Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Mando, Selma Hayek, Sarah Goldberg, Anna Maguire, Frank Schorpion, Johan Heldenbergh, Kwasi Songui, Aiysha Issa


Drama thriller written and directed by Kim Nguyen. The story follows Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård), who are players in the high-stakes game of High Frequency Trading, where winning is measured in milliseconds. Their dream is to build a fiber-optic cable straight between Kansas and New Jersey, making them millions. But nothing is straightforward for this flawed pair.

Anton is the brains, Vincent is the hustler, and together they push each other and everyone around them to breaking point on their quixotic adventure. Constantly breathing down their necks is their old boss, Eva Torres (Selma Hayek), a powerful, intoxicating and manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to come between them and beat them at their own game. No matter what the cost, Vincent and Anton are determined to cut through America, only to find redemption at the end of their line, not through money, but through family and reconnecting to the land.



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Mark Vega: How straight are we talking about here?
Vincent Zaleski: Whatever is in the way, we got to dig through. It’s got to be a totally straight line.
Mark Vega: Mountains.
Vincent Zaleski: Straight.
Mark Vega: Rivers?
Vincent Zaleski: Straight.
Mark Vega: Swamps?
Anton Zaleski: Straight.
Vincent Zaleski: Straight, straight, straight.


Mark Vega: Can I ask what the purpose of that line is?
Vincent Zaleski: Our purpose is to get the stock market quotes in like sixteen milliseconds, which is one millisecond faster than everybody else right now.
Barbara Barmaid: Okay, then what happens?
Anton Zaleski: Roughly five hundred million dollars a year.


Mark Vega: Why didn’t you go to Eva Torres?
Vincent Zaleski: Eva Torres uses human beings like disposable assets.


Eva Torres: [to Anton] I can make your life hell if I decide.


Man: You want to buy a twelve inch strip off of our property.
Vincent Zaleski: Under your property.


Vincent Zaleski: Tell me your dream, buddy.
Anton Zaleski: A country home on a hill, a small road, hummingbirds.
Vincent Zaleski: Alright, say it again.
Anton Zaleski: A country home on a hill, a small road, hummingbirds.
Vincent Zaleski: I know you can do it.
Anton Zaleski: Yeah. Okay.


Vincent Zaleski: Just think of it as David walking onto the floor of the Stock Exchange, taking out the biggest slingshot ever, and bringing Goliath down to his knees.
Mark Vega: We’re David.
Vincent Zaleski: Yeah. Yeah, we’re David.


Quant Jenny: It looks like they’re building a fiber line between CAC and the New York Stock Exchange.
Eva Torres: I know, Jenny. I am looking at it.


Eva Torres: We’re going to do this in less.
Quant Elias: I already told you, we can’t.
Eva Torres: Oh, yes, we can.


[referring to Eva; to Vincent]
Mark Vega: Do you think she’s trying to build her own line?


Quant Jenny: I just made half a million dollars in five seconds.


Vincent Zaleski: We can’t let her beat us!
Anton Zaleski: I’m doing everything I can!


Quant Jenny: Somebody rigged our network.


Eva Torres: You betrayed me. Now you have to pay.


[referring to Eva]
Bryan Taylor: Why is she putting up cell towers?


Vincent Zaleski: They’re trying to screw us.


Vincent Zaleski: I’m going to tear you down.


[in the hospital]
Vincent Zaleski: I’m going into my meeting right now, but I’ll call you in two or three hours. Um, could you send all the paperwork over to my office? I’d love to have this done by the end of the day.


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