Starring: Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei, Bill Burr, Bel Powley, Maude Apatow, Steve Buscemi, Pamela Adlon, Jimmy Tatro, Ricky Velez


Comedy directed and co-written by Judd Apatow. The story follows Scott (Pete Davidson), who has been a case of arrested development ever since his firefighter father died. He’s now reached his mid-20s having achieved little, chasing a dream of becoming a tattoo artist that seems far out of reach.

As his younger sister, Nell (Maude Apatow), heads off to college, Scott is still living with his ER nurse mother, Margie (Marisa Tomei), and spends his days smoking weed, hanging with his friends, and hooking up with his best friend, Kelsey (Bel Powley). But when his mother starts dating a loudmouth firefighter, Ray (Bill Burr), it sets off a chain of events that will force Scott to grapple with his grief and take his first tentative steps toward moving forward in life.


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Tara: I like your tattoos. What are those numbers on your arm?
Scott: Oh, that’s the date my dad died. He was a fireman. He died in a fire seventeen years ago.
Tara: Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.
Scott: Don’t be. It’s fine.


Oscar: Knock-knock!
Scott: Who’s there?
Oscar: Not your dad!
[they all laugh]


Gina: You can’t focus on Scott anymore, honey. He’s twenty-four years-old, Marjorie. Let that f**king bird fly, please!


Scott: Don’t worry, mom. I know your daughter got smart, and went to college, and abandoned us. But I’m still here. I’m going to be here forever.
Margie: Yeah.


Scott: I want to become a real tattoo artist.
Richie: Your work is mad and inconsistent.
[looking at the Obama tattoo on his arm]
Richie: Obama ain’t right.
Igor: Well, I love your tattoos.
[pulls up his shirt to reveal tattoo of a cat’s behind over his bellybutton]
Igor: This is my favorite tattoo.


Margie: I’ve been dating someone for a little while now.
Scott: The first guy you date in seventeen years is a fireman, just like dad! You don’t think that’s weird?


Margie: [to Scott] You’re going to have to pull your weight a little more around here. Maybe help Ray get his kids to school.


[after taking Ray’s kids to school]
Teacher: Kelly, do you know him?
Kelly: He’s a new friend.
Teacher: You okay? You know, you could tell me.
Kelly: I’m okay.
[the teacher looks at Scott]
Scott: Oh, I trained her in the car. She’s not going to break.


[as he’s walking Kelly to school]
Scott: I just feel like everybody’s always disappointed in me, and I never live up to anybody’s expectations. Hey, thanks for listening to all this. You’re one of the few people who treat me, you know, like a person.
Kelly: You’re welcome.


Ray: You ever think about putting on the jacket?
Scott: Why would you even ask me that?
Ray: What’s wrong with being a fireman?
Scott: It’s fine, if you don’t have kids. Because you don’t know if you’re going to come home or not, and then your kids are f**ked up.


Kelsey: [to Scott] You make everyone around you feel crazy. People are normal, then they hang out with you, and then they’re f**king Jack Nicholson in The Shining or something!


[after Ray throws Scott into the pool]
Scott: I’m going to tell my mom you tried to drown me!
Ray: It’s an above ground pool! You’re like f**king eight feel tall!


Papa: [to Scott] Now, let me tell you something. Your dad was a hero, and heroes are necessary. And they should be allowed to have families.


Nell: You got to get your sh*t together. Time is passing by very quickly.
Scott: Why do you think I smoke weed all the time? So I could slow it down.


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