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: Down here, huh?
Dicky Eklund: Check your pockets, all right!
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: Fuckin’ mental.
Dicky Eklund: Aaah! Fuck it! I’ll run, I need a fuckin’ roadwork.
[Dicky starts to run]
Gary ‘Boo Boo’ Giuffrida: Roadwork? Are you crazy?!
[watching as Dicky runs]
Ray Ramalho: He’s a great runner.


[as Dicky arrives at the gym late he starts to make fun of O’Keefe]
HBO Producer: Hold it, hold it. Let me get this straight. You guys are workin’ in the same corner as Micky, together, right?
Micky Ward: Yeah, yeah. They’re both in my corner. This is what goes on.


Dicky Eklund: So we go out with Saoul Mamby. A Jewish, black, former world champion. I think we got all the bases covered. And uh, mthe-fighter-18y kid brother, he’s lost three fights in a row. You know, we can’t get used to losin’. It’s a mental thing, you know. But we’re gonna…gonna break that with Mamby, right?
Micky Ward: Yeah, I hope. If we can train.
Dicky Eklund: We can train, right. I mean, you know, enough of you wastin’ time, Mick. You know?
Micky Ward: Wastin’ time?
Dicky Eklund: Come on! Half the fuckin’ days going!
Micky Ward: Oh, now I’m wa….oh, yeah, half the day’s goin’. I’ve been waitin’ for you here.


[watching Micky fight training in the ring]
Dicky Eklund: Head, body, head. That’s your problem. Head, body, head.
Alice Ward: Head, body, head, body. My Dicky taught him that.
Dicky Eklund: You know Sugar Ray’s gonna be there. Calling a fight for his PM. I ain’t seen him since I knocked him down, like fourteen years ago or somthin’, right.
Alice Ward: Let’s get a real spar goin’ here.
Dicky Eklund: Don’t wanna embarrass yourself. Don’t wanna embarrass yourself in front of Sugar Ray, do you Mick, huh?
[Micky gives Dicky a quick glance as he’s fighting his training opponent]
Dicky Eklund: Come on! Head, body, head!
[as Micky beats his training opponent]
Dicky Eklund: Oh, fuckin’ A! That’s your punch, Mick! That’s your punch. Now, that’s you’re little punch, you know. Shuts the whole fuckin’ body down.


HBO Producer: I’m confused.
HBO Cameraman 2: Yeah, I’m confused too.
HBO Producer: We’re confused. George is the father?
George Ward: You’re confused!
‘Little Alice’ Eklund: Dick Eklund senior is Dicky’s, Donna’s…
Sherri Ward: …Gail’s and Phyllis’s father.
Gail ‘Red Dog’ Eklund: Is Dick Eklund.
Sherri Ward: Yeah. And even though Alice is an Eklund, so is Cindy and Cathy. George is really…their father.
Gail ‘Red Dog’ Eklund: And Micky…
Sherri Ward: No!
Gail ‘Red Dog’ Eklund: You’re a Ward.
Sherri Ward: Micky and I…Micky and I are Ward.
Alice Ward: It’s not what it sounds like. Dick Eklund and I were separated, right. And then there was George. Just George. George is my man.
Sherri Ward: George is our Papa.
Dicky Eklund: After…after Dick, after Dick, it was just George.
Alice Ward: That’s enough!
[they all laugh]


[to Micky as he’s watching Charlene serve at the bar]
George Ward: Why don’t you just go talk to her. She’s a nice girl. I told her all about you.
Micky Ward: I really want to ask her. Is she gonna say no?
George Ward: Can’t beat that ass, can you? Get at her. Go on. Come on.


[to Micky as he’s standing at the bar staring at her whilst she’s serving drinks]
Charlene Fleming: Are you just gonna stand there and stare at my ass? Your father stares at my ass, but he talks to me. Thinks you’re the greatest. He didn’t tell me you were mute.
Micky Ward: He told me you’re Kiddie Fleming’s sister.



Charlene Fleming: This is a tip?
Voice of Man in Bar: Yeah, that’s my tip.
Charlene Fleming: You know what? You know what the bell says about this tip?
[as she flips the bell with her finger]
Charlene Fleming: Cheap bastard. Cheap fucker. Comes in here every day gives me shit tips.
Voice of Man in Bar: Fuck that!
Charlene Fleming: Yeah, fuck you too!


Charlene Fleming: You pave streets, right?
Micky Ward: Yeah, I do. And I’m a fighter.
Charlene Fleming: Oh, yeah. I heard you were a stepping stone.
Micky Ward: I’m no stepping stone.
Charlene Fleming: Well, you’re the guy they use against the other fighters to move the other fighters up.
Micky Ward: Oh, I mean I had a few tough fights. But that’s not who I am. The next fight’s gonna show who I am.
[just then a man comes up to the bar]
Man at Bar: Yeah, and he’s gonna lose that one too. Scotch and soda, Charlene, and one for yourself. So move that sugar ass and get my drink.
[Micky suddenly slaps the man hard in the face and slams his head against the bar]
Micky Ward: Okay, be respectful. Don’t disrespect her.
Dicky Eklund: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t hurt your hand. You got a fight next week! Besides, you wipe your ass with that one, huh.


[to Charlene]
Dicky Eklund: Hey, this guy’s gonna be champion. He’s a great guy. He’s a great fighter. You can’t go wrong. Thanks for the drink.


[referring to Dicky]
Micky Ward: You know those cameras are making a movie about him. You know, he knocked out Sugar Ray Leonard. And uh…HBO that’s why they’re followin’ him around with the camera. You know, they’re making a movie about his comeback.
Charlene Fleming: Yeah, everybody’s talkin’ about it. But, who are you fightin’?
Micky Ward: Saoul Mamby.
Charlene Fleming: Saoul Mamby. What kind of name is that?
Micky Ward: Black and Jewish.
Charlene Fleming: Where did they find a guy like that?
Micky Ward: He’s no joke. former world champ.
Charlene Fleming: Former world champ?
Micky Ward: Yeah. I match up good with him.
Charlene Fleming: Yeah?
Micky Ward:
Charlene Fleming: What does that mean?
Micky Ward: Well, I got lighter, you know. I got a reputation for brawlin’ but I’m not gonna brawl with him. I’m gonna try and out box him.
Charlene Fleming: And there’s a difference?
Micky Ward: Yeah. You know, brawlin’ you slug it out. I hit you, you hit me. Boxin’s a chess game, you know. I’m gonna pick my punches to take him down. I’m goin’ head, body, head, body.
Charlene Fleming: What is head, body, head, body?
Micky Ward: Well, I hit him in the head. Then his hands gonna go up to protect himself, so it opens up his body and I’m gonna hit him in the body. And the hand goes back down, I go back up to the head. The hand goes back and I hit him in the body. You know people don’t know fightin’. Thinking you do a lotta damage hittin’ somebody in the head, but you actually do more hitting them in the body.


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Total Quotes: 105



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