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Mullins: Why are you wearing a long sleeve flannel? It’s hot out.
Jason Mullins: Yeah, I’m a little fluey. It’s nothing.
[Mulling goes to grab his arm to look at it but Jason takes hold of her hand]
Mullins: Want me to break that thumb?
Jason Mullins: Please! No, no!
Mullins: Want me to break that thumb?!
Jason Mullins: Mercy. Mercy. Mercy.
Mullins: Just show me that arm.
[she pulls his sleeve up and sees that his arm is covered in cigarette burns]
Jason Mullins: It looks worse than it is, it’s not a big deal. This guy Julian, you know, they don’t want me to stop working, they like me.
Mullins: Then tell me where I can find Julian right now?
Jason Mullins: No, just stay out of it. They’re fucking maniacs, they’ll chop you up, or gun you down or worse.
Mullins: Jason, tell me what you fucking know?
Jason Mullins: I don’t know anything.


[Mullins suddenly grabs hold of Jason’s skin through his shirt, making him yell out in pain]
Jason Mullins: Okay.
Mullins: I’ll rip it out.
Jason Mullins: Sal Netalie. Okay? You know Sal Netalie?
Mullins: Of course I know Sal Netalie.
Jason Mullins: He was gonna steal this huge shipment they got coming in, so the popped him. He’s in the trunk of his Caddy under the River Bridge.
Mullins: I want you to stay in this house. If I catch you out of this house, I’m gonna hurt you worse than them.


[back in the dining room with Ashburn and the Mullins family]
Peter Mullins: What are you? What are you doing here? What are you doing?
Ashburn: I’m a Federal Agent. I’m a special agent, I work…
Gina: Special like retarded?
Ashburn: Well, we don’t use that word, we say, ‘special needs’. But I…I have a very high IQ.
Beth: Are you a boy or a girl?
Gina: It’s a fair question.
Ashburn: Uh, I’m…I’m female.
Michael Mullins: No kidding?
Ashburn: All woman.
Mark Mullins: From the get go?
Ashburn: Uh…
Mark Mullins: No operation?
Ashburn: Um…from birth, yes.
[through the window, Ashburn sees Mullins walking to the car]
Beth: How do you get that close a shave on your face?
Ashburn: I need to go, but I’ll be back to, um…
Peter Mullins: Nice knowing you.
Ashburn: Uh…thank you.


[Mullins and Ashburn are at the morgue where they are looking at a dead body]
Mullins: Yep, that’s Sal Netalie alright.
Ashburn: Bullet hole through the head, that’s unusually civilized for them.
Pathologist: No, they cut out his tongue too.
Ashburn: Ah, there you have it. They like to send to a message. Did you find the tongue?
Pathologist: Sure, shoved up his anal cavity.
[the pathologist shows them the tongue]
Mullins: That’s a weird message.
Pathologist: Yeah. The tip of the tongue was sticking out of the rectum, so as to make it appear as if his buttocks were giving the police a raspberry.
Mullins: Did they draw googly eyes, or anything on his butt cheeks?
Pathologist: No.
Mullins: Seems like kind of an opportunity missed, would have been funny.
Ashburn: Well, I…I feel that they were just trying to be tongue-in-cheek.


[Ashburn pulls a funny face]
Mullins: God, don’t do that.
[to the pathologist]
Ashburn: Uh…where are his belongings?
[the pathologist point to Netalie’s stuff on the table ahead of them]
Mullins: Any clues as to how he was killed?
[the pathologist shakes her head]
Mullins: Still looking for their base camp.
Ashburn: Well, if there’s anything on him that will tell us, I will find it.
[they put on rubber gloves and Ashburn picks up a shoe and looks at the sole which has white powder on it]
Ashburn: Ah.
Mullins: What is that, coke?
Ashburn: I don’t think so, it’s more like a coating.


[later Ashburn and Mullins meet with Levy in his office]
Levy: Same traces found on all the victims shoes. All of them have…
Ashburn: Oxy powder coating, right?
Levy: That’s right.
Ashburn: Yeah.
Levy: And each sample was made of the same ingredient, which probably means that…
Mullins: They were all killed in the same place.
Levy: Exactly. I checked it out, there are three places that have this kind of powder…
Paint factory.
Levy: Yeah.
Ashburn: Yes.
Mullins: I think we all know that.
Ashburn: Well, it’s…
Levy: Take a look at this.
[he turns his computer monitor round to show them images of the factories]
Levy: This one right here is centered in location…
[Mullins and Ashburn jump in at the same time]


Mullins and Ashburn: Where all four dead bodies…
Ashburn: Five dead bodies were found.
Mullins: …dead bodies were found.
Ashburn: Yep
Levy: Right.
Mullins: That’s what I thought.
[pointing to another factory]
Levy: This one shut down years ago, owned by the man by the name Lee San…
[again both Mullins and Ashburn jump in to guess the name]
Mullins: Snaggleminsen…
Ashburn: Steven…son.
[they guess a couple of other names until Levy stops them]
Levy: Santino.
Ashburn: Oh, Santino.
Mullins and Ashburn: Santino. Santino.
Mullins: Is that a derivative of Snaggleminsen?


Ashburn: Email me the address to that paint factory, a.s.a.p.
Levy: Excuse me, Ashburn? Um, I was wondering if you would…
Ashburn: Oh, thanks. Awkward. Uh…nothing personal, but as a rule I…I make it a point not to date my co-workers. So, thank you.
Levy: I was wondering if you would not talk to me in that tone?
Ashburn: Oh…oh! Yes, of course.
Mullins: That’s a little different.
Ashburn: Yeah, I wouldn’t. Why would I?
Mullins: Why would you?
Ashburn: I wouldn’t. Just…we should go to the paint factory.
Mullins: Well, are we clear here? Cause I don’t…it got real awkward between you guys.
Ashburn: No, it’s not awkward. We’re all good. Right?
Levy: Uh, we’re…
Ashburn: We’re really good.
Levy: Same page.
Ashburn: Yeah.
Mullins: I just don’t want any bad…
[Ashburn pulls at Mullins clothes and gets her out of her seat]
Ashburn: Okay, here go. Let’s go to the paint factory.
[they both start walking off; to a man walking past them in the office]
Mullins: She doesn’t wanna date co-workers, so spread the word.
Ashburn: Shut up.


[Ashburn and Mullins enter the paint factory with their guns pointed, as they walk Ashburn signs Mullins some instructions]
Mullins: What is that shit?
[Ashburn repeats the signs again, but Mullins hits her on the arm]
Mullins: Stop it!
Ashburn: Just cover me and go right!
Mullins: Well then say that! You’re making me want to shoot you.
[Ashburn and Mullins find Julian, his henchman and another drug dealer, who’s tied to a chair, in the back room of the factory, they listen in on their conversation]
Julian: I don’t know what it is. Are you, uh…deaf? Do you not…do you speak English? I gotta do somethin’ with you, man.
Drug Dealer: Look, Julian, I’m sorry. I’ll sell for you guys, whatever you want me to do. I’m just trying to make some extra money. Okay? You can’t blame me for that, right?
Julian: Relax, totally get it.
Drug Dealer: Thank you, man.
Julian: I’m not gonna shoot you.
Drug Dealer: Okay. That’s cool, man. Thanks.
[Julian looks at his henchman]
Julian: He is.
Drug Dealer: Wait, wait. Hold on, hold on…!
[suddenly the henchman shoots the man in the head, killing him]


[after watching the drug dealer get shot from their hiding place]
Mullins: Shit!
Ashburn: Alright, if we can grab Julian, I can get him to set up Larkin tonight.
Mullins: Two against two, I don’t like those odds.
Ashburn: I’m gonna call for backup.
LeSoire: It’s already here.
[they turn and see LeSoire pointing two guns at them]
Ashburn: Oh, hey.
Mullins: Shit.
Ashburn: I was looking for you. Um…I forgot to get your number.
LeSoire: Cool, yeah. Uh…it’s 1-800-give-me-your-fucking-guns.
Ashburn: That’s…that’s, uh…that’s too many numbers.
Mullins: Okay.


[LeSoire takes Ashburn and Mullins at gunpoint to Julian]
LeSoire: Met these two disasters at the club the other night.
Julian: Now they’re both here. Think you might have been bugged?
LeSoire: Give me a break.
[LeSoire takes out his cell phone to check and notices that it’s been bugged]
LeSoire: What the fuck?!
[he throws is phone aside and shoot at it; to Ashburn and Mullins]
LeSoire: Think your hot shit? Guess what? You guys look even older in this lighting.
Ashburn: Come on.
Mullins: Fuck you.
LeSoire: Fuck you! It’s not fuck me. It’s fuck you.
[coming up behind Mullins]
LeSoire: You know why? Because I’m about to fuck you up.
[at that moment Mullins grabs the gun in LeSoire’s pocket and head butts him, she then shoots and kills Julian’s henchman, Julian goes to pick up the henchman’s gun but Mullins points her gun at him]
Mullins: Pick it up. Do it. Give me a reason to shoot you in the face.
[Julian backs slowly away from the gun]


[later Ashburn and Mullins have brought Julian in for interrogation]
Mullins: How long is this gonna take?
Ashburn: I don’t know, maybe twelve hours, hopefully less. I have…I have to find out what drives him.
Mullins: We could just go in there an beat him with a phone book.
Ashburn: No, no, no. For so many reasons no, okay? You just need to be patient, alright? It is crucial, crucial, that you remain patient.
Mullins: It’s also crucial that you stop wearing this stupid barrette.
[Mullins takes out the barrette in Ashburn’s hair and throws it to the floor]
Ashburn: What are you doing? What are you…
[Ashburn goes to pick up the barrette, but Mullins stops her]
Mullins: Don’t! Just leave it.
Ashburn: What is your problem with this? I mean you have one on your head!
Mullins: Yeah, on top of my head, like a normal person.
Ashburn: What is the difference?
Mullins: Just move on.
Ashburn: Okay, if you enter that room, you could break the bond that we have created. Okay? Just please, please trust me on this one. Do you understand how important this is?
Mullins: Yeah, I do.
Ashburn: And you will be patient?
Mullins: I will.
Ashburn: Okay, alright.


[Ashburn enters the interrogation room where Julian is sat, she has two coffee cups in her hand]
Ashburn: Hello. Coffee?
[she slides the coffee cup towards Julian on the table]
Ashburn: I drink a little more coffee than I probably should.
[just then Mullins opens the door and throws a large phone book at Julian]
Mullins: Where’s Larkin?
[Ashburn rises from her chair in anger and turns to Mullins]
Ashburn: You couldn’t wait for ten seconds?! Ten seconds?!
[Julian chuckles as he looks at Mullins]
Mullins: What’s so funny?
Julian: You, thinkin’ you’re gonna make me talk.
Mullins: Yeah, you’re talking right now, dumbass!
Julian: You know, you look like one of the Campbell Soup kids who grew up and became an alcoholic.
Mullins: Oh, surprisingly catty. You’re a fucking genius.


[Mullins turns to Ashburn and she whispers to Mullins]
Ashburn: I asked you to stay outside!
Mullins: I need to go tough on him.
Ashburn: Oh, are you not already doing that?
Mullins: No! I’m doing good cop bad cop.
Julian: You know, I can hear you.
Mullins: Shut up!
[Mullins looks back at Ashburn]
Ashburn: Just please, don’t do anything crazy.
Mullins: I’m not gonna do anything that’s crazy.


[turning towards Julian]
Mullins: What am I gonna do that’s crazy? I’m a police officer. Huh?
[she leans on the table next to Julian, takes out her gun and points it at his groin]
Mullins: I mean, what am I gonna shoot you in the dick?
Ashburn: Oh, my God! You said nothing crazy, and that is a no-no! No, no!
Mullins: Turn around. I need you to pass a polygraph.
Ashburn: Put it away!
Mullins: Turn around!
Ashburn: No!
Julian: Don’t worry, she’s not gonna it. She’s not gonna do anything.
Ashburn: Oh, okay. So you just want…you just wanna go and gamble with your scrotum and your testicles? Okay, gamble away!
Mullins: Just go to the corner!
Ashburn: I’m in it!
[Ashburn goes to the corner of the room and turns to face the wall]


[to Julian]
Mullins: I tell you what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna play a little game.
[Mullins takes out the bullets in her gun]
Mullins: Okay, I’m gonna take out these bullets. Accept for this one, cause this is my favorite.
[she places the bullet back in the gun]
Mullins: I’m gonna keep that in there, and then you’re gonna tell me where Larkin is. And you’re gonna tell me where and when that shipment is coming.
[she turns the gun barrel, closes it and point it at Julian’s groin again]
Mullins: Okay. Right now.
Julian: I’m gonna kill you and everyone you know.
[Mullins shoots the gun but it’s a blank]
Ashburn: Ah! God


[to Julian]
Mullins: Yeah, that’s not what I fucking asked you is it?
[to Ashburn]
Julian: Hey, straight A, take the gun out of this one’s hand!
Ashburn: Oh, now you want me to save your scrotum?!
[to Julian as she continues to point her gun at his groin]
Mullins: When’s the shipment coming in?
Julian: I don’t know.
[Mullins shoots her gun but again it’s blank]
Ashburn: Aah!
Julian: Hey! Hey! Alright! There’s a shipment on Wednesday!
Mullins: Where?
Julian: I…I don’t know! I…!


[Mullins shoots her gun again and again it’s blank]
Julian: Aah! I swear to God, I don’t know!
Ashburn: Tell her!
Julian: I swear to God…!
Ashburn: Just tell her where it is!
Julian: I don’t know! Jesus Christ! Don’t shoot me in the dick! I don’t know!
[Mullins shoots her gun again, which is blank again]
Julian: It’s coming in on Wednesday! That’s four shot! Don’t take any more shots! Don’t shoot my dick off! Honest to God!
Ashburn: Just tell her where’s it’s coming in at!
[Mullins takes another blank shot, at that moment Hale enters the room]
Hale: Hey, stop! Stop that!


[after Julian’s interrogation, Ashburn and Mullins are confronted by, Hale, Craig and Adam]
Craig: You brought Julian and LeSoire in? What are you, out of your fucking minds?
Adam: It wasn’t too smart.
Ashburn: Oh, okay. So you’re not supposed to arrest someone when they commit murder and then turn around and try and kill you at the same time?
Mullins: Yeah, you wanted us to keep them on the street?
Ashburn: Yeah.
Craig: You shouldn’t even have been there! Larkin is the big catch here, not those two. Now we’re never gonna be able to bring these fucking…!
Hale: Jesus. Enough. Craig, calm the hell down, we can all hear you!
Mullins: Yeah, dogs can hear you.
Craig: Yeah, of course dogs can hear me!
Mullins: Are you okay? Cause you look really pale.
Craig: It’s a genetic condition!
Hale: Ashburn, come here.
[Hale takes Ashburn away]
Mullins: Snow cone.
[Mullins turns to follow Ashburn and Hale]
Craig: [sarcastically] Oh, I get it. That’s a good one cause I’m really white!


[Mullins comes over to join Hale and Ashburn, Hale looks at Mullins]
Hale: Can I have a moment with my agent, please?
Ashburn: Okay.
[Mullins pauses for a moment]
Mullins: Alright, I’m gonna be right over there. Right there.
Hale: Thank you.
[Mullins leaves them]


Hale: Ashburn, why didn’t you alert anyone once you found evidence on Julian’s whereabouts?
Ashburn: Sir, it was an unconfirmed lead. I wasn’t gonna waste anyone’s time until I knew it was real.
Hale: Just give it a rest. I want you to stand down while I figure out how to repair all this shit with the DEA.
Ashburn: Sir, no, please. I…I’ve been doing everything that you sent me out here to do. We’ve been doing such good work.
Hale: I know. I know you are. It’s just…I don’t know, it’s never easy when you are involved.
[Hale turns and walks away leaving Ashburn looking upset, Mullins comes over to Ashburn]
Mullins: Fuck that guy.
[Ashburn smiles]
Mullins: If you’re not in trouble, you’re not doing your job.
Ashburn: Yeah.
Mullins: We should go get a drink. Right? What’s the point of being a cop if you can’t get one drink at the end of the night?


[later at the bar, the bartender pushes small glasses of drinks towards Ashburn and Mullins]
Mullins: That’s what I’m talking about.
Ashburn: Oh, I said, I just…I just want one.
Mullins: Yeah. Oh, no, no, no. It is one.
[Mullins takes two larger glasses and pours the drinks from the small glasses into the large ones]
Mullins: Sometimes he just like…he likes to do this thing and pours them into three little glasses, but it’s one. Alright. Here we go.
Ashburn: Fair enough.
Mullins: Let’s loosen that up.
[they clink their glasses together]
Ashburn: Okey-dokey.
[they both start drinking, Mullins finishes hers quickly then looks at Ashburn who is still struggling to finish her drink]
Mullins: Hey, keep the pace. There you go. There you go.
[she holds the end of Ashburn’s glass as she struggles to drink]
Mullins: Don’t spit that shit out, it’s not free. Let’s go.
[Ashburn finishes drinking, but struggles to swallow it]
Mullins: Keep that in. Yeah.


[as Ashburn finishes swallowing her drink a man comes up to Mullins at the bar]
Blue Collar Man: Hey. Hey. How you doing? I haven’t heard from you.
[Mullins turns her face away from the man and says quietly under her breath]
Mullins: Shit.
[she turns to the man]
Mullins: No. Yeah, you haven’t.
Blue Collar Man: Well, then…did I do something wrong or…?
[Mullins turns her face again and takes a big sigh]
Mullins: Okay, here we go.
[she turns to face the man again]
Mullins: It’s not you, it’s me. Uh…I’m still working on myself, so I can’t be a part of two until I’m a better one.
Blue Collar Man: Okay. You don’t have to do that…
Mullins: Oh, wait. I still…my favorite’s coming.
[Mullins pauses to think for a moment]
Mullins: Oh, you make me want to be a better woman.
Blue Collar Man: Okay, you know what? I thought we had a good time.
Mullins: Yeah, we did have a lot of fun. Now we’re gonna move on, let it go.
Blue Collar Man: Okay.
Mullins: Alright.
Blue Collar Man: Alright.
Mullins: Cool.


[as the man starts to walk away Mullins stops him]
Mullins: Hey! Hey, no hard feelings, right?
[she grabs him and kisses him, Ashburn watches them looking uncomfortable]
Blue Collar Man: Okay.
[Mullins stops kissing him]
Mullins: Okay, hit it. Hit it.
Blue Collar Man: Oka…okay.
[the man walks away looking dazed]
Blue Collar Man: Bye.
Ashburn: Bye.
[to Ashburn]
Mullins: I don’t know how else to say it, it was pretty clear. That’s why you don’t feed strays.
Ashburn: Yeah
[to the bartender]
Mullins: Can we get two more…shots.
[as Ashburn looks away, Mullins holds up 6 fingers, to indicate 6 shots at the bar tender]


[later as they continue drinking at the bar]
Mullins: We should just get one more of these, alright?
Ashburn: I don’t know, Mullins. It’s hard. I know we’re not supposed to say this, but being a woman in this field is hard. Men are just so intimidated by me, which is like, why?
Mullins: And you put your personality on top of that, and it is…it is off putting.
Ashburn: Yeah, I was uh…I was actually married for six, seven years.
Mullins: Was he a hearing man?
Ashburn: Yes. Yeah, he didn’t uh…he didn’t understand how much the job meant to me. So I thought it probably best to just be alone rather than to, you know, compromise the work.
Mullins: I get that.
Ashburn: Yeah, yeah. It’s kind of weird that it does get lonely…a little bit. You know? It’s hard to make female friends.
Mullins: Mm-hmm. I hung out, you know, really just with my brothers growing up and they just kind of all turned out to be terrible people. So it’s kind of a bummer.
Ashburn: Your…your family loves you. I mean, in their own unique…unique way, but they, you know, they love you and that’s a wonderful…
Mullins: Really unique, that sounds like it’s coming from somebody that’s an only child.
Ashburn: No, I…I was actually raised with a lot of children, so.
Mullins: Other children? What, in the circus?
Ashburn: Uh, no. Just in the houses.


Mullins: Oh, my God. You’re a foster kid?
Ashburn: Yes, I was.
Mullins: Oh, God. I knew it. Foster kid? That’s a tough go of it.
Ashburn: No, it was totally fine. I don’t think it affected me, I mean, in the long run, at all. At all. You know, I can see how maybe, you know, like a little bit.
Mullins: A little bit.
Ashburn: But not anything that’s…maybe it has.
Mullins: Maybe it has.
Ashburn: Oh, God. Oh, God. My life!
[Ashburn cries out and puts her head down on the bar]
Mullins: Okay.
Ashburn: Oh, God.
[Mullins awkwardly pats Ashburn on her back as she tries to comfort her]
Mullins: Alright. Yep. Alright. Let it out. That’s it.
Ashburn: Oh, God.
Mullins: Good for you. Start working through it.


[as Ashburn takes her head off the bar, Mullins notices that she has something sticking out of her nostril]
Ashburn: I don’t feel well.heat-8
Mullins: Oh, Jesus.
Ashburn: I don’t…I don’t…
Mullins: Well, you’re not making me feel great.
Ashburn: Get it.
[Mullins puts one finger on one of side of Ashburn’s nostril]
Mullins: Alright, blow it out. Really let it go.
[Ashburn stars blowing her nose]


Mullins: You’ve got more than that. You’ve got more than…
[as Ashburn blows her nose whatever was in her nose pops suddenly out and nearly hits Mullins]
Mullins: Oh! Good job. Hey. Good job.
[Mullins starts patting Ashburn on her back again]
Ashburn: Oh God. I don’t feel well.
Mullins: You want some jäger?
[to the bartender]
Mullins: Can we have two jägers?
[the scene then cuts to Ashburn putting on music from the jukebox, she joins Mullins and they start dancing in the bar both looking really drunk, as the evening go on we see them getting more and more drunk, they then get the old men in the bar to join them in dancing; towards the end of the night, they are both sat looking crazy drunk]
Ashburn: I love this place.
Mullins: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, to this…to this place.
[as they bring their glasses together, Ashburn hits hers too hard against Mullins’ glass and it smashes to pieces cutting her hand, she holds her hand up and Mullins starts to laugh]
Ashburn: I…I don’t feel it. I don’t feel it.


[the next morning, Ashburn wakes up next to what looks like to be Mullins in one of the booths of the bar, Ashburn tries to wake Mullins]
Ashburn: Hey. Hey, how long have we been here?
[Mullins doesn’t wake]
Ashburn: Hey. Hey…
[Ashburn lifts Mullins head but finds that it’s a man with long hair and beard that’s been asleep next to her the whole time]
Ashburn: Oh.
[she drops the man’s head on the table but he continues to sleep]
Ashburn: Okay, focus.
[Ashburn manages to get out of the booth and finds Mullins playing poker, she walks up to Mullins]
Ashburn: Hey, how’s it going?
Mullins: Jesus, you’ve gotta get a mint in that dumpster.
Ashburn: Oh, God. Was I smoking cigarettes last night?
Mullins: Yeah, you kept taking them out of people’s mouths and smoking ’em.
Ashburn: God, that’s so nasty.
Mullins: It was pretty gross.


Ashburn: Why is my jacket the pot?
Mullins: Oh, yeah. Don’t worry about it. I’ll get it right back.
[to the poker players around the table]
Mullins: Alright, let’s see what you got.
[everyone reveals their hands and from the look on Mullins face it’s clear she’s lost]
Ashburn: Oh, shit.
[everyone rises from the table to leave]
Wayne: Good evening.
Ashburn: That’s great.
Mullins: There you go.


[Mullins turns to Ashburn after losing her jacket in the poker game]
Mullins: I didn’t think you were gonna care that much about your jacket. You didn’t care at all when you gave away your car.
Ashburn: Who did I give it to?
Mullins: To Wayne!
Ashburn: Who’s Wayne?
Mullins: Wayne…he just walked out of here. You were sitting on his lap all night. You had your tongue down his throat.
Ashburn: What?!
[we see Wayne outside the bar using the remote key to unlock Ashburn’s car and walk up to it; at the same time Ashburn and Mullins walk out of the bar]
Ashburn: Oh, God. It feels like we’ve been hibernating.
Mullins: Didn’t bother you last night.
[Ashburn looks at her cell phone]
Ashburn: Oh, Jesus. Ten missed messages.


[referring to Wayne]
Ashburn: Will you just…will you get him, please!heat-9
Mullins: Hey, Wayne, Ashburn wants her underwear back!
[Wayne ignores her as he walks up to Ashburn’s car]
Ashburn: Do not…you cannot take that car! It’s government property!
Wayne: Oh, yeah? Well I pay taxes, so fuck the government.
Ashburn: Let’s not, okay?
Mullins: Wayne, get out of the car, you asshole!
[Ashburn listens to her voice messages]
Ashburn: Oh, God.
[as Wayne gets inside Ashburn’s car it suddenly explodes, killing him]
Ashburn: Oh, my God.
Mullins: Oh, shit! Wayne!
Ashburn: Oh, my God!
Mullins: God, you’re first boyfriend. You two were electric.


[later, Hale, Craig and Adam arrive at the scene where Ashburn car had exploded]
Ashburn: How did Julian escape?
Hale: Federal Marshals transferring him got ambushed. We’re not sure whether Larkin’s man followed the Marshals or if they got the information from the inside.
[pointing to Craig]
Mullins: Yeah, you don’t think it’s a little obvious!
Craig: Oh, fuck you!
Mullins: I know when I smell a fucking Albino rat.
Craig: If you wanna be pointing a finger around here, why don’t you point it right back yourself?
Hale: Calm down.
Craig: No, because if you two hadn’t brought Julian in then Larkin would have never even known that we were on to him! And then this whole case wouldn’t be the giant mixed up fucking shit that it is right now! So, fuck you and your Albino prejudice!
Adam: Now Larkin knows who you are and Julian’s angry as shit. If I were you I would get out of town.
Ashburn: You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Hale: Ashburn, he’s right. This isn’t a choice.
Mullins: No! No way! You’re not my boss, Puss in Boots! And even if you were my boss, you still couldn’t stop me. I have more invested in this case than any of you assholes! And now you fucked it up, didn’t you?
[Ashburn gets a text message showing a photo of Mullins’ family, she tries to show the message to Mullins]
Ashburn: Mullins.
[Mullins looks at her family photo on Ashburn’s phone misunderstanding the meaning]
Mullins: Yep, thanks. That’s another fucked up area in my life. Thanks for bringing it up.
Ashburn: That was just emailed to me.


[to Hale, Craig and Adam]
Mullins: Okay, fine. I guess I am out of line, huh? Yeah, I’m gonna step back and see what you assholes can do. Yeah, go USA.
[to Ashburn as she turns to walk off]
Mullins: Let’s go.
[as they walk away]
Mullins: We gotta get my family out, they’re gonna kill them.
Ashburn: You know what? Let me just talk to Hale. The FBI can reach everything…
Mullins: Are you kidding? We got a mole in there somewhere. And I’m assuming it’s the fucking Albino, but I don’t know. It could be Levy, it could be somebody from my own precinct, it could be your boss ‘Puss in Boots’. We’re going in there by ourselves and doing it now. Are you with me or not?
[Mullins walks off, Ashburn hesitates for a moment]
Ashburn: Okay, okay.
[she follows after Mullins]


[Mullins and Ashburn are at the Mullins family house getting everybody out]
Peter Mullins: This is bullshit. Why should we uproot our lives cause you’re an asshole?
Mullins: Go.
Jason Mullins: Hey, don’t talk to her like that, it’s not her fault.
Ashburn: Are you sure you wanna bring everyone?
Mullins: No, but it’d be like Schindler’s List.
[she looks behind Ashburn]
Mullins: Dad! Come on, we have to get into the car.
[Mr. Mullins is taking down the painting in the dining room]
Mr. Mullins: I don’t want them to take my treasures.
Mullins: Jesus!


[outside the house, Ashburn is in the car waiting for the Mullins family to get into the car]
Gina: Hi.
Ashburn: Hi.
Beth: Can I drive?
Ashburn: No, but if you could make your way around…
Gina: Why don’t you get out and I’ll drive?
Ashburn: If you could make your way…
Beth: I’m a really good driver.
[Peter pushes her away from Ashburn and towards the back of the car]
Ashburn: Mullins, your mom. Your mom.
[Mullins walks over to Mrs. Mullins who is talking to one of her neighbors]
Mrs. Mullins: Our lives are in danger.
Mullins: Mom! Mom!
Mrs. Mullins: I may have to change my name
Mullins: Come on.
[Mullins grabs hold of Mrs. Mullins’s hand and starts dragging her away]
Mrs. Mullins: So if you get a call from someone named Carla, it’s me!
Mullins: Stop! God all mighty! Get in the car.
Mrs. Mullins: When did you become such a fucking princess?
Mullins: You make it impossible.
[Mrs. Mullins gets in the car, joining the rest of the Mullins family]
Ashburn: Alright, seat belts everyone.


[Michael brings round a large dog towards the car]
Michael Mullins: Come on, buddy. Come on, buddy.
[they both enter the car]
Mullins: What the fuck is this?
Michael Mullins: That’s my puppy, I got him four months ago. I name him Kevin Garnett.
Mullins: You’re an asshole!
Michael Mullins: You gotta see the cock on this thing.
Mullins: We’re going to a motel. We’re not brining…
[Mullins gets out of the car; to Peter]
Mullins: Move. We’re not bringing this fucking horse to a motel.
Peter Mullins: We gotta get Gina.
Mullins: For what?
Peter Mullins: Because you put her fucking life in danger!
Mullins: Nobody gives a shit about her.
Peter Mullins: If I’m going, Gina’s going! I’m not going unless we get Gina.
Mullins: Just get in.
Peter Mullins: We’re getting Gina.


[Peter gets into the car and tries to squeeze into the back seat]
Mullins: Move your feet or I’ll chop ’em off!
[she slides the backseat car door shut]
Ashburn: Thank you.
[to Peter]
Mullins: Shut up!
Peter Mullins: We’re going to Gina’s!
[Mullins gets into the passenger seat next to Ashburn]
Mullins: Everyone put your seatbelt on.
[Ashburn drives them off]
Mullins: God, I hope a truck hits us and we all die.


[they drive over to Gina’s and wait as she walks out of her house]
Mullins: Oh, God. What the fuck is this girl doing?
[they watch as Gina struggles to carry her bags down the stairs]
Mullins: Could she go any slower? Could she physically go slower?
Mrs. Mullins: Go get your girlfriend, for God sakes!
Peter Mullins: She’s fine, ma.
Gina: I forgot my curling irons, Mrs. Mullins!
Peter Mullins: Come on, Gina! get in the car!
Gina: What the fuck?
Peter Mullins: I got you the rolley so you could role the bags. So get over here!
Gina: You kidding?! You bought me a bag for Christmas so that I could carry my own luggage?
Peter Mullins: Gina, come on. Let’s go.
Gina: I’m gonna get you a dick sucker for Christmas, so I don’t have to do it no more.
Mullins: Go get her!
Peter Mullins: I’m going!
Mullins: Get her!
Peter Mullins: Jesus Christ!


[Peter gets out of the car to go get Gina and Mark follows him]
Mark Mullins: Come on, Pete. Just break up with this girl, for fuck sakes.
Mullins: This will help.
Mark Mullins: Come on, you’re making a scene.
Mullins: Let’s go! Let’s go!
[Mark then joins Peter and Gina and suddenly a fight breaks out between Peter and Mark]
Mrs. Mullins: Knock it off!
[Mrs. Mullins gets out of the car and walks over to break up the fight]
Mrs. Mullins: Just knock it off!
[then the rest of the family gets out of the car and go over to break up the fight, Mullins then joins them]
Mullins: Hey, assholes! Get in the car! Get in the car! Get in the car!


[Mullins points her gun at her family to get them moving back into the car]
Ashburn: Is she pointing a gun?
Mullins: You know what happens now?
[Mullins takes hold of one of Gina’s bags and throws it aside]
Mullins: You don’t get this one.
[as she continues to watch from the car]
Ashburn: Uh…Jason, your family seems…seems nice.
Jason Mullins: Yeah, we uh…we have our good days.
[we then see Mullins grabbing hold of Gina’s pants as Gina tries to retriever her bag]
Gina: But my makeup is in that one!
Mullins: I’m gonna rip your fucking pants off!


[after putting Mullins family in a motel, Mullins and Ashburn are sat in a diner]
Ashburn: If we just knew where that shipment was coming into, we would have…we would have Larkin and we would have Julian. We’d both be there and we could get them.
Mullins: I’m just happy that Jason, you know, is out of there for now.
Ashburn: Yeah. It’s a shame though, having your brother on the inside would be a…would be a coup for us.
Mullins: That’s what you want to say? Because you’re saying that out loud.
Ashburn: Okay, you know what, Mullins? You would say exactly the same thing if it wasn’t your brother.
Mullins: We’re done talking about this.
Ashburn: So, if it was just some random drug dealer you wouldn’t send him back in? If it was someone like, I don’t know, Rojas, you wouldn’t…
Mullins: We’re not talking about Rojas, are we? We’re talking about Jason, my brother, you fuckwit.
Ashburn: Okay, you know what? We all have a lot to lose if we don’t catch Larkin.
Mullins: Yeah, what have you got to lose?
Ashburn: I have a lot!
Mullins: Yeah? Some bullshit promotion? You don’t give a shit about my family or if Jason gets out there and gets killed.


Ashburn: I feel that you’re not being honest, because nobody, nobody forced your brother to get involved with drugs!
Mullins: You’re an asshole for that.
Ashburn: Okay, you know what? That’s not helping either. See, I’m trying to create a dialogue. Note that I am starting my statements with I feel. I feel…
Mullins: Oh, I feel like you’re an asshole.
Ashburn: You know what I feel? I feel that you have worn that shirt every single day this week, and I feel that you turning inside out does not make it a new shirt.
Mullins: Well, I feel like it does.
Ashburn: Oh, really? Okay, well, I feel I disagree.
Mullins: Must be nice.
Ashburn: What? What?
Mullins: Must be really nice for you to just know everything. To be so much smarter than everybody else.
Ashburn: I don’t profess to know everything, but I do know quite a bit. And what I know is accurate and scientifically proven, and I just shared that information with you. If you have a problem with that, call me out, like you always do.


[as a man in the diner starts choking on his food]
Diner Patron: Help, he’s choking!
Ashburn: Okay, I’ve got this. I’ve got this.
[both Ashburn and Mullins move to help the man]
Ashburn: Sir?
Mullins: Somebody call an ambulance!
Ashburn: Sir? Okay. I got it, I got it.
[she starts giving the man the Heimlich maneuver]
Ashburn: Check his mouth! Check his mouth!
Mullins: There’s nothing in there!
Ashburn: Alright, let’s lay him down.
[to the man]
Ashburn: Sir, just relax. Everything will be just fine.


[to Mullins]
Ashburn: Let me get his head back. Okay? Yeah. Okay, he’s choking.
[to the man]
Mullins: You’re going to be okay.
Ashburn: I need a…I need a knife and a straw, please!
[to the diner staff]
Mullins: A knife and a straw, please!
[to Ashburn]
Mullins: Why do you need a knife and a straw? Why?
Ashburn: I need to perform an emergency tracheotomy.
Mullins: What?!
Ashburn: I’m gonna need a glass of vodka!
[to the diner staff]
Mullins: Vodka!
[to Ashburn]
Mullins: It’s a Denny’s!
Ashburn: Ah…for sterilization; hot water!


Mullins: Do you know what you’re doing?
Ashburn: Technically…technically, no. But I’ve…I’ve been doing some research and I feel fairly confident I know how.
Mullins: Fairly confident? Jesus! He’s still choking, you know!
[Ashburn prepares a knife]
Ashburn: Okay, sir? What I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna find your…
Mullins: Oh, God. Please don’t put that in.
Ashburn: Ssh! Stop touching me.
[to the man as she tries to find a spot on his neck to pierce]
Ashburn: The hypothyroid membrane. I think…I think it’s right here. I’m gonna make a small incision
[Mullins grabs Ashburn’s hand]
Mullins: Oh, please don’t do that.
Ashburn: Let go of my hand, let go of my hand.
Mullins: Please don’t do that.
Ashburn: Let go of my hand.


[to the man]
Ashburn: I’m gonna make a small incision.
[she makes a small incision into the man’s throat]
Ashburn: The reason I’m doing this…
[Mullins turns her head as blood comes pouring out of the man’s throat]
Ashburn: Oh!
Mullins: Oh, God.
Ashburn: Is because you’re chocking. I’m gonna cut in. Wow, okay. I’m gonna make it a little bigger.
[Mullins starts hurling]
Ashburn: Wow, okay. That goes in deeper than I thought. I’m gonna insert my fingers, cause what’s happening is…
Mullins: Don’t put your finger in there!


[Ashburn inserts her fingers in the incision she made in the man’s throat]
Ashburn: There’s the membrane. Okay?
Mullins: It’s like a horror show! Don’t put your fingers in there!
Ashburn: Sir, what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to insert the straw in the hole. And it’s gonna allow the oxygen to get to your brain. Now, if you give it one moment, you’re gonna feel the oxygen flow in to your brain.
[as she inserts the straw blood starts spurting out of the straw]
Ashburn: There we go!
Mullins: That’s not oxygen! Jesus Christ, that’s not oxygen!
Ashburn: Oh, my God! That’s a lot of blood! Oh, my God!
Mullins: What are you doing? Oh, Jesus!
Ashburn: Oh, my God! There’s so much blood! I don’t know what I’m doing!
Mullins: Stop crying! You did this!


[Ashburn starts yelling]
Ashburn: Is the ambulance coming?! So sorry! I’m so sorry!
Mullins: I got it!
Ashburn: What are you doing?
[suddenly Mullins pounds onto the man’s chest and the piece of food that was choking the man comes flying out]
Ashburn: Aahh! There’s so much blood!
Mullins: You asshole!
Ashburn: Oh, my God!


[after the ambulance arrives to take the choking man]
Paramedic: You probably could have just pulled the piece of pancake out of his throat.
Ashburn: He’s alive, isn’t he?
Paramedic: You know what? I have a cut on my arm from earlier, do you think I should amputate it?
Ashburn: You know you’re not a real doctor, right?
Paramedic: Yeah, neither are you.
[Ashburn motions with her hand for the paramedic to leave]
Paramedic: Okay.
Ashburn: Yeah. Bye bye. See you later.
Paramedic: You’re a reckless person. Okay.
Ashburn: Thank you. Bye bye.
[pointing to Mullins]
Paramedic: Thank you.
[to Ashburn]
Paramedic: Not you.
[he gets into the ambulance and drives off]
Ashburn: Oh, my God.


[Ashburn’s cell phone rings]
Ashburn: Ashburn.
[she listens for a moment then hands the phone to Mullins]
Ashburn: Why don’t you have your own phone?
Mullins: Who am I, the Queen of England?
Ashburn: I don’t know, does the Queen of England only wear sweat pants?
Mullins: Fuck you.
Ashburn: You…F, you.
[Mullins takes the call]
Mullins: This is Mullins.
Jason Mullins: Hey, Shannon. I left, alright? I couldn’t sit there anymore.
Mullins: What are you talking about? Where the hell are you?
Jason Mullins: Look, I talked to them and everything’s fine. Alright? Nothing’s weird, we’re good.
Mullins: No, no, no! It doesn’t work that way, Jason! They know you’re my brother!
Jason Mullins: Yeah, but they also know you arrested me and I made it seem like I hated you. That’s good, right?
Ashburn: What’s happening?
Mullins: Listen, it doesn’t work that way!


[to Ashburn]
Mullins: Shut up for a minute.
Jason Mullins: Look, I know where the shipment’s going to, alright?
Mullins: I don’t give a shit about the shipment!
Ashburn: What shipment?
Mullins: Just get your ass back here, now!
Ashburn: You know what? Let me know talk to him. Let me talk…
Jason Mullins: If I’m gonna stick around working here they’re gonna know something’s weird.


[to Ashburn as she tries to grab the phone]
Mullins: Get off me!
Ashburn: It’s my phone.
Jason Mullins: Please trust me, I’m trying to do the right thing here.
Mullins: Are you…are you kidding me?
Jason Mullins: What?!
[Mullins tries to push Ashburn away as she tries to grab the phone]
Ashburn: Jason. Jason…
[Ashburn finally grabs the phone from Mullins]
Mullins: Ow! Let go!
Ashburn: Jason!


[Ashburn pulls Mullins vest over her head]
Mullins: Let go of my vest!
Jason Mullins: Shannon?
Ashburn: Jason, it’s Ashburn.
Jason Mullins: What the fuck is going on?
Mullins: Don’t talk to her!
Jason Mullins: Look, the shipment’s coming to the Boston Harbor Shipyard at eleven o’clock.
Ashburn: Okay.
Jason Mullins: It’s a big freighter with tons of guys, alright?
Ashburn: I got it, I got it.
Jason Mullins: It’ll be heavily armed, so you gotta be careful, you hear me?
Ashburn: Yeah, okay.


[to Ashburn as she’s holding her head down with her vest pulled over her head]
Mullins: Get off! Get off!
Jason Mullins: The ship is called the uh…SS Tanked or something like that, alright?
Ashburn: I promise, I’ll be there.
Jason Mullins: Alright, I gotta go.
Ashburn: Thank you.
Mullins: I’ll break your fucking arm!
[Ashburn ends the call and let’s of Mullins]


[as Ashburn let’s go of Mullins she quickly pulls away from her]
Ashburn: Okay. Just take it easy! Just take it easy!
[Mullins charges at her in anger and grabs the phone from Ashburn]
Ashburn: Just…
Mullins: Jason? Jason?
[realizing he’s hung up]
Mullins: Shit!
[Mullins faces Ashburn in anger]
Mullins: You just made my brother a dead man!
[she throws the phone back at Ashburn]
Ashburn: No, no. He’s gonna be fine. Mullins, I swear, he’ll be fine. We’re…we’re gonna have the full power of the Boston FBI down on that terminal tonight, I promise you. He’s gonna be fine. It really is a good thing, you’ll thank me!
Mullins: Shut up!
[Mullins turns and starts walking away]


[later that night, Ashburn and Mullins wait with the FBI at the harbor to take down the shipment, but they discover that the ship they’ve been waiting for is actually only a pleasure cruise ship]
Boston Agent #1: Boat’s clean.
[the agent walks off]
Ashburn: It’s…it’s not clean. You found a joint in that girl’s purse.
Hale: Oh, God. This is really a mess.
Ashburn: Sir, we just…we just have to hit the streets again. We hit the streets and if the shipment came in…
Hale: Ashburn, enough. It’s over, I’m sending you back to New York.
Ashburn: Sir, sir, no, no, no. Please, please. I’m telling you, I’m so close. I’m so close. And this was just a little hiccup.
Hale: It wasn’t a hiccup.
Ashburn: Lo siento.
Hale: Don’t. Don’t even…
[Hale turns and walks away, as she watches Hale walk off Ashburn stops another FBI agent walking past her]
Ashburn: Um…sorry, uh… Detective Mullins, have you seen her?
Boston Agent #2: Hospital. Some kind of family emergency.
Ashburn: Oh, God.


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