Starring: Claire Foy, Sverrir Gudnason, Sylvia Hoeks, Claes Bang, LaKeith Stanfield, Cameron Britton, Stephen Merchant


Crime thriller sequel directed and co-written by Fede Álvarez. The story follows computer hacker Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) and journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Sverrir Gudnason), who find themselves caught in a web of spies, cyber criminals and corrupt government officials.


Best Quotes: 

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Man #1: Sorry I said those things.
[we see his wife sitting on the floor, her face all bloody and bruised, crying]
Man #1: You know how much I love you, don’t you?
[suddenly the lights go out]


[as the man goes to turn on the lights he turns to see Lisbeth standing there lighting a cigarette]
Man #1: Who the hell are you?
[Lisbeth knocks the massive statue in front of her, which has been hooked up to a rope that goes around the man’s foot and pulls him up hanging upside down]
Lisbeth Salander: I’m a fan of yours. A CEO who beat up two prostitutes, but then got acquitted in court yesterday.
Man #1: Get me down!
Lisbeth Salander: I’m transferring twenty percent of your cash to these two girls.
Woman: I’m calling delta security.
Lisbeth Salander: And the rest I’m transferring to your wife.
[his wife pulls the phone away from her ear]
Lisbeth Salander: Account number.
Man #1: Don’t!
Woman: Five-one-nine-one-two.
Lisbeth Salander: Take your child and leave. He won’t hurt you again.
[the woman quickly walks off]


Lisbeth Salander: Mr. Chan has bankrolled your company for years. Isn’t this his wife?
[Lisbeth shows him footage on her phone of him having sex with Chan’s wife]
Man #1: You bitch!
Lisbeth Salander: You try to contact your wife again, or if anything unexpected should happen to her, this video will be sent to him.
[she gives the man an electric shock]
Man #1: Who are you?


Camilla Salander: Are you not Lisbeth Salander, the righter of wrongs? The girl who hurts men who hurt women? I could never figure it out. Why did you help everyone, but me?


Camilla Salander: [to Lisbeth] Do you remember that morning? For sixteen years I’ve been watching you. Why did you help everyone, but me?


Camilla Salander: Do you know where we are?
Lisbeth Salander: Home.


Camilla Salander: Why is it, Lisbeth, why is it spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs?


Man #2: You can’t outrun your own shadow.


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