By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


The movie adaptation of the bestseller The Hobbit by author J.R.R. Tolkien, tells the tale of how hobbit Bilbo Baggins is talked into a journey by the old wizard Gandalf the Grey, and is accompanied by 13 other dwarves and led by Thorin Oakenshield. The adventure’s objective is to journey to the Lonely Mountain and reclaim the lost kingdom of the dwarves, and slay the dragon Smaug. The tale is full many surprise appearances from old characters and new ones. The tale is full of orcs and goblins as compared to the original trilogy and shares the same sense of action and humor.

The film was very well done and it kept the viewer entertained throughout until the end. The acting in the film was flawless, however during one part of the film, there was a sudden but brief vibe of it being a little Disney like. However, it was very quick so it was not big enough to pay too much mind to it. Since I have not read the book, I cannot say how close it was to the original story, yet hearing interviews and noticing that the one book is broken into three films, I can assure it’s as close to the book as possible. Seeing the origin story of many of the characters and elements that were in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, was surprising and I noticed myself gasping at points and remembering certain items from the original trilogy. Seeing how much younger Gollum was in this film (due to the ring slowing down his aging) and how much more conflicted he was, was very humorous due to moments in time where I actually felt bad for the character.

The dwarves and their humor was very much how I pictured seeing them from what everyone saw from Gimli. I was a little disappointed when noticing that most of the orcs were more animated than compared to the LOR. Upon seeing the film, I had hoped to see more actors in the makeup and suits as that was done extremely good in the previous films. Yet, the movie overall was very fun and exciting to watch and it is definitely on the list of best films of the year for me.

I highly recommend this film to any fans of the original book and whoever was a LOTR fan. So far seeing this film, I secretly still think that Frodo’s journey was harder.

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