Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Storm Reid, Aldis Hodge, Harriet Dyer



Sci-fi horror written and directed by Leigh Whannell. The story follows Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss), who escapes from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), who’s also a scientist, and disappears into hiding, aided by her sister (Harriet Dyer), their childhood friend, James (Aldis Hodge), and his teenage daughter Sydney (Storm Reid). When Adrian commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, Cecilia suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turn lethal, threatening the lives of those she loves, Cecilia’s sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.


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[as Cecilia leaves Adrian’s house in the middle of the night, she sees Adrian’s dog, Zeus]
Cecilia Kass: Zeus, I’m sorry. I can’t take you with me. I’m sorry. Sh*t.
[referring to his shock collar]
Cecilia Kass: I’m not going to leave you with that thing on. Okay. Come here.
[as she tries to remove the collar]
Cecilia Kass: It’s okay. Good boy. There you go.
[as she removes the collar, Zeus bumps into Adrian’s car, setting off the alarm]


[after Cecilia’s sister, Emily, arrives to pick up Cecilia]
Emily Kass: Cecilia, what is going on? Are you okay?
Cecilia Kass: I’ll explain later. Just go, Emily. Go.
[suddenly Adrian’s shows up and bangs on the car window]
Adrian Griffin: Open the f**king door, Cecilia!
Emily Kass: What is happening?
Adrian Griffin: Open the door!
[Adrian smashes the car window and Emily quickly drives off, then Adrian sees the bottle of Diazepam that Cecilia dropped]


[referring to Adrian as Cecilia is staring out the window]
James Lanier: Hey, Cee. He’s not out there. I promise.


[as Cecilia steps out of the house to get the mail, she gets frightened when a runner passes by]
Cecilia Kass: I’m sorry. I’m just, I’m not ready yet.
James Lanier: Hey, it’s okay, Cee. That’s the furthest you’ve gone since you’ve been here, okay? So, as far as I’m concerned, you just walked on the moon.


[after Emily comes to visit Cecilia at James’s house]
Cecilia Kass: This is not fair. I asked you not to come over. He knows where you live. He will follow you.
Emily Kass: Yes, well, I have some news.
Cecilia Kass: There is no news that justifies this. Okay, I have a plan. And I just, I need you to go along with it, and just not be in control for one second.
Emily Kass: I’m not trying to control you, boo. I’m desperately trying to tell you that you don’t need to cut me off anymore. Because he’s dead.
Cecilia Kass: What?


[after hearing that Adrian’s dead of an apparent suicide]
Cecilia Kass: It just doesn’t make any sense. He was in complete control of everything, you know? Including me. He controlled how I looked, and what I wore, and what I ate. And then it was controlling when I left the house, and what I said. And eventually, what I thought. And if he didn’t like what he assumed I was thinking, he would…
James Lanier: He’d what? He would hit you?
Cecilia Kass: Amongst other things. He wanted to have a baby. And I knew that if we did that, that I would never be able to get away from him. So I took birth control without him knowing it. But, um, that can only go on for so long, so I called you.


Emily Kass: [to Cecilia] Hey. You are here with us now. And you’re safe. He’s gone.


[after she gets the mail from the mail box]
Cecilia Kass: I think it’s important to have goals, James.
James Lanier: Hey. Look at you, getting out into the world. You know, by next year, you’ll make it across the street.


[referring to Adrian]
Tom Griffin: As the appointed attorney representing my late brother’s discretionary trust, I’m required to enact his final wishes. And he stipulated that I do this in person. He wanted me to read a prepared statement.
[reads from the document]
Tom Griffin: “Cecilia, although our relationship was far from perfect, I at least thought we had built up enough trust that you would talk to me rather than running away from what you perceived us to have.”
Emily Kass: No! No! Sorry. You’re not allowed to do that.
Tom Griffin: I’m required to read this.
Emily Kass: She’s not required to listen. E-mail me a copy, and we will read it. You bet.


Tom Griffin: I’m just trying to do my job.
Emily Kass: Your job is to explain the money you mentioned on the phone.
Tom Griffin: I mentioned Cecilia specifically is named in Adrian’s trust.
Emily Kass: That is why we’re sitting here.
Tom Griffin: Yes. For the same reason so many women in Adrian’s life got close to him, his money.
Emily Kass: If there was a chance of physically being close to him, we would not be here for any amount of money.
Tom Griffin: You are physically close to him. He’s in that urn over there.


[to Cecilia, referring to Adrian]
Tom Griffin: And as per his final wishes, you’re getting five million dollars, estate and income tax free. Now, the money will be staggered in installments of one hundred thousand dollars, each month for the next four years or so, contingent, of course, on the fine print. You can’t commit a crime, et cetera.


[after Cecilia gives Sydney money for her college tuition; referring to the champagne]
James Lanier: I don’t know why you’re dancing. You can’t have none, because you’re not twenty-one.
Sydney Lanier: Yes, I can.
Cecilia Kass: Oh, come on. Just like a little bit.
Sydney Lanier: He said the other day that I was mature for my age.
Cecilia Kass: That’s right.
Sydney Lanier: He did.
James Lanier: A mature child.
Cecilia Kass: I heard you say that. I remember.


[after Cecilia tries to retrieve her bed cover and sees footprints standing on the covers]
Cecilia Kass: I saw something right there. They were right there. There were footprints. I saw it!
James Lanier: You saw footprints?
Cecilia Kass: Yes, I saw… On the sheets. I saw it right there! I saw them.
James Lanier: On the sheet?
Cecilia Kass: I saw it. There was someone in here. There was someone in here.


[referring to the invisible footprints]
Cecilia Kass: James, I saw it. I swear.
James Lanier: Hey, Cee. Adrian will haunt you if you let him. Don’t let him.


[at her job interview]
Marc: So, any reason you worked in Paris in particular? Is that where all the beautiful women in the world have to go as a rule?
Cecilia Kass: Well, I speak a little French, and I’ve always wanted to live there. So, after I graduated, I went out there on a totally student budget. I slept in a broom closet, literally.
Marc: I started this firm in a supply closet, literally.
Cecilia Kass: [chuckling] There you go.
Marc: So we both know the value of closet space.
Cecilia Kass: Yeah.
[awkward pause]
Marc: Let me see some of your work.
Cecilia Kass: Yes, of course.
[as she opens her portfolio, she sees that it’s empty, has a panic attack and faints]


[after Cecilia finds out she has Diazepam in her system and finds the same bottle she drugged Adrian with]
Cecilia Kass: Tell him to stop.
Tom Griffin: Tell who to stop what?
Cecilia Kass: Tell him to stop what he’s doing.
Tom Griffin: Do you know what she’s babbling about?
James Lanier: No, she hasn’t explained to me why we’re here yet, but being her very good friend, I know it’s a good reason. So I’m going to need you to sit up and listen, show a little respect.


Cecilia Kass: [to Tom] One night, I was sitting, and I was thinking about how to leave Adrian. I was planning the whole thing in my mind. And he was staring at me, studying me. And without me saying a single word, he said that I could never leave him. That wherever I went, he would find me. That he would walk right up to me, and I wouldn’t be able to see him, but that he would leave me a sign, so that I’d know he was there.


[she puts the bottle of Diazepam she used to drug Adrian with on the desk]
Cecilia Kass: The night I left him, I drugged him, with that. I lost the bottle that night. And somehow, it found its way back to me.
Tom Griffin: So what exactly are you saying? You lost the bottle, you found the bottle.
Cecilia Kass: He’s not dead, Tom.
Tom Griffin: I have a pile of ashes in the box that would disagree with you, Cecilia.


Cecilia Kass: I don’t know how he’s done it. He’s figured it out though. He has figured out a way to be invisible. He is a world leader in the field of optics. I know that he could do this. Something tells me you know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s not dead. I just can’t see him. Please tell him to stop.
Tom Griffin: Okay. No, I agree with you. Adrian was brilliant. But it wasn’t because of anything he invented. It was how he got in people’s heads. That was his true genius, knowing people’s weaknesses. You think about it.


Tom Griffin: He came up with the perfect way to torture you even in death. Only thing more brilliant than inventing something that makes you invisible is not inventing it, but making you think he did. My brother controlled me long before he met you, Cecilia. I hated him. You and I, we got that in common. I was relieved when I heard that he was dead.
[he brings out photos showing Adrian’s dead body]
Tom Griffin: He’s gone, Cecilia. I saw his body. Listen to me. Don’t let him win by bringing him back to life.


[after Cecilia goes to visit Emily for support]
Emily Kass: Not that I should have to say this, but I never expected any of that money.
Cecilia Kass: Emily, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Emily Kass: The e-mail. The e-mail you sent me this morning.
Cecilia Kass: What e-mail?
Emily Kass: If that’s how you feel about me, don’t ask me to bail you out of your personal life anymore. If you’re too stupid to know who the good guys are, and too weak to get away from the bad ones, don’t sob to me for charity. I’m out.
Cecilia Kass: I didn’t send you the f**king e-mail! I didn’t!


Cecilia Kass: Someone is doing this to me. He’s doing this to me.
Emily Kass: Who’s… Adrian? Adrian sent me the e-mail. Okay. You need some medication. Adrian is dead.
Cecilia Kass: Em, please, no.
[Emily shuts the door in her face]


[after Sydney is trying to comfort Cecilia, she is hit by an invisible force]
James Lanier: What happened? What happened?
Sydney Lanier: She hit me.
James Lanier: What?
Cecilia Kass: No. No, no, no. James, I did not do that. Sydney, I would never hit you. I love you. I would never do that, James. It was him. He’s here, I swear to you.
James Lanier: Enough. Enough. Cee, enough. Just stop it.


[after James believes Cecilia hit Sydney]
Cecilia Kass: No. James, please. This is what he wants. This is what he used to do when we were together! He wants you to think that I did it. This is what he does. He tries to isolate me, and he tries to get me alone.
James Lanier: Hey! You need to calm down. You are scaring my daughter. Now, if I were you, I would go to your sister’s place. You don’t need to be here right now. Come on, Sydney.
Cecilia Kass: Sydney, I’m sorry. Sydney.
[James and Sydney leave the house]


[after being left alone in the house]
Cecilia Kass: Where are you? Come on! Where are you? Come on out. Don’t hit a little girl. Hit me!


[after she puts coffee grounds on the floor in her room, waiting for Adrian to reveal himself]
Cecilia Kass: So why me, Adrian? You could have any woman you wanted. That’s the sad reality. Right? And that’s what money and power buy you. People. So, why me? I’m just a suburban girl who stumbled into your life one night at a party. Can’t you just forget I ever existed? There’s nothing left for you to take. You’ve already taken it all.


[after Cecilia has several physical altercations with the invisible Adrian and escapes to his house]
Cecilia Kass: 12-14-17. It’s the day we met.
[she punches the code in and the lab door opens]
Cecilia Kass: So romantic.
[she finds one of Adrian’s invisible suits, takes it and hides it in a closet]


[after Cecilia arranges to meet Emily at a restaurant]
Taylor: Hey, guys. Welcome to Yulan. My name is Taylor, and I will be taking care of you this evening. Do you know how this place works?
Emily Kass: I’m assuming you order food, then you eat it.
Taylor: Pretty much. We just do things a little bit differently. It’s all family style.
Emily Kass: We’ve been here before. It’s all good.


[at the restaurant]
Taylor: Can I get you started with some water? We have still or sparkling.
Emily Kass: Just the free kind.
Taylor: Okay, tap it is.
Emily Kass: Cool.


[after the waiter leaves them]
Cecilia Kass: Thank you for being here. I love you. You’re like a cop, Emily, and you have this brute force strength that is so, so comforting when I’m in trouble. And it is really intimidating when I’m not. I mean, James actually is a six-foot cop, and he’s, I think, really intimidated by you.
Emily Kass: As he should be. I’d kick his a**.
[they both laugh]
Emily Kass: I would.
Cecilia Kass: You would. I need that strength in my life right now. And I need you to believe what I’m about to tell you.


[as the waiter interrupts them again to pour them some water]
Taylor: Alright. Uh, do you guys need more time with the drink menu?
Emily Kass: Yes. Lots more time.
Taylor: Okay, no problem at all.


Cecilia Kass: I went to his house today.
Emily Kass: You went to Adrian’s house?
Cecilia Kass: Yes. I just walked right in. I found something that can prove what I’m experiencing. That can prove that Adrian is stalking me.
Emily Kass: What is it?
Cecilia Kass: It’s some kind of suit that Adrian has built. And it has cameras, and it somehow… What?
[Emily sees a floating knife, her throat is slashed and the knife ends up in Cecilia’s hand]


[after Cecilia is arrested and taken to a psych ward and strapped to a bed]
Cecilia Kass: You m*therf**ker! You killed her! I see you! I see you! He’s here! He’s here! He’s right here! He’s right here! Please! You can’t see him! He’s in the room! You have to listen to me! He’s right there. He’s going to hurt me.
[she is the given an injection to sedate her]


[after she’s been sedated, locked up, and is about to fall unconscious she hears]
Adrian Griffin: Surprise.


[as Cecilia is being interrogated for the murder of Emily with James in the room]
Cecilia Kass: I have something. I have something that will prove he’s alive. I found it.
James Lanier: What do you have?
Cecilia Kass: I can’t tell you right now. He’s listening. He’s in the room, James.
Detective Reckley: You’re saying that the person who killed your sister is in the room right now, but we can’t see him?


[referring to Emily’s murder]
Cecilia Kass: Tell me you don’t think I did this. Tell me you know that.
[James looks down]
Cecilia Kass: I may as well have done it though. I brought Adrian into her life. I did that.
James Lanier: I shouldn’t have walked out on you and left you alone. I failed you.


[after Cecilia finds out she’s pregnant, Tom visits her at the psychiatric hospital]
Tom Griffin: It’s upsetting to see you in this condition. Even though things ended badly for you and Adrian, I still look at you as family.
Cecilia Kass: Are you my lawyer now?
Tom Griffin: I’m the lawyer for your source of income. I represent my brother’s trust. The money from his trust was payable to you, conditional upon you being subject to criminal charges of any kind, or being ruled to be mentally incompetent. Now, in light of your current situation, it’s my duty to inform you that any further payments are to be halted. I know that you set up a bank account for a friend of yours to go to college, so I take no pleasure in relaying that.


Cecilia Kass: I used to feel sorry for you. The blood relative of a narcissist sociopath. Permanent punching bag. Handcuffed to his wallet. But now, I can see you for what you really are. You’re just the jellyfish version of him. Everything but the spine.
Tom Griffin: I mean, you can try to litigate it. But that’s going to be an expensive option, I can’t see it working. However, if you sign this document, and forfeit your share of the trust, it’ll be a lot cleaner.


Tom Griffin: [to Cecilia] Or there’s one option where this all goes away. Agree to have the baby, and go back to him. You really think he didn’t know you were secretly using birth control? Of course he did. You should have known he’d find out. You knew him as well as I did. He replaced them with something else. You only thought you were taking birth control pills. He was always going to find you, no matter what he had to do.


Tom Griffin: [to Cecilia] He needs you because you don’t need him. No one’s ever left him before. But he’s punished you enough now. Now that he knows you’re the mother of his child. It’s time to stop playing games. A new life with him can be given to you with one phone call. A life just like your old one with Adrian. Cecilia, you don’t really have a choice right now. Right now you’re a murderer. But I can change that.


Cecilia Kass: Adrian killed my sister, and you helped him!
[she grabs one of Tom’s pens as he’s distracted picking up the documents she threw to the floor]
Tom Griffin: I don’t expect you to make a decision right now. I can come back in three days. Be good to yourself until then. We’ll be watching.


[as she’s about to use the pen she stole to cut her wrist]
Cecilia Kass: You won’t get the baby. And you won’t get me.
[she starts to cut her wrist, but the invisible man grabs her hand]
Cecilia Kass: There you are.
[she uses the pen to stab him repeatedly, causing the suit to malfunction]
Cecilia Kass: F**k you!


[as the hospital guards arrive the invisible man takes them down]
Cecilia Kass: He’s right behind you. Turn around!
Security Guard: I understand, Cecilia.
Cecilia Kass: He’s right there!
Security Guard: Lay down.
Cecilia Kass: Listen to me! He’s right behind you!
Security Guard: Stay down.
[the invisible man takes the guard down, and another two that follow, before taking off]


[after Cecilia catches up to Adrian in the invisible suit]
Adrian Griffin: You think you’re learning how to beat me, so I’m going to truly teach you something. If you fight me, I won’t ever hurt you. I’ll find someone you love and hurt them instead. Now you’ve only got yourself to blame for that innocent young girl’s death.
Cecilia Kass: No, please! Not Sydney. Adrian, no.


[after Cecilia shoots and reveals the invisible man in the suit to be Tom]
James Lanier: Our tactical team found Adrian this morning, tied up in his basement. Looks like he was a victim of his brother, just like you were.
Cecilia Kass: No. No, James. That’s not right. Adrian did this to me. He is not the victim here.
James Lanier: He was tied up in his basement.
Cecilia Kass: If he faked his own death, he could fake his own kidnapping.
James Lanier: We have Tom’s body laying in my living room, wearing some sort of suit that you shot to pieces. If it did work, it doesn’t now. But we have a whole bunch of corroborative witnesses from the psychiatric hospital when it comes to seeing something strange.


James Lanier: Look, this is your best case scenario for getting your freedom back, okay?
Cecilia Kass: No. I know Tom’s body is in your living room.
James Lanier: Yeah.
Cecilia Kass: Adrian did everything before that though. He set his own brother up.
James Lanier: I know how this works, Cee. I know. You don’t understand.
Cecilia Kass: No, you don’t understand. This is what he does. He makes me feel like I’m the crazy one. This is what he does. And he’s doing it again.
James Lanier: Okay, okay. But listen, I need you to keep that to yourself, and let me do my job. Okay? Just let me help you.
Cecilia Kass: Yeah, but as long as Adrian’s around, you can’t help me.


[after Cecilia contacts Adrian and sets up a meeting at his house]
Adrian Griffin: Wow, you look amazing. I mean, you’ve always, you always look amazing.
Cecilia Kass: I don’t feel amazing. It’s all a lie.


Adrian Griffin: So I wanted to get us some simple takeout. But of course, I started obsessing over what you’d be in the mood for. Hence, we have the OCD buffet of sushi, steak, and pasta. Or you might not be hungry at all. Uh, which is so logical that it suddenly makes this feast look moronic.
Cecilia Kass: I’ll have steak.
Adrian Griffin: That’s a good choice.


[as they sit at the dinner table to eat]
Adrian Griffin: My hand’s shaking. You know, you’re the only person in the world who gets to see my hand shake. It’s because I need you, Cecilia. I know I didn’t treat you the way you should have been treated when we were together. But I’ve learned my lesson. I would burn everything I own just to prove that to you.


Cecilia Kass: If you want to be a part of this child’s life, it has to start with honesty.
Adrian Griffin: Of course.
Cecilia Kass: Which means I need you to admit everything that you did. That it was you, not your brother. You.
Adrian Griffin: Cecilia. I loved my brother. And I thought he loved me too. I know it didn’t seem like it to the outside world, but Tom controlled me.


Cecilia Kass: Just tell me the truth. I need to know that I’m not crazy, okay? And we can’t start this with a lie.
Adrian Griffin: But I’m not starting with a lie. It wasn’t me. I swear it.
Cecilia Kass: Why can’t you just tell me the truth?
Adrian Griffin: I am.
Cecilia Kass: Adrian, stop! I need you to do this for me.


[we see James is sat in his car listening to their conversation over wire]
Cecilia Kass: More than that, do it for you, Adrian.
Adrian Griffin: I’m giving you exactly what you’re asking for, Cecilia. I am telling you the truth.
[Cecilia begins to cry and Adrian goes over to her to comfort her]
Adrian Griffin: Oh, no, no, no. I know that you feel like you’re going insane sometimes. But I’m the only one who can help you. Remember? Because I know you better than anyone else in the world. I mean, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.
[he smiles at her knowingly]
Cecilia Kass: I should go clean myself up.
Adrian Griffin: Of course.
[Cecilia leaves to go to the bathroom]


[after Cecilia finds Adrian has apparently cut his own throat, calls 911, gets out of view of the security camera, stops crying, and looks at Adrian]
Cecilia Kass: Surprise.


[last lines; as James arrives to find Cecilia leaving Adrian’s house calmly with Zeus]
Cecilia Kass: James, look at me. I’m okay. He killed himself. He cut his own throat. There’s security camera video of it.
[James looks down and sees the invisible man suit in her bag]
James Lanier: You never did want to get him admitting anything on tape, did you?
Cecilia Kass: Of course I did. I just didn’t know he was that unstable. You heard it, right? James? What did it sound like to you?
James Lanier: It sounded a lot like he killed himself.
[Cecilia walks off looking relieved]


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