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Catching Fire works much better as a movie than Hunger Games did. Hunger Games focused on more teenage romance much like the Twilight movies. Catching Fire trusts more social criticism and action.

There could be more social criticism but even as it is, this movie brings out enough subsurface smoulder rebellion. Katniss grows in her role better as a face of a mutiny. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss does manage her role way better than Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Donald Sutherland endorse as President Snow. Action scenes are clever and exciting.

Violence has been kept quite mild to ensure low age limit for the movie, but even as it is they are brutal enough. Movie timing works perfectly and length of two and half hour doesn’t feel too long. End scene could be better built, because it feels a little too rapid and terse. On the other hand we already know that there will be third movie so that can somehow vindicate the cliff-hanger ending in this movie.

The third movie will be divided into two parts, so we will have to see if it capitalizes like the Twilight movies did. Good movie anyway, can’t wait to see Mockingjay.

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