Starring: Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Anthony Mackie, KJ Apa, Russell Hornsby, Algee Smith, Sabrina Carpenter, Issa Rae, Lamar Johnson, Common


Crime drama directed by George Tillman Jr. The story follows Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), who is constantly switching between two worlds: the poor, mostly black, neighborhood where she lives and the rich, mostly white, prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend, Khalil (Algee Smith), at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressures from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what’s right.


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[seeing Starr at a party]
Khalil: What’s up? Where you been at? Now I know you’ve been hanging with all the white kids.
Starr Carter: [laughing] Shut up.


[as they are driving along and listening to music]
Starr Carter: Man, you come at me for my music, but you listen to this old stuff.
Khalil: Old stuff, what? You better get out of here with all that pockets of truth.


[as Khalil stops the car and leans towards Starr]
Starr Carter: Khalil, I got a boyfriend.
Khalil: Yeah, I heard, but it’s all good.
Starr Carter: Really?
Khalil: We’ve been together our whole lives, Starr. We got time.


Starr Carter: [voice over] My name is Starr. Two R’s. Daddy named me that. Garden Heights. Mama and daddy says our life is here because our people are here. We got Mr. Reuben’s barbeque, Mr. Lewis’s barbershop, and daddy’s store. The high schools where you go to get junk, high, or pregnant. We don’t go there. Williamson is another world, so when I’m here I’m Starr version two. Basically Williamson Starr doesn’t give anyone a reason to call her ghetto, and I hate myself for doing it, until the weekend comes around.


[after being pulled over by the police]
Police Officer: Out of the car.
Khalil: Yoh, Starr, you okay?
Starr Carter: Go back where he told you. Khalil, I’m not playing, go back.
[Khalil playfully takes a hairbrush into his hand and as he does the police officer shoot him]
Starr Carter: What did you do?!


News Reporter: Today Garden Heights is reeling after the shooting of a seventeen year-old black teenager by a white police officer.


Carlos: We live in a complicated world.
Starr Carter: It doesn’t seem that complicated to me.


April Ofrah: Violence, brutality. It’s the same story, just a different name.


Maverick Carter: [to Starr] When you’re ready to talk, you talk. Don’t ever let nobody make you be quiet.


Maverick Carter: I ain’t named you Starr by accident.


Starr Carter: It’s about more than just Khalil. It’s about black people, poor people, everybody at the bottom.


[referring to Khalil]
Starr Carter: I need to speak for him.


Maverick Carter: Trying to make some sense out of it.
Starr Carter: It’s Thug Life. “The hate you give little infants…”
Maverick Carter: “F’s everybody.” I know what it stands for. What do you think it means?
Starr Carter: I think it’s about us.
Maverick Carter: Us who?
Starr Carter: Black people. Poor people. Everybody at the bottom.
Maverick Carter: Are you on it? Pac was trying to school us in how the system is designed against us. Why else do you think so many people in our neighborhood deal?
Starr Carter: They need the money.
Maverick Carter: Yeah, and there ain’t no real jobs around here, so they fall into the trap.


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