Starring: Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, Naomi Watts, Max Greenfield, Sarah Snook



Bio-drama directed by Destin Daniel Cretton based on the true story of Jeannette Walls (Brie Larson), where as a young girl she was raised in a dysfunctional family constantly on the move. Living in poverty, she comes of age guided by her drunkard, ingenious father, Rex Wells (Woody Harrelson) who distracts his family with magical stories to keep their mind off the family’s dire state, and her selfish, nonconformist mother, Rose Mary Wells (Naomi Watts), along with her younger brother and sister, and her other older sister. Together, they fend for each other as they mature in an unorthodox journey that is their family life.


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Rex Wells: Rich city folk living in fancy apartments, but their air is so polluted they can’t even see the stars. We’ve got to be out of our minds to trade places with any of them. It’s crazy.


Jeanette Walls (Age 10): Dr. Kaylis said we should go to a real school.
Rex Wells: A real school, huh?


Rex Wells: This is as real as it gets, kids! You learn from living!


David: [to Jeannette] Are you going to tell him about us?


Rose Mary Walls: [to Jeannette] You shouldn’t be ashamed of us, just because we choose a different lifestyle than you. When did you lose your sense of adventure? What happened?


Rose Mary Walls: [to Rex] The kids are tired of moving to a new town every time you lose a job.


Rex Wells: You know, this running around is only temporary. We just need the perfect location then we can get to work on our castle.


Lori Walls (Age 12): This place doesn’t have any running water or electricity.
Rex Wells: Ignore her, she was born without vision.


Rex Wells: We ain’t like other people. We got a fire burning in our bellies.


Rex Wells: [to young Jeannette] I won’t ever let anything bad happen to you, but I can’t let you cling to the side your whole life just because you’re scared. I just won’t let you.


Jeanette Walls: My parents are squatting in an abandoned building on the Lower East Side. They were homeless for three years before that, which is pretty much how they raised us.


Jeanette Walls: My dad can be extremely cruel, but he dreams bigger than anyone that I’ve ever met.


Rex Wells: Can you honestly tell me that you are happy right now?
Jeanette Walls: Yes, I am.


Rex Wells: You were born to change the world, not just add to the noise!
Jeanette Walls: Why do you think all of us ran away from you? We were drowning. It was your job to protect us!


Rose Mary Walls: [to Jeannette] You have a right to be angry, but I know you love him. You’ll regret it if you don’t home. You have to.


Jeanette Walls: He’s never going to change. You have to leave him.
Rose Mary Walls: I can’t.


Rex Wells: You ain’t like me.
Jeanette Walls: I am like you. And I’m glad.


Jeanette Walls: Never miss an opportunity to serve a bully a slice of humble pie.


Rex Wells: We never did build that glass castle.
Jeanette Walls: No. But we had a good time planning it.

Total Quotes: 19




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