Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Lizzy Caplan, Jillian Bell, Michael Shannon, Mindy Kaling


Story: Comedy which follows three childhood friends Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) who for a decade reunite every Christmas Eve for a might of debauchery and hilarity.

Now that they’re entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end, and to make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball, the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.

Verdict: Not every joke hits the mark but there are some great laugh out loud moments and for the most part the movie does hit the mark for what it’s going for.


Best Quotes (Total Quotes: 15)


Ethan: Gentlemen, fourteen years ago on this very night I lost my parents, and you guys have been with me every single Christmas since then. But tonight we have decided to end this tradition. Chris is just too fucking famous to hang out with us anymore, and Isaac’s about to have a baby.


Ethan: Gentlemen, this is our last Christmas together. Isaac’s sacrificing his whole life and Chris is just too fucking famous.


Rebecca Grinch: Dude, I am such a fan.
Chris: Wow.
Rebecca Grinch: Sorry. I’m like jizzing all over you. I’m getting like jizzy. Sorry.
Chris: No, no, no. Jizz all over me, I like that shit


Cindy’s Daughter #1: What’s Hanukkah?
Isaac: Hanukkah is Jewish, like me.
Cindy’s Daughter #2: Is that why you look different?
Isaac: What was that? Come again?
Cindy’s Daughter #1: You just look funny.
Isaac: I look funny? Have you ever seen the shining?
Betsy: You’re gonna be a great father.


Besty: You have been such a rock throughout this whole pregnancy. You’re like my Dwayne Johnson.
Isaac: Thank you.
Besty:  So tonight just focus on yourself.
[hands Isaac a small present box, he opens it to find it filled with drugs]
Isaac: Holy shit! Shrooms. Is this cocaine? We haven’t done cocaine for eleven years I don’t think.
Besty: Yeah, no one has. I don’t think.
Isaac: Holy fuck.


Betsy: [to Isaac] It’s your last Christmas together before the baby comes. Get fucking wild, you know?


Ethan: I have a present for you. We’re going to the best Christmas party in New York City! So that gives us several hours to hit as many traditions as possible.


[holding up a joint]
Isaac: I got the reefers!
Chris: You have one joint?
Isaac: She doesn’t know that much about drugs, the proportions of this shit is all off.


Isaac: I think the cocaine and mushrooms are reacting…poorly.
Chris: Are you going to be cool at this party?
Isaac: I’m cool as fuck G!
Chris: You look insane! Only your right eye is working!
[Isaac takes off his glasses]
Isaac: Do I look weird now?
Chris: Yes, you look weird!
[Isaac puts his glasses back on]
Isaac: Still weird?
[Isaac puts his hand under his chin, trying to look casual]
Chris: Weirder.


Sarah: You guys missed her singing Miley Cyrus. She destroyed “Wrecking Ball”
Ethan: You still like that song?
Diana: Everybody does.
Sarah: You can cry to it, you can run to it.
Diana: Yeah.
Sarah: You can party to it.
Isaac: It’s timeless!


Isaac: I’m gonna be honest. I’m freaking about having the baby. I’m supposed to be rock, but I’m not a rock!


[sitting in a church]
Besty: How fucked up are you right now
Isaac: [shouts out] Hallelur!
Besty: It’s not that kind of church.
Isaac: No?


[sees Jesus on the cross in the church and freaks out]
Isaac: Who’s that guy?
Besty: What guy?
Isaac: The guy on the cross.
Besty: Jesus!
Isaac: Oh, Jesus! Is that what they think we did to him?
Besty: Yeah.
Isaac: Can they tell I’m Jewish.
Besty: Yes.
Isaac: How?
Besty: You’re fucking sweater!
[he looks down at his sweater which has Star of David on it, he tries to hide it with his hands]


[Isaac looks like he’s about throw up in church]
Besty: Don’t you dare throw up in here. Swallow it like a girl would.
Isaac: I need a barf bag!
[he starts throwing the hymn papers around looking for one]
Besty: There’s no barf bags! There’s no barf bags! Stop it! There’s no barf bags in there!
[Isaac runs out of the pew but it’s too late and he vomits as he stands in the middle of the church, everyone in the church looks horrified]
Besty: Is it still happening?
Cindy: It’s still happening a little, yeah.
Isaac: [shouts] We did not kill Jesus! We did not do that!
[he runs out of the church]


Mr. Green: [to Isaac] You’re dealing with some shit that you can’t come to turns with. You got it great, bud. It’s surprisingly accurate vision of the future.

Total Quotes: 15




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