Starring: Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Moynihan, Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, Bobby Cannavale, Isabela Moner, Sebastian Maniscalco, Peter Stormare, Jackie Chan

Story: Animated comedy sequel directed and co-written by Cal Brunker. The story follows Surly (Will Arnett) and his friends Buddy (Tom Kenny), Andie (Katherine Heigl) and Precious (Maya Rudolph) who must band together to save their home after they discover that the mayor of Oakton City (Bobby Moynihan) is cracking one big hustle to build a giant yet dangerous amusement park, which will destroy their home. It’s up to the park animals to stop the mayor, along with his spoiled daughter, Heather (Isabela Moner), and a mad animal control officer, Gunther (Peter Stormare), from getting away with his scheme, and take back the park.


Best Quotes from Trailer:

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[as Precious licks Surly]
Surly: Precious, we talked about this.
Precious: It’s hard to respect your personal space when you taste like peanut butter.


Andie: [to Surly] Look at all of you, lazy and spoiled and fat!..


Surly: Take it easy, Andie. It’s not like the nut shop’s going to explode.
[suddenly the nut shop explodes]
Precious: Oh, no! The peanut butter was in there!


Baby Beaver: What are we going to do, Surly?
Surely: I’ll find a new place, even better than the nut shop.


[referring to Liberty Park]
Beaver: It’s as pretty as a picture.
Andie: It’s perfect.


Andie: This park has everything we need.


The Mayor: Liberty Park generates zero profits. I got bigger plans than trees.


Andie: They’re going to destroy the park!
Surly: It’s a fat guy with a tiny shovel. How much damage can he do?
[just then a massive bulldozer digs up the ground next to him]
Surly: Oh, I get it. Tiny shovel was a symbolic gesture.
Buddy: We’re all going to die!


Surly: This park is worth fighting for!


Surly: I’ve got this. Let’s see you drive now!
[he bites down on the wires, he gets electrocuted and the bulldozer flips over]
Surly: I’m good, but you guys get the next one.


Surly: Come on, Buddy, this is going to be a stealth mission. Don’t tell me you’re sacred, there’s nothing safer than a dark alley.
[he suddenly sees a doll in the alley and yelps in terror]
Surly: Aah! Just a loveable little dolly.
[they doll’s eye then pops out and rolls onto the ground]
Surly: Okay, that’s a little creepy.
[something drops hard to the ground behind them, Surly screams and makes a run for it further into the alley with Buddy]
Surly: Aahh! Dang, this is bad!
[they see some crates crashing and Surly jumps into Buddy’s arm in terror]
Surly: It’s been nice knowing you, Buddy!
[we then see a cute little mouse]
Surly: You scared us, you cute little guy. Boop.
[touches Feng’s nose]
Mr. Feng: Don’t call me cute!
[Feng suddenly punches Surly in the stomach]
Surly: Got it.
Mr. Feng: My name is Mr. Feng. I was cursed with these big adorable eyes and this fuzzy little body.


Mr. Feng: I am a weapon of mouse destruction!


Mr. Feng: Why are you here?
Surly: I need your  help to take back the park. The mayor wants to destroy everything. Don’t you see, we’re all animals and we need to look out for each other.
[Feng saps his finger and all the other street mice in hiding come up behind him]
Mr. Feng: We are all in this together.
Gang of Street Mice: Boo!


Surly: My crazy plans don’t work.
Andie: They’ll follow you anywhere, Surly.
Precious: You can do it, it’s all you.
Surly: No, it’s not all me. If we want to stop these guys, it’s going to take everyone.


Surly: If we want to stop the mayor and his goons it’s squirrel season. It’s going to take everyone.
Baby Beaver: What should we do?
Surly: Try to not get killed.
Baby Beaver: I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises.


Baby Beaver: We’re with you, Surly!!!!


Surly: Let’s go get them!


[to Precious]
Heather: Roll over.
[Precious doesn’t do anything]
Heather: I said, roll over!
[Precious drops down looking dead]
Frankie: What are you doing, roll over?
Precious: I don’t know how, I’m not classically trained.


[as a couple are playing whacking cardboard moles at the amusement park]
Woman: Whack that mole!
[Mole then starts whacking the couple over the head]
Mole: How do you like it! How do you like it!!!! The very existence of this game offends me!
[just then a cardboard mole pops up and Mole whacks it]


Surly: Go get them, boys! Remember your training!
Mouse: You had training!


Mayor’s Thug: We were overrun by animals.
The Mayor: Mangy little rodent think they can stop me? Go get them, boys!


[as he sees the amusement park’s Ferris wheel on fire]
Police Officer: Yikes, that has got to be a safety violation.


[when Frankie sees Precious for the first time]
Frankie: Woh.
[his tongue rolls out in astonishment at her beauty, suddenly Precious farts]
Precious: Sorry!


Surly: Individually we might be tiny, but together we’re giants.


Surly: Meet my new friend Mr. Feng.
Mole: Look, he’s so cute.
[Feng quickly punches Mole in the face, tossing him aside]
Surly: That reminds me, don’t call him cute.


Precious: Amazing how quickly rock bottom sneaks up on you.


[referring to Feng eating a piece of cotton candy]
Surely: That is a lot of sugar for a little guy.


Mr. Feng: I am a weapon of mouse destruction!


The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature is set to open in the US and UK 08/11/2017.



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