By Michelle Zimmer (London, England)


The Host is a film consisting of well-acted scenes, almost identical to the ones described in Stephanie Meyer’s book. The way these individual scenes were linked together however, made no sense. Viewers who have not read the book will simply be left confused and annoyed. Neither the acting nor the dialogue was the problem. I believe the actors did an extremely good job with the material that was given, it was nevertheless, not good enough.

The book consists of a variety of relationships that build up along the plot line. None of these relationships became known in the movie though. For instance, the blooming bond between Wanderer and Jamie is almost completely neglected, and although there is a visible connection between Ian and Wanderer, that relationship is not portrayed well enough either.

I would have personally wished for a little less action and a little more “getting to know each other” scenes between the individual characters. The movie was quite disappointing, as I had fairly high expectations, since the book was so well written. If you enjoy sci-fi, action as well as a tiny portion of romance, I would say watch this movie, but otherwise, it is a bit of a let-down.


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