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I’m sure most of you have seen The Hunger Games, if not then this is the reason you are reading this review. The Hunger Games are a thrilling drama with a hint of romance that I’m guessing most people will love. There are 12 Districts that once rose up in rebellion to the Capitol (the rich people that are in charge), but consequently, each year there would be one boy and one girl chosen to go to the Capitol and all battle to the death until one remaining victor stands. This battle is called The Hunger Games. In the film a courageous girl named Katniss (Jenifer Lawrence) stands up as tribute for her little sister Primrose (Willow Shields). In the coming days counting till The Hunger Games start; Katniss comes to find out a boy named Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) who she is fighting with has feelings for her, but Peeta is distraught as he knows that there can only be one victor which means that him and Katniss will never be able to be together. Katniss has worse things to think about, she is going up against 23 other threatening people that have trained for this their whole lives and are out to get her… will Katniss come out in one piece?

The Hunger Games is a great film created by Suzanne Collins first made to be a trilogy of books. This is the cast of the film (mostly the main characters):
• Jenifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
• Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark
• Willow Shields as Primrose Everdeen
• Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorn
• Elisabeth Banks as Effie Trinket
• Paula Malcomson as Katniss’s mother
• Amandler Stenberg as Rue
• And Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman

The Set
The set that they use in the film is very realistic and detailed. I like the fact that the Districts are underprivileged and to show this on the set, the places where the people of the Districts live are just small stiff wooden cabins with only a few rooms, and they live in the woods. But in the Capitol, they are very rich and to show this on the set, the houses in the Capitol are huge houses that are very posh, vibrant and futuristic. I am enthralled with the way they do that with the set because then we can see the difference between the Districts and the Capitol.

The Actors
The actors in this film are very expressive and really show how they feel at parts of the film. My favourite character is Katniss because when she acts, she is heroic, daring and shows her strong side to make people think she isn’t wimpy, at times in the film; Katniss (Jenifer Lawrence) can be as brutal as an animal being hunted. And my favourite scene that Katniss acted in was the part where she stands up as tribute for her little sister, because it shows how much she cherishes and cares for here and it is an emotional scene due to t70.

The fact everyone was touched by what happened and she was doing it for her sister. Peeta is quite an anxious person but gets underestimated because really he is very durable and clever; Peeta also has feelings for Katniss in this film. Katniss and Peeta are the two main characters in this film and together they make this film awesome with their astonishing acting and strong personalities.

The Camera
The way the camera filmed The Hunger Games is tremendous, it really makes an impact on the film. When the scene is quite scary, to do this they shake the camera so you almost feel as if you are part of it and it also gives you the nervous feeling. On important parts, the camera will zoom in so that instead of looking at the surroundings, you are focusing on what is going on.

The Music
The music can be dramatic at times and also calm and peaceful. The music suits the scenes well, for example when everyone started fighting there was a long ringing sound but no sound from anything else, that gives a strong effect as there is suspension.

The CGI was outstanding and looked unbelievably real, CGI stands for computer generated imagery and are special computer graphics like when there where killer bees attacking; they were not real, it was just CGI but it was very effective as they looked real.

The Colours
The colours were very good when it came to representing the districts, the colours were very minimal, and there were dull colours like brown, black and the odd white or blue every now and then. This shows how poor the districts are. In the capitols, they have every colour of the rainbow, they were very bright and vivid colours and that shows their wealth compared to the districts and it also shows how much a happier place it is than the districts.

The Costumes
The costumes in The Hunger Games defiantly suit the scenes they are in like when they are fighting, they wear comfortable costumes that are also the right colour to blend in when hiding and then they have jackets on top to stop them getting cold and that is well needed considering they are in the woods The costumes are just so unique and you are unlikely to see these type of amazing costumes in another film. Julianna Makovsky is the costume designer for this film and I think she has done a good job, and she also mentions that she loves being able to help with such outrageous hair, makeup and costume designing, so there would be a special thanks to that woman, she did great on making sure that the costumes, hair and makeup are very carefully thought up.

Sum up of the Film
Altogether this is by far the most breath-taking film I’ve seen yet, I would mainly recommend it to young people but this film is a must for everyone. Very entertaining and keeps you exited the whole way through the film. I hope you will go and give the film a go, but if I were you I’d be cautious of the mad dash of people that will also be there to grasp the last irreplaceable ticket for the film. I also hope that my review has helped significantly.

Rating: 4/5



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