Starring: George Clooney, Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler, David Oyelowo, Demián Bichir, Tiffany Boone



Netflix’s sci-fi post-apocalyptic drama directed by George Clooney. The story follows Augustine (George Clooney), a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning home to Earth, where a mysterious global catastrophe has taken place. 


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Mason Mosley: [as Augustine is refusing to leave their station in the Arctic] Still time to change your mind.
Augustine: Like a race to see who’d die first.
Mason Mosley: Terminal patient outlives the rest of humanity. Someone should put you in a medical journal.
Augustine: Nobody around to read it.


Mason Mosley: If you stop the transfusions, you won’t last a week.
Augustine: If I was in a hurry to die, I’d go with you.
Mason Mosley: We all want to be home.
Augustine: Where is that?
Mason Mosley: Well, for you, I guess that’s here.
Augustine: As good a place as any.


Younger Augustine: In our galaxy alone, there are billions of stars, each one a sun to its own solar system. And most of those suns have planets, so it stands to reason that of these hundreds of billions of exoplanets that exist in our galaxy, at least one of them has the potential to support life.


Younger Augustine: This is K-23, Jupiter’s previously undiscovered moon. Not quite an exoplanet. The moon’s atmosphereis governed not by the sun, but by its thermal volcanic activity. In simpler terms, when studying K-23’s lunar spectrum, its biomarkers and water vapors, it appears as though it’s being heated from the inside out. And while further probing will need to test for atmospheric habitability, we can confidently say that based on its mass, radial velocity, and orbit, it could be just right.


Jean: [flashback, to younger Augustine after meeting at a conference] But while I have you, can I ask you a very serious question about your very serious book? How much of what you’re searching for is reality, and how much of your planet is just


Sully: You awake, Maya?
Maya: I’m awake. How are you feeling?
Sully: Like a moose.


Adewole: Morning, Sully.
Sully: I’m not speaking to you.
Adewole: Why is that?
Sully: I had a dream you left me on K-23, so I’m not talking to you.


Mitchell: They pay you to distract me, don’t they?
Sully: No, I do it for free.


Sully: This is Aether Mission K-23, open on all channels. Does anyone copy? Repeat. Does anyone copy?


Adewole: That puts our last contactwith Mission Control at…
Sully: Including the control blackout?
Adewole: Post-blackout.
Sully: Three weeks. If Mojave goes offline, then Spain or Australia immediately grabs the signal. No gaps. We’re not receiving anything. I’ve taken everything apart, I’ve rebooted it a dozen times, and nothing works.


Augustine: [after finding a young girl in the station] Hello, this is Barbeau Observatory. A family member has been left behind. Somebody needs to come back for her.


Augustine: [to the young girl] Somebody’s got to be coming back for you, because I can’t help you. You understand? I’m the wrong person. I’m the wrong person.


Augustine: You’re not deaf, right? You can hear me talking?
[snaps his finger near her ear]
Augustine: Hey. Well, that’s clear. You just can’t talk? Or you won’t? You just want to pi** me off.


Augustine: [referring to her drawing] What is that? Is that an iris? Is it…
[points at her]
Augustine: Iris?


Augustine: [to Iris] That’s Aether. It’s a spaceship, far away. Coming back from a planet that we hoped would be our future. But things didn’t quite turn out that way. That’s why I have to contact them. Now, before it’s too late. You understand?


Augustine: The antenna’s our problem. It’s not strong enough. Doesn’t matter what direction we put it in. They’re not answering us because they can’t hear us.


Adewole: Given all the variables, the fact that we can’t contact the K-23 colony flight, and can’t raise Mojave on any frequency, our obvious conclusion must be that the fault lies with us. But we have exhausted every possible trouble area on our side and simply cannot find it. If this were a less experienced crew, this ship would be in full-blown panic.


Adewole: Our two-year mission to K-23 has us returning with more answers than questions. Can it sustain life? Yes. Can it expand? Yes. Could it be home? Yes, it could. Every question
we set out to answer, we did, except the one that lingers in the air. Why is it so quiet?


Augustine: [to Iris] You know, there’s no rule that says you have to touch everything.


Augustine: [to Iris] Polaris. You see it? It’s the most important star in the sky. If you ever get lost, it’ll help you find your way.


Jean: [flashback, to younger Augustine] I called to tell you I’m not pregnant. You’re safe. It was just a possible sighting of a life form that ultimately proved false. You want to be an explorer, Augustine. To discover new worlds, to give life some hope. But while you’re doing all that, your own life is just slipping away. And that breaks my heart. But, you know, I’m sure it’s for the best.


Augustine: There is an antenna that’s stronger than ours. It’s up north. There. Lake Hazen. It’s a weather station. It’s protected by this mountain range. So the air might still be good. At least for a while. We get to that antenna, somebody will hear us. It’s a long way.


Sully: Do you want to change games? I’m on about a two month winning streak.
Adewole: I’m pacing myself. I got into NASA because I was damn good at mathematics. Now, I don’t like to use the word “prodigy”, but…
Sully: Yeah, I read your bio. You also broke the family dog’s leg when you strapped it to a wooden rocket.
Adewole: That’s irrelevant.
Sully: Not to the dog.


Adewole: Did you know there are over sixty billion possible combinations of rummy hands at the start of the game? So this little streak you’re on…
Sully: A streak that’s lasted from one side of the universe to the other.
Adewole: Is nothing more than a minuscule blip of luck among sixty billion possible combinations. But when you apply genius level math skills to the equation, you can shift those combinations to your favor.
Sully: And that is what you’re doing now? Overpowering me with math?
Adewole: You, my friend, are what my fellow mathematicians refer to as a simpleton.
Sully: Oh! A simpleton!


Adewole: [as their ship drifts off course] Any risks you’re aware of?
Sanchez: Well, we know there was meteor activity here, and we can avoid that. But this area, we haven’t mapped.
Maya: Nobody’s mapped it.
Adewole: Anyone else have a better idea of how to get home? Okay, then. That’s our course.
Mitchell: Okay, boss, but I sure don’t like passing through zones that haven’t been cleared.
Adewole: I sure don’t either.


Younger Augustine: [flashback, referring to their daughter] Did you tell her about me?
Jean: If you want her to know about you, you can introduce yourself. Take care of yourself, Augustine.


Maya: [as she’s scanning Sully’s pregnant belly] You know, this machine was actually designed to detect alien life forms that might invade our system.
Sully: That sounds about right.


Maya: You want to know if it’s a girl or a boy?
Sully: Absolutely not.


Sully: We’re having a girl.
Adewole: A girl?
Sully: Nervous?
Adewole: Are you?
Sully: I just didn’t see this coming.
Adewole: Well, you’re only human.
Sully: Are you saying I couldn’t help myself?
Adewole: No, you said that, not me.
Sully: Did I say that?
Adewole: I didn’t see it coming either.


Sully: [to Ade] So, what are we going to name her? Trudy? Roxy? Penelope? Margot? Maggie? Henrietta?


Augustine: [referring to Iris’s drawing] Is that your mom? I knew a face like that once. Yeah. Her hair was a little different shade, but she was as loud as you are quiet. When she’d laugh, everybody would turn and look. I think she’d laugh so much because she was that much smarter than everybody else, and she knew it.


Augustine: I wish you’d tell me something about your life, Iris. Anything would do. Hey, Iris. Ask me a question.
Iris: Did you love her?


Augustine: When we get to Lake Hazen, there’s going to be every kind of food there. There’s going to be pizza, and cheeseburgers. Anything you want. No peas.


Augustine: [after losing her in a snowstorm] Iris! I’m here! Come to my voice! I’m here. There’s no tracks. Iris! I’m here. I’m here!


Augustine: [as he hugs Iris] I thought I’d lost you. I thought I’d lost you.


Adewole: [referring to not being able to communicate anyone] It’s just a glitch.
Mitchell: You really believe that?
Adewole: Until someone tells me different, Tom.


Mitchell: I understand it’s a girl.
Adewole: Yeah.
Mitchell: Hyacinth.
Adewole: What?
Mitchell: It was my mother’s name. It’s a flower.
Adewole: Hyacinth?
Mitchell: Some kind of flower.


Sully: This is the spaceship Aether returning from Jupiter Mission. Can you hear me?
Augustine: Yes. Yes. I’m receiving. This is Lake Hazen Weather Station.
Sully: Lake Hazen, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear your voice. For some reason, you’re the only person who wants to talk to me. We’ve lost contact with NASA and everyone else.


Sully: Do you have information on our transmission blackout? Lake Hazen, are you there?
Augustine: How much have you picked up about the conditions on Earth?
Sully: We’ve received nothing.
Augustine: I wish I…
Sully: I’m sorry, Lake Hazen, I missed that last transmission.


Sully: Lake Hazen, are you receiving this?
Augustine: I don’t know all the details. I know it was a mistake. It started with…
[transmission breaks up]


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