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The fourth installment in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth by Peter Jackson… unfortunately had Guillermo Del Toro as a co-writer. This farce was an affront to all things (and persons) Tolkien. The Hobbit [book] could have been broken into two movies and been completely spectacular. I didn’t review the first Hobbit movie, An Unexpected Journey, because it spoke for itself. The Desolation of Smaug had whole plot lines and characters added unnecessarily. Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing Orlando Bloom reprise his role as Legolas… the problem with it is that Legolas never appeared in The Hobbit, nor was he a wood elf or the son of the wood elf king. I do remember the name Tauriel, but she wasn’t in Mirkwood or part of the dwarves adventure.

Hopefully everyone who might read this review has seen the movie and my next comments won’t be SPOILERS.

Tauriel never rescues Fili from a Morgul arrow shot by orcs… the dwarves stayed sealed in their barrels for the entire whitewater ride and were half drown when Bard fished them out of the river. While the addition of the orc’s attack and the dwarves riding in open barrels was very entertaining, it never happened in the book.

There were plenty of things to expand upon, such as Tom Bombadil, which was shortened in order to make time for the completely farcical relighting of the forges in Erebor. The forges were abandoned for hundreds of years, not to mention a terrible battle with Smaug and orcs ravaged the entire place. I suppose we can use our suspension of disbelief to accept that all that the gold wasn’t pillaged over the years or gathered up by Smaug. Plus, it was a completely idiotic idea to cover a fire-breathing dragon with molten gold – he probably liked it.

While the lengthening of the conversation between Bilbo and Smaug was more realistic, it was at this point that Smaug is enraged thinking that the lakemen sent Bilbo to steal from him and flies away to destroy Laketown. Thorin isn’t supposed to rush in to try to save Bilbo or relight the forges or do anything, he waits with the rest, including Fili and the two others left behind in Laketown, at the secret entrance where the thrush knocked in the last light of Durin’s Day.

I was thoroughly disappointed by this movie and wonder how they will screw up the last part… The Battle of the Five Armies. I give it two out of five stars because Martin Freeman/Bilbo did the best acting in the worst flick.

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